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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Positions in this series regulate and support the State’s dairy industry through various inspections, licenses, and marketing and promotion programs relating to all aspects of the dairy industry.  Activities include issuing licenses, inspecting fluid milk manufacturing plants; enforcing milk sanitation requirements; sampling of milk and dairy products; overseeing milk producer security program; administering the Interstate Milk Shippers Program in New York State; implementation of dairy promotion activities; coordinating State and federal dairy policy; operating a State milk marketing order; investigating consumer complaints; and reviewing milk labeling and advertising.


These positions are found only in the Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services in the Department of Agriculture and Markets.




DAIRY PRODUCTS SPECIALIST 1:  entry level; assigned to specific geographic areas of the State to inspect, rate, audit and investigate dairy products and dairy product producers, processors, laboratories, laboratory analysts and handlers to assess their compliance with State and federal rules, regulations and policies that require producing and selling in a sanitary manner without deceptive practices; designated as either a Laboratory Evaluation Officer or State Rating Officer in their assigned region.


DAIRY PRODUCTS SPECIALIST 2:  first supervisory level; supervises Dairy Products Specialists 1; directs regional staff in inspection, rating, auditing and investigation activities.


DAIRY INDUSTRY SERVICES MANAGER (MILK CONTROL): one-position class, plans, supervises, and evaluates the Bureau of Milk Control’s programs, activities and assigned field staff.  The position functions with a similar level of authority as the Dairy Industry Manager that manages the Bureau of Dairy Services.


DAIRY INDUSTRY SERVICES MANAGER: second-level supervisor; plans, directs, manages, coordinates and evaluates Bureau programs, activities and subordinate staff in administering several dairy programs.


DIRECTOR DAIRY INDUSTRY SERVICES:  one-position class; functions as the director of the New York State Milk Control and Dairy Services Program.




DAIRY PRODUCTS SPECIALIST 1:  under the supervision of a Dairy Products Specialist 2, conducts inspections and ratings of milk plants and farms in accordance with State and federal regulations to ensure the quality and safety of milk and milk products; conducts sanitary inspections of dairy farms, fluid milk processing plants, bottling plants, frozen dessert plants, manufacturing and handling plants, mobile units and all related equipment, utensils, instruments, storage areas and vehicles for sanitary conditions and practices and the quality and condition of equipment; examines farm and plant records; conducts field investigations of wholesale and retail outlets to detect violations covering packaging, labeling, advertising, pricing, storage and sale of dairy products; takes product samples to determine compliance with prescribed standards of sanitation, wholesomeness and purity and to obtain evidence of misrepresentation in connection with the enforcement of the Agriculture and Markets Law; inspects laboratories that perform analyses of milk and milk products and makes recommendations on the issuance of facility license or laboratory analyst certification; provides technical assistance and training to industry personnel; responds to telephone and written inquiries from the dairy industry and the public; and testifies as an expert witness at hearings and in court.


DAIRY PRODUCTS SPECIALIST 2:  under the supervision of the Dairy Industry Manager (Milk Control), administers the inspection program in an assigned  multi-county area of the State; supervises and directs regional Dairy Products Specialists 1; participates in and/or personally supervises difficult inspections and investigations; assists in planning and conducting training programs; directs and coordinates regional implementation of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Program; evaluates program effectiveness and progress; makes recommendations for program revision/improvement; provides technical expertise and interpretation of regulations to ensure uniform application of State and federal laws, regulations and policies; responds to inquiries from supervisor, division management, executive staff, public, business and civic organizations, and federal and State governmental agencies; and may implement one or more Statewide programs. One Dairy Products Specialist 2 functions as the Bureau Compliance Officer by coordinating, administering and enforcing the Bureau’s Statewide Sampling, Labeling, Complaint and Adulterated Milk Programs.


DAIRY INDUSTRY SERVICES MANAGER (MILK CONTROL) AND DAIRY INDUSTRY SERVICES MANAGER:  under the supervision of the Director Dairy Industry Services, plans, coordinates, manages and evaluates programs and staff in either the Bureau of Milk Control or the Bureau of Dairy Services; supervises and assigns work; provides guidance, technical supervision and consultation in the performance of the staff’s duties; evaluates work performance and trains staff; prepares and reviews material related to regulatory activities; confers with the Director on Bureau activities and provides reports and recommendations; represents the Bureau with respect to its programs and in establishing relationships with milk producers, trade, governmental and related groups; and represents the Division at meetings, conferences and functions involving the dairy industry.  


DIRECTOR DAIRY INDUSTRY SERVICES:  exercises overall direction and supervision of the programs and activities of the Division; develops policies and programs for carrying out the objectives and goals of the program; reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of Department policies and programs relating to the dairy industry including all aspects of milk and milk product sanitation from dairy farms through processing plants and recommends changes as appropriate; develops policy positions relative to dairy industry and regulations for consideration by executive staff; reviews or drafts appropriate legislative proposals and reviews proposed legislation affecting the dairy industry; directs inspection and sampling programs applicable to dairy farms and all types of dairy plants; directs the collection and evaluation of inspection reports and sampling data; oversees office organization, personnel, employee discipline and counseling, and budgeting; identifies and initiates investigations and takes or recommends actions as a result of the findings of such inquiries; sets policy and establishes administrative structure within the Division to conduct hearings on dealer licensing, enforcement actions and promulgation or amendment of rules and orders; directs the drafting of determinations and final orders for action by the Commissioner and initiates other types of enforcement procedures; develops and maintains effective communications with leadership of all segments of agriculture and related industries, with university researchers and with officials in federal and State governments; serves as spokesperson for the Department on dairy policy; and advises and assists the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner in all issues involving the dairy industry.






Open Competitive:  Bachelor’s Degree including or supplemented by 18 semester credit hours in courses related to:  dairy science, environmental health, food science, agricultural science, biological science, physics, chemistry, veterinary or animal science, or production or processing of dairy or food products, and any one of the following:


  1. completion of a two-year traineeship, or


  1. one year of experience in dairy products inspection or food plant production or quality control and completion of a one-year traineeship, or


  1. two years of experience in dairy products inspection or food plant production or quality control.


Satisfactory experience in dairy products inspection or milk or food plant production or milk or food plant quality control may substitute for up to 60 college credits, at the rate of one year of experience equaling 30 semester credit hours.  The same experience may not substitute for both the college credit and to meet the experience requirement.




Promotion:  one year of permanent competitive service as a Dairy Products Specialist 1.




Promotion:  one year of permanent competitive service as a Dairy Products Specialist 2 and Dairy Products Specialist 2 (Diary Equipment).




Promotion:  one year of permanent competitive service as an Associate Auditor or Associate Economist.




Promotion:  one year of permanent competitive service as a Dairy Industry Services Manager (Milk Control) or Dairy Industry Services Manager.


Non-Competitive: Master’s Degree in accounting, agricultural education, statistics, agricultural economics, milk marketing, food or dairy science, and food or dairy technology or a closely related field; and


  1. six years of experience in formulating and administering milk marketing orders and dairy promotion orders; developing market statistics and research for policy guidance; devising accounting and reporting procedures; and conducting research on issues in the dairy industry and analysis of competitive market and milk pricing practices; or


  1. six years of experience in managing a major program involving the inspection and regulation of milk or milk products, which includes the manufacturing, processing and/or storage of these products. 


Four years of the experience must have been in a high level administrative capacity, which includes significant responsibility for the direction, supervision, and evaluation of both the program and professional staff.


Substitutions: Bachelor’s Degree in the above specified fields and eight years of experience which must have included four years as a high level administrator as described above; or Associate’s Degree in the above specified fields and ten years of experience which must have included four years as a high level administrator as described above.




Rev:  4/19


NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.


Parenthetic Attachment


DAIRY PRODUCTS SPECIALIST 2 (DAIRY EQUIPMENT):  one-position class, non-supervisory; specialist in the design, construction, installation and operation of milk handling equipment used on dairy farms, in dairy processing plants, or associated milk transportation systems; provide high level technical expertise and instruction to Dairy Products Specialists; and serve on selected State, federal and national-level committees.


Promotion:  one year of permanent competitive service as a Dairy Products Specialist 1.