Occ. Code 7202170





New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




            A Maintenance Assistant (Roofer and Tinsmith) performs semiskilled roofing and tinsmith work in the maintenance, repair and installation of all types of roofs, and in the fabrication and repair of standard sheet metal and tinware items.


            Positions in this class are found in only a few agencies.




            Maintenance Assistant (Roofer and Tinsmith), as a semiskilled employee, performs the more routine repetitive maintenance and repair tasks in the roofing and tinsmith trade, typically under the supervision of a Roofer and Tinsmith.  Incumbents in learning and perfecting their craft skills may perform journey level tradesperson activities under supervision or after having received detailed instructions.  Incumbents may function as a lead worker on a project basis over maintenance helpers, laborers, and other relatively unskilled workers in performing manual tasks involving elementary skills.


            There are a number of other specialized maintenance assistant classes having parenthetic designations describing the predominant trade area in which the incumbent is assigned; i.e., carpenter, plumber and steamfitter, mason and plasterer, and electrician.  Although incumbents of such classes may perform tasks normally associated with more than one trade, most of their time is spent performing tasks typical of the trade indicated by the special title.


            Incumbents of Maintenance Assistant positions without a parenthetic designating a trade specialty are usually found in relatively small maintenance staffs where such specialization is not desirable or in maintenance pools where specialization is not efficient.  However, incumbents may be assigned to tasks such as those described for any of the specialized positions of Maintenance Assistant.


            Maintenance Assistant is distinguished from Maintenance Helper by the latter’s performance of relatively unskilled tasks in direct support of semi-skilled or skilled trades positions.  Such tasks are typically performed under very specific instructions and supervision of either a Maintenance Assistant or a journey level tradesperson.


            A position of Roofer and Tinsmith is distinguished from Maintenance Assistant (Roofer and Tinsmith) by the responsibility for the periodic inspection of roofs and roof drainage systems to determine the nature and extent of repair or maintenance work necessary, for planning and laying out work on a project basis, and for the supervision of Maintenance Assistants, helpers, laborers and occasionally other Roofers and Tinsmiths.




As directed, repairs and maintains all types of roofs including metal, slate, tile, composition shingle and built-up roofs.


·        Erects ladders and scaffolds to provide access to the roof.


·        Cuts roofing materials to size and punches holes in tile and slate according to specifications.


·        Aligns roofing materials and fastens with asphalt cement or nails.


·        Cuts strips of flashing and fits them into angles formed by vents, chimneys, and intersecting roof surfaces.


·        Caulks joints, flashing and brickwork to make them watertight.


·        Applies hot asphalt or tar and roofing paper to roofs as specified.


·        Removes snow, ice and debris from roofs and roof drainage systems.


·        Paints metal areas of roofs.


·        Repairs or replaces such roof drainage system components as gutters, and down-spouts.


As directed, fabricates repairs and installs a variety of sheet metal ware such as heating and ventilating ducts, gutters, down-spouts and flashing.


·        Following written instructions or blueprints uses shears, breaks, bending tools, and welding and soldering equipment to cut, bend, straighten and join metal in the fabrication and repair of standard sheet metal items.


·        Installs manufactured sheet metal products using such tools and equipment as punches, electric or hand drills, welding and soldering equipment, and grinders.


As assigned, a Maintenance Assistant (Roofer and Tinsmith) functions as a lead worker over a small maintenance crew usually consisting of maintenance helpers and laborers.


Under direction, incumbents may participate in work in other maintenance specialties.




            The nature of Maintenance Assistant (Roofer and Tinsmith) activities generally restricts relationships to employees working within the same organizational unit.  As assigned, incumbents supervise a smaller maintenance crew characterized by frequent oral communications in assigning work and providing instructions.  Written and oral communications with the general public are not typical of this class.




            Maintenance Assistants (Roofer and Tinsmith) are supervised by skilled craft positions, usually a Roofer and Tinsmith or Carpenter.  Work priorities and the nature and extent of work to be performed are prescribed and materials are furnished.  When necessary, the work to be performed is laid out by the supervisor who gives specific instructions, assists in the more difficult tasks, and inspects the job while in progress and when completed to insure that instructions have been followed and that the quality of the work is satisfactory.  However, a Maintenance Assistant may perform the activities of the class with considerable independence when supervision is not immediately available due to such factors as the geographic location of the assignment.  In addition, incumbents are expected to perform the more routine repetitive tasks with considerable independence.


            As assigned, a Maintenance Assistant (Roofer and Tinsmith) supervises a maintenance crew consisting of maintenance helpers, laborers and other relatively unskilled workers by making assignments, giving instructions and providing assistance in performing the work.




            Maintenance Assistants (Roofer and Tinsmith) use the tools of the roofing and tinsmith trade including hammers, roofing knives, soldering and welding equipment, caulkers, shears, breaks, and bending tools.




·        Working knowledge of the methods, materials, tools and equipment of the roofing and tinsmith trade.


·        Working knowledge of the physical properties of roofing materials.


·        Basic knowledge of the building and safety codes and regulations applicable to roofing and tinsmith work.


·        Ability to use the tools, machines, equipment and materials of the roofing and tinsmith trade.


·        Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions.


·        Ability to read and work from plans, specifications and blueprints.


·        Ability to work from scaffolds and ladders, and on roofs.


·        Ability to stand for long periods of time, to crawl, climb and bend, and to do moderately heavy lifting.


As assigned:


·        Ability to lead the activities of a subordinate staff.




            Two years of experience in performing roofing and tinsmith work under the supervision of a skilled journey level worker, or completion of an appropriate technical school course in the roofing and tinsmith trade.





Reviewed:  5/03




NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.