Occ. Code 7520100


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Standard


A Plant Utilities Engineer 1, on an assigned shift in a heating and/or air-conditioning plant, or in a single or multi-building facility, operates, maintains, troubleshoots, repairs, tests, and calibrates mechanical and electrical equipment providing heat, hot water, ventilation, air-conditioning and electrical distribution in the most efficient and safe manner possible. Incumbents also make recommendations on major overhauls and replacement of equipment and initiate activity relating to energy conservation projects.

Although positions in this class are utilized by many State agencies, most are located in the Office of Mental Health, Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, the State University, the Office of General Services, and the Department of Correctional Services.


Plant Utilities Engineer 1 is the journey level class in this title series. Incumbents, on an assigned shift, are immediately responsible for the operation, preventive maintenance and repair of a full range, in size, type and pressure, of steam or hot water boilers and auxiliary heating system equipment, and the mechanical equipment outside of the power plant. This can include, but is not limited to, steam lines, mechanical equipment rooms, refrigeration, and air-conditioning equipment of various types, chillers, pumps, air compressors, temperature and humidity control systems, plumbing systems, pneumatic and electronic computerized control systems, auxiliary and emergency generators, portable emergency equipment, transformers, switch gear, electrical distribution systems, sprinkler and fire safety systems, elevators and HVAC fan systems, fired and unfired pressure vessels and water treatment systems, such as water softeners, chlorination systems, deionized water systems, and ph adjustment systems.

Incumbents may supervise subordinate staff in the operation and maintenance of heating facilities and mechanical equipment. On off hour shifts the Plant Utilities Engineer 1 assumes responsibility for operations of the overall physical plant. They may be required to supervise other trades employees or private contractors on these off shifts. They may also supervise contractors in an emergency or project situation.


Plant Utilities Engineers 1 are generally supervised by Plant Utilities Engineers 2 who have full charge of operations in small plants, or serve as an assistant to a higher ranking Plant Utilities Engineer in a larger plant. In plants which generate both electrical power and heating for a facility, and at some large facilities Plant Utilities Engineers 2 may be shift supervisors over one or more functions of plant operations.

Plant Utilities Assistants are semiskilled staff who assist in the operation, maintenance, and repair of plant utilities equipment and perform tasks similar to the Plant Utilities Engineer 1, under direction and specific instruction.


Plant Utilities Engineers 1 operate, maintain and repair mechanical, electrical, and auxiliary or emergency equipment in a heating or air-conditioning plant or a single or multi-building facility or facilities with multiple utility equipment installations.


Heat Generating Equipment

Air-Conditioning Equipment

HVAC Equipment

Electrical Equipment

At some facilities incumbents may:






Plant Utilities Engineers 1 are usually supervised by Plant Utilities Engineers 2 who make assignments and provide assistance as required. Generally, work priorities are prescribed and technical manuals and specifications covering the operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment are provided. Incumbents are typically responsible for a shift, and as such, are expected to work with considerable independence. A Plant Utilities Engineer 1 may be the highest level position in a small plant, and as such, is supervised by a facility administrator.


Plant Utilities Engineer 1 is the journey level of the title series with responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and repair of highly complex equipment which must be operated in strict accordance with technical and safety policy and procedures.

Failure to exercise good judgment or follow appropriate procedures could result in personal injury or death, in damage to equipment or facilities, or in an incident having potential environmental impact or safety concerns.


The nature of Plant Utilities Engineers 1 activities requires interaction with employees working within the same unit, with other maintenance personnel within the facility working on the same shift, and on occasion with other employees or clients of the facility. Incumbents supervise Plant Utilities Assistants, Power Plant Helpers and occasionally other maintenance positions, contractors, and clients/inmates assigned to the shift requiring oral communications in assigning work and providing instructions. A written log is kept of all activities occurring during the shift for review and evaluation by the supervisor.


Plant Utilities Engineers 1 may supervise a subordinate crew of Plant Utilities Assistants, Power Plant Helpers, and other trades and Labor Class positions on a shift by making work assignments, giving instructions, assisting in performing the work, and assuring work is done in the appropriate manner. Incumbents may also be assigned to work independently in charge of outlying buildings, work stations or functions. In addition the Plant Utilities Engineers 1 may be required to supervise private contractors performing plant operations related projects, maintenance, and/or repair work for the State.



Plant Utilities Engineers 1 use a variety of hand and power tools, including the tools of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades, water test equipment, electric-test equipment and meters, refrigeration test equipment, air adjustment test equipment, soot blowers and turbine cleaners, computer terminals and microprocessors, sonic light and vibration meters, combustion analyzers, personal protective equipment, confined space equipment and portable emergency equipment.


A. An Associate Degree in Plant Utilities Technology or the equivalent. In order to determine whether a specific degree is equivalent to the Plant Utilities Technology program, the major course of study must include a minimum of 30 college semester credit hours in any combination of the following course areas:

Heating, Ventilation Boiler and Steam Systems
and Air-Conditioning Industrial Electricity
Electrical Circuits Electric Utility Systems
Fluid Mechanics Plant Operation and
Technical Communications Maintenance
Thermal Dynamics Industrial Instrumentation
Physics and Control
Utility Refrigeration Industrial Safety
Mechanics Environmental Air Quality
Blueprint Reading and


One year of satisfactory hands on experience in the operation and maintenance of boilers and/or auxiliary equipment or HVAC equipment in commercial, industrial or institutional facilities. (Experience limited to residential applications is not considered qualifying.)


B. Four years of such experience and 30 college semester credit hours in any combination of the courses listed in A. above.

NOTE: For current information on minimum qualifications, contact the Division of Staffing Services.

Date: 10/94