Occ. Code 7261200


New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Crane and Shovel Operators operate, rig, lubricate and make running repairs to self-propelled equipment in excavating, driving or extracting piling, lifting and moving heavy machinery or materials, grading and other construction and maintenance operations. The equipment operated includes mobile cranes, power shovels and gradalls.


Most positions in this class are located in the regional and residency offices of the Department of Transportation; other positions exist in the Departments of Mental Hygiene, Environmental Conservation, the Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, the NYS Thruway Authority, and Canal Corporation.




Crane and Shovel Operators operate, at least one-third of the time, the largest and most complex self-propelled equipment such as mobile cranes, power shovels and gradalls and all attachments such as backlines, clamshells, drag lines, etc. The operation of these types of machines involves care and precision because of the size and weight of the moving parts and the close proximity of workers. When not involved in equipment operation incumbents of positions in these classes may supervise a crew of laborers and others or perform routine repairs and maintenance on equipment.


Construction and Highway Equipment Operators operate smaller and less complicated self-propelled equipment in the construction, repair and maintenance of highways, grounds and canals.  Such equipment includes rollers, snow plows, self-propelled loaders, sweepers, tractor mowers, road graders, etc.


Core Drill Operators and Drill Rig Operators operate drilling apparatus to obtain samples of finished concrete or bituminous work to determine if the work meets contract specifications or to obtain undisturbed soil and rock samples in advance of or concurrent with engineering projects so that engineers can determine the character and foundation strength of the earth.


Crane and Shovel Operators may on occasion operate equipment normally assigned to other equipment operators.





Operates at least one-third of the time one or more of the types of equipment described as appropriate for Crane and Shovel Operator on construction, repair and maintenance projects.


Performs task indigenous to machine operated according to instructions received from supervisor.


·      Operates a crane shovel in excavating dirt to repair slope failures.


·      Operates crawler shovel to shovel gravel into stone crusher to prepare shoulder material.


·      Operates crane with clamshell to remove gravel bars from streams and spreads gravel along the stream bank.


·      Checks fluid levels, tire pressure, safety devices, control mechanisms and friction adjustments prior to operation.


·      Starts, stops, steers and controls machine and its attachments in safe, efficient and effective manner to perform assigned tasks.


·      Monitors gauges and fluid levels of machine during operation.


·      Maintains daily record of work performed and materials used.


Performs routine maintenance and repairs on machines to insure safe and efficient operation.


·      Pumps gas or other fuel, adds or drains water and/or antifreeze to radiator, oil to crankcase and air to tires and hydraulic fluid to reservoirs.


·      Cleans, oils and lubricates equipment as necessary.


·      Changes tires on machines as needed.


·      Replaces burned out or broken lamp bulbs.


·      Replaces oil, fuel, air and hydraulic filters.


·      Makes daily friction adjustments to machine.


·      Makes minor repairs in the field to keep machine running for day.


May operate equipment listed appropriate for lower level Equipment Operators.




Because the tasks performed by incumbents of positions in this class are primarily device oriented, interpersonal relationships are not a classification factor. When operating equipment, Crane and Shovel Operators may use Laborers to signal them where to dig or place material. When Crane and Shovel Operators act as crew leaders, they provide advice and assistance to crew members in completing assigned projects.




Positions in this class are basically non-supervisory but at times they act as a crew leader making work assignments to crew members, providing advice and assistance during work assignments and inspecting completed work. Crane and Shovel Operators are generally supervised by higher level maintenance supervisors who make work assignments, assign specific pieces of equipment and provide general instructions. On some assignments, Crane and Shovel Operators may report to a lower level maintenance supervisor who is responsible for a specific project. The Crane and Shovel Operator's work is checked in progress and at completion for adherence to instructions.




Crane and Shovel Operators operate mobile cranes, power shovels, gradalls with all attachments and may operate any of the other equipment listed in this standard as being appropriate for other equipment operators. They also use a variety of hand tools such as oil cans, wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers to perform routine repairs, preventive maintenance and operational adjustments on equipment.




·      Good knowledge of the operation of a variety of large and complex self-propelled equipment.


·      Basic knowledge of the Vehicle and Traffic Law as it applies to the safe and legal operation of assigned equipment.


·      Basic knowledge of the routine repairs, maintenance and adjustments needed by equipment.


·      Ability to operate assigned equipment in a safe and effective manner.


·      Ability to prepare daily reports of work performed and materials used.


·      Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.


·      Ability to perform routine repairs, maintenance and adjustments on equipment.


·      Ability to perform medium to heavy physical labor.




Two years of experience in the operation of power shovels, cranes or gradalls; possession of a valid New York State operator's license appropriate for the type of vehicle operated and possession of a valid *New York State Department of Labor operator qualification certificate for Cranes and Shovels.


*Department of Labor Certificate of Competence is not required for operators at least 21 years of age and employed by the federal government, State, or political subdivision, agency or authority of the State assigned to operate a crane owned or leased by such agencies.







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NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.