Occ. Code 6922303





New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




            A Bridge Repair Supervisor 1 functions both as an overall assistant supervisor in a Bridge Repair Crew overseeing and inspecting the work of the Bridge Repair Crews for adherence to standards and instructions and as a working supervisor of a sub-crew involved in extensive repair projects such as repairing the pier footing and substructure of a bridge.


            Bridge Repair Supervisor 1 positions exist only in Bridge Repair Crews of Regional Bridge Maintenance Units in the Department of Transportation.




            Bridge Repair Supervisor 1 positions are characterized by a dual supervisory role in a Bridge Repair Crew.  Incumbents function as an overall assistant to the crew supervisor, a Bridge Repair Supervisor 2, in overseeing and inspecting the repair and maintenance activities of each sub-crew and as a working supervisor of a sub-crew engaged in extensive repair and rehabilitation projects.  It is appropriate to classify one Bridge Repair Supervisor 1 for each fully functioning and fully staffed Bridge Repair Crew as described in the Bridge Repair Supervisor 2 Standard #6921700.


            Bridge Repair Supervisor 2 positions are distinguished from the class described in this standard in that they act as the overall supervisor of a Bridge Repair Crew, planning, laying out and coordinating the work of the entire crew; scheduling repair, projects and assigning sub-crews, arranging for the availability of material, equipment and additional manpower and personally inspect or assist a professional engineer in inspections to determine extent of bridge repair and maintenance work necessary and the structural soundness of bridges.


            Bridge Repair Mechanics perform all skill trades work on bridge repair and maintenance projects such as carpentry, welding, iron working, and steel fabricating and act as working supervisors of a bridge repair sub-crew on smaller bridge repair and maintenance projects such as replacing and repairing bridge railings, repairing bridge deck holes or painting a bridge.


            Positions of Highway Maintenance Supervisor 1 and 2 supervise crews of Laborers, Highway Maintenance Workers 1 and 2 and skilled employees in the repair and maintenance of State highways.  Their work includes patching and paving highways, cutting grass along the right-of-way, replacing, repairing and installing guard rails and plowing and sanding roadways.




Assists a Bridge Repair Supervisor 2 in supervising a bridge repair crew by inspecting and reviewing the work performed by sub-crews.


·    Checks work being performed by each sub-crew daily to insure instructions, work standards and safety procedures are followed.


·    Makes on-the-spot determinations of the need for any additional repair and maintenance work due to unforeseen problems.


·    Arranges for additional material and equipment to complete work.


·    Reviews and inspects completed projects to insure work was performed properly.


·    Confers with crew supervisor concerning unexpected problems.


·    May prepare written daily activity reports for each sub-crew stating manpower, material and equipment used for each project and any unexpected development or delay.


·    Acts as overall supervisor in the absence of the Bridge Repair Supervisor 2.


Supervises a sub-crew in the performance of larger and more complex bridge repair projects.


·    Receives explanations as to the extent of repair and maintenance work required for specific projects and any plans and instructions on how to perform work.


·    Secures required material, equipment and manpower from Bridge Repair Crew and/or Residencies.


·    Oversees, directs and works with crew in performance of repair work to insure instructions, plans, work standards and safety procedures are followed.


·    Determines if additional unscheduled repair work is necessary and arranges for any additional material and equipment necessary to perform the work.


·    Prepares a written daily work activity report for repair project with manpower, equipment and material used and explanation of any difficulties or delays encountered.




            Incumbents of Bridge Repair Supervisor 1 positions have frequent oral communication with members of the bridge repair crew providing advice and instructions and also with the Bridge Repair Supervisor 2 in receiving instructions, discussing crew assignments and scheduling repair work.  Incumbents have occasional communications with professional engineers of the Regional Bridge Maintenance Unit and various Residencies arranging for material, equipment and manpower, scheduling work and discussing problems encountered.  They may prepare brief written activity reports concerning work performed, material, equipment and manpower used and extraordinary problems encountered when supervising a sub-crew.  Communication with the general public is not typical of this class.




            Bridge Repair Supervisor 1 positions are supervised by Bridge Repair Supervisor 2 positions who assign work, provide instructions, drawings and blueprints and arrange for needed material, staff and equipment.  While their work is spot-checked to insure that work standards are observed, Bridge Repair Supervisor 1 positions work with considerable independence.


            Bridge Repair Supervisor 1 positions as assistant supervisors inspect and review the work of bridge sub-crews to insure work standards and safety procedures are being observed.  As a working supervisor of a sub-crew incumbents provide instructions and advice, arrange for material and equipment and observe work performance.




            Bridge Repair Supervisors 1 use and operate all of the machinery, tools, and equipment used by a Bridge Repair Crew.  This includes jack hammers, drills, welding equipment, scaffolding, under bridge inspection equipment, concrete mixers, sand blasters, construction and highway equipment and hand tools.




            Incumbents are required to work near highway traffic and high above ground or water on under bridge inspection equipment mounted on trucks or boats, scaffolds, ladders or boatswain chairs with rigging and slings in all weather conditions.




·    Working knowledge of Highway Maintenance Operational Guidelines as they refer to bridge repair and maintenance operations.


·    Working knowledge of Highway Maintenance Safety Manual as it refers to bridge repair and maintenance operations.


·    Working knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of bridge repair and maintenance.


·    Working knowledge of welding, iron working, steel fabricating, painting and carpentry trades as they apply to bridge repair and maintenance.


·    Working knowledge of specific properties of various metals, concrete, paving materials and paints used on bridges.


·    Basic knowledge of mathematical formulas that relate to bridge construction.


·    Basic knowledge of inspection techniques used to detect defects and deterioration in bridges.


·    Basic knowledge of work plans and priorities of Bridge Maintenance Unit.


·    Basic knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.


·    Ability to perform above the ground work in the repair of bridges.


·    Ability to use and operate all tools, equipment and machinery required in bridge repair and maintenance.


·    Ability to read and understand written instructions and drawings.


·    Ability to train and supervise a crew of workers.


·    Ability to perform medium to heavy physical labor.




            Two years of experience in bridge construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or maintenance one year of which must have included experience in a supervisory capacity or experience as a journeyman performing carpentry, masonry, welding or structural steel work and one year of additional experience in bridge or highway construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or maintenance.



Reviewed:  5/03



NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.