Occ. Code 7520300


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Standard


Plant Utilities Engineers 3 and 4 plan, direct and coordinate the activities of and/or have overall supervisory responsibility for the engineering department for an entire State operated facility or a major portion of an overall physical plant engaged in the operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, testing and calibration of mechanical and electrical equipment providing heat, hot water, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical distribution in the most efficient and safest way possible.

Incumbents function as physical plant managers assisting agency/facility management in planning, designing, developing, budgeting, and implementing major power plant renovation, major equipment overhauls and replacements, and energy conservation projects. They also function as the primary contact on tenant and contractor relations and provide information to agency/facility management to facilitate physical plant operation and maintenance.

Plant Utilities Engineers 3 are employed by several agencies, with the greatest number in the Office of Mental Health, the State University, the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, the Office of General Services and the Department of Correctional Services.

Plant Utilities Engineers 4 are employed by several agencies including the Office of General Services, the Department of Health, the State University, the Office of Mental Health, and the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.


Plant Utilities Engineers 3 plan, direct, and coordinate the "Engineering Department" in a moderate sized institution which generates its own heat and electricity, or has a central air-conditioning plant, or in some larger institutions heat generation only; or may supervise a plant lacking one or more of these systems when other equipment is very complex. Incumbents may also supervise mechanical, electrical and building operations and maintenance staff and sometimes other ancillary activities such as cleaning, plant security and transportation in a small institution or may serve as immediate assistant to a Plant Utilities Engineer 4 or to a Plant Superintendent C.

Plant Utilities Engineers 4 have full responsibility for the operation of the engineering department at the largest and most complex facilities or those having the most complex equipment. They may also oversee the operation and maintenance of high voltage electrical distribution systems and equipment or may serve as overall assistant to a Plant Superintendent A or B.


Plant Utilities Engineers 2 are working supervisors with direct responsibility for the operation, preventive maintenance and repair of a full range, in size, type and pressure, of steam or hot water boilers and auxiliary heating system equipment, and the mechanical equipment outside of the power plant.

Positions of Maintenance Supervisor 3 and 4 supervise, coordinate, and provide technical direction to a building maintenance and centralized maintenance control program which may also include responsibility for grounds maintenance, automotive maintenance and custodial services at a State facility.

Positions of Plant Superintendent are responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of the physical plant of State institutions or office building facilities. These are administrative and managerial positions which permit the centralization of all physical plant activities for the purpose of improving operating efficiency, attaining close staff coordination and otherwise realizing maximum advantage from physical plant investment. They are subject only to general direction, usually from the business officer but in some instances from the institution head or a deputy director.


Plant Utilities Engineers 3 and 4 supervise the activities and tasks listed in the Classification Standard for Plant Utilities Engineer 2. Plant Utilities Engineers 3 and 4 plan, direct, and coordinate staff in the operation and maintenance of heat generating, air-conditioning, HVAC and electrical equipment. Incumbents also plan, direct and coordinate programs involving systems maintenance, health and safety issues, and energy conservation.

Plant Utilities Engineers 3 and 4 are responsible for directing other trades or private contractors conducting business on a project basis and/or in emergency situations at State operated facilities.

A Plant Utilities Engineer 3 or 4 also:


Plant Utilities Engineers 3 and 4 are usually supervised by a Plant Superintendent and/or other higher level facility or building manager in planning, directing and coordinating the activities of the engineering department in a State operated facility or State office building complex. Characteristically, incumbents function with almost complete technical independence. They prescribe work priorities and preventive maintenance schedules and develop and maintain technical manuals, plans and specifications covering the operation and maintenance of equipment.


Plant Utilities Engineers 3 and 4 are the highest level supervisory positions in the title series with responsibility for overall supervision of the operation, maintenance, and repair of highly complex equipment which must be operated in strict accordance with technical and safety policy and procedure.

Failure to exercise good supervisory judgment or follow appropriate procedures could result in personal injury or death, in damage to equipment or facilities, or in an incident having potential environmental impact or safety concerns.


Plant Utilities Engineers 3 and 4 have frequent oral and written communications with engineering department staff in assigning work and providing training, instruction, assistance and technical direction in the operation and maintenance of heat generating, air-conditioning, HVAC, and electric equipment, systems maintenance, health and safety, and energy conservation issues.

Frequent oral communications are also conducted with other maintenance employees and contractors in the facility working on all shifts in order to exchange information about maintenance problems and projects in progress.

Incumbents may have frequent oral communication with tenants to insure a safe and comfortable building environment. Included in this communication are the implementation of emergency evacuation plans.

Plant Utilities Engineers 3 and 4 report to Plant Superintendents, and/or other higher level facility or building managers with whom they discuss activities concerning plant operations and maintenance, changes to operating procedures, preventive maintenance schedules, work priorities, needed maintenance and repairs, employee discipline and counseling, time and attendance, and drug and alcohol abuse on the job.

Incumbents develop written procedures and review and analyze records of plant operational activities, such as energy consumption, equipment malfunction, meter and gauge readings, and preventive maintenance.


Plant Utilities Engineers 3 and 4 supervise Engineering Department staff by assigning work, giving instructions and assistance, providing necessary tools, materials and supplies, and observing operations to insure the effective, efficient and safe operation of equipment. They also insure the inspection of maintenance and repairs to insure that appropriate standards are met, that quality workmanship is performed, and that instructions have been followed.



Plant Utilities Engineers 3 and 4 may use a variety of hand and power tools, including the tools of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades, water test equipment, electric-test equipment and meters, refrigeration test equipment, air adjustment test equipment, soot blowers and turbine cleaners, computer terminals and microprocessors, sonic light and vibration meters, combustion analyzers, personal protective equipment, confined space equipment and portable emergency equipment. Incumbents insure appropriate inventory control of tools and equipment.


Plant Utilities Engineer 3

One year of permanent service as a Plant Utilities Engineer 2.

Two years of permanent service as a Plant Utilities Engineer 1.

Plant Utilities Engineer 4

One year of permanent service as a Plant Utilities Engineer 3.

Two years of permanent service as a Plant Utilities Engineer 2.

Date: 10/94


NOTE: For current information on minimum qualifications contact the Division of Staffing Services.