Occ. Code 6301000


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Standard


Pharmacy Aides perform routine manual and clerical activities in receiving, storing, inventorying, repackaging and issuing pharmaceutical supplies in a pharmacy serving clients, inpatients and out-patients of a State facility or service office area or inmates of a state correctional facility. They assist licensed pharmacists in the preparation of pharmaceutical orders, make necessary entries in appropriate records and assist in the repackaging of drugs in the unit dose drug distribution system.

Pharmacy Aide positions are found in various facilities of the Departments of Health and Correctional Services, and the Offices of Mental Health and Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities and the Health Science Centers of the State University.


Pharmacy Aides are characterized by the performance of routine and repetitive clerical and manual tasks in the receipt, storage, repackaging, issuance and delivery of pharmaceutical supplies, in the preparation of standard stock solutions and other preparations, and in the maintenance of pharmacological records while working under a licensed pharmacist's supervision. Although repetitive, the majority of tasks performed by Pharmacy Aides require accuracy, timeliness, strict adherence to guidelines and precise attention to detail to ensure the safe, effective and efficient operation of the pharmacy.




Unpacks, sorts and counts pharmaceutical supplies for storage or distribution (excluding narcotics and controlled substances) following specific instructions and standard procedures.

Fills various sizes and types of packages or containers by hand or by machine from bulk manufactured or purchased quantities.

Performs a variety of clerical tasks in support of a pharmacy's operation.

May perform a variety of light housekeeping tasks in order to maintain a safe and clean environment in the pharmacy.

May assist the pharmacist in conducting ward inspections.


Incumbents work only under the direct and immediate supervision of a licensed pharmacist performing a series of non-professional activities to assist licensed pharmacists who are dispensing patient medication. At no time may incumbents dispense any drug without the review and approval of a licensed pharmacist.


Incumbents relieve licensed pharmacists of the most routine and repetitive stock-clerical tasks in the receipt, stocking, packaging, inventorying and delivery of patient medication and pharmacological supplies.


Pharmacy Aides have frequent written and oral communications with their supervisor, a licensed pharmacist, who provides frequent instructions and direction. Incumbents also have brief written (forms) and oral communications with personnel employed at the facility who pick up supplies at the pharmacy or who receive the supplies from the pharmacy aides when they make deliveries to living units, residences or clinics.

On request, incumbents submit brief oral and computer or handwritten factual reports to the pharmacist describing the condition of stock, inventory level and the status of orders.


Typically, positions in this class are non-supervisory. The majority of tasks performed by positions in this class are closely supervised by a licensed pharmacist. Certain tasks, once learned and performed satisfactorily, however, are usually performed independently. Initially, incumbents receive on-the-job training consisting of step-by-step instructions and in-process review. After initial training, incumbents perform many specifically prescribed tasks under close observation and continuous evaluation by licensed pharmacists as to accuracy, neatness and progress.

Typically, all activities undertaken by Pharmacy Aides are assigned by pharmacists who give detailed instruction concerning work methods and procedures, demonstrate work techniques, closely supervise work in progress and review completed work.



A high school diploma, or a high school equivalency diploma issued by an appropriate educational authority. In addition, six months of experience assisting with the filling of medical prescriptions under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist is also required. Applicants must also possess a valid NYS driver's license appropriate for the vehicle assigned at locations where a motor vehicle is used in the transport of medication.

NOTE: For current information on minimum qualifications contact the Division of Staffing Services.

Date: 6/94