Occ. Code 7202000


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Standard


Maintenance Assistants use hand and shop tools to perform semiskilled maintenance and repair work on structures and equipment.

Although positions in this class are found in many State agencies most positions are assigned to agencies which operate and maintain buildings and other structures and facilities, recreational facilities, roads, and equipment.


As semiskilled workers, Maintenance Assistants perform routine, repetitive maintenance, installation, and repair tasks in one or a combination of the mechanical, building construction, motor equipment, and electrical trades. Incumbents may also perform journey level activities, under supervision or after receiving detailed instructions, to learn and perfect their skills. Generally, Maintenance Assistants work under the supervision of a skilled trades worker or supervisory maintenance person; in turn, they supervise Maintenance Helpers, Laborers, wards of the State, and other relatively unskilled workers in performing routine activities and tasks.

Typically, Maintenance Assistants, without a parenthetic designating a trade, are classified for relatively small maintenance staffs where specialization is not desirable or for large maintenance pools where specialization is not efficient. Positions in these work settings may perform activities and tasks typical of a variety of trade specialties. By comparison, Maintenance Assistants with a parenthetic designation, such as Carpenter, Mechanic, or Painter, usually spend most of their work time performing tasks typical of the trade indicated by the parenthetic designation, although they may be assigned to perform activities in other trades.

When weather does not permit Maintenance Assistants to perform their normal duties, they may be assigned to other maintenance activities, such as snow and ice control.

Maintenance Helpers perform relatively unskilled tasks in direct support of higher level skilled and semiskilled trades positions.

Critical distinctions between the Maintenance Assistant class and journey level classes, such as General Mechanic, Machinist, and Painter, are the latter's planning, layout, design, and supervision of maintenance and repair projects,
diagnosis and correction of mechanical or structural problems, performance of all tasks using all tools of a particular trade, and the incumbent's completion of an apprenticeship or equivalent program for journey level trades.


Maintenance Assistants perform a variety of semiskilled maintenance, repair, and related activities. The activities, tasks, and assignments described below are illustrative of the duties performed by positions at this level: they are not meant to restrict Maintenance Assistants to performing only these duties. Incumbents may be assigned to one or more of these areas, depending on work requirements and needs.


The nature of a Maintenance Assistant's activities generally restricts relationships to employees working within the same organizational unit and to wards of the State assigned to projects or work units. Such relationships are characterized by frequent oral and written communication in assigning work, providing instructions, and exchanging information. Written and oral communications with the general public are not typical of this class.

Although incumbents may have frequent communications with others, the tasks of this class are predominantly thing-oriented and involvement with others is not a factor in determining the classification of positions.


Maintenance Assistants are usually supervised by incumbents of higher level trades positions who determine work priorities, define the nature and extent of work to be performed, provide instructions and direction, provide resources for work projects, layout and plan projects, assist in performing the more difficult tasks, train staff in skilled work, activities, evaluate performance, and inspect work in progress and upon completion. Maintenance Assistants may perform the
activities of this class with considerable independence when supervision is not available and are expected to perform routine activities with considerable independence.

As assigned, Maintenance Assistants supervise work crews of relatively unskilled workers and wards of the State by making assignments, giving instructions, and providing assistance in performing tasks.


Maintenance Assistants use hand and portable power tools, shop equipment, and measuring and testing instruments appropriate for the trade area to which they are assigned. They may occasionally operate trucks and light construction



Two years of experience in maintenance or mechanical work under the supervision of a skilled trades worker or completion of an appropriate two-year technical school course.

Revised: 1/86