Occ. Code 7821200


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Specification


Marine Services Representatives apply technical knowledge and skills, requiring specialized training and experience, to enforce compliance with various provisions of the New York State Navigation Law and ensure the protection and safety of operators and passengers. These positions are classified only in the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.


MARINE SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE: journey level; requires possession of a U.S. Coast Guard license; administers public vessel operator licensing and vessel inspection programs; assists in design and implementation of boating education programs; investigates boating accidents.

SENIOR MARINE SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE: one-position class; supervises Marine Services Representatives; maintains the State fleet of patrol vessels and vehicles related to the Marine and Recreational Vehicles Program.


Director, Bureau of Marine and Recreational Vehicles directs and manages the operation of all aspects of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation's program relating to boating and snowmobile enforcement and education.

Marine and Recreational Vehicles Field Representatives participate in the promotion, organization, operation, and coordination of motorboat and snowmobile enforcement programs jointly carried out by the State and local units of government.


MARINE SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE: under general supervision from the Senior Marine Services Representative, assists in the preparation of and conducts written and practical examinations of commercial boat operators or operator engineers; investigates qualifications of commercial boat operators; prepares and updates operator manuals; conducts on-site inspections of power-driven vessels carrying passengers or freight for hire on the State's navigable waters; prescribes necessary changes or repairs and issues operating permits; supervises installation, maintenance, and removal of navigational aids and removal of waterway obstructions; audits navigation law enforcement claims by reviewing vouchers and special grant applications against reimbursement criteria, preparing pertinent correspondence, ensuring that State and Federal property is used appropriately, and arranging for proper disposition of property; assists in designing and implementing boating education programs; trains local law enforcement officers to conduct various courses; investigates applications for permits for the placement of navigation aids on State waters and for the holding of boat regattas and issues permits; assists in the investigation of potential boat launching sites; inspects existing State-operated marine facilities to determine compliance with safety procedures and agency regulations and recommends improvements; investigates and makes recommendations concerning the establishment of motor boat regulation zones; inspects boat liveries for compliance with navigation laws and agency regulations; collects license and permit fees and fines for navigation law violations; serves as agency contact for park police, other law enforcement agencies, U.S. Coast Guard, and the general public regarding laws, rules, and regulations, stolen vessel inquiries, accidents, arrests, and emergencies; represents the agency at conferences, trade shows, and public meetings; acts as advisor to other agency personnel on marine construction, equipment, and safety; and prepares and analyzes reports and statistical data.

SENIOR MARINE SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE: under general supervision from the Director, Bureau of Marine and Recreational Vehicles, prepares and supervises the administration of examinations of commercial boat operators and engineers; supervises a staff of Marine Services Representatives; schedules, assigns, and reviews the work of staff; supervises the Aids to Navigation program; purchases, registers, and arranges for the delivery and maintenance of the State fleet of patrol vessels; writes specifications and procedures to contract for the purchase of boats; designs and implements the boating education program; supervises the design and production of agency boating informational material; attends conferences, workshops, and technical training sessions.



Open Competitive: possession of a U.S. Coast Guard license as a pilot, master, or mate qualified for unlimited gross tons on any ocean or possession of a U.S. Coast Guard license as a Marine Engineer qualified for unlimited horsepower; additionally, graduation from a Maritime Officers Training School, or three years of satisfactory marine experience while holding the required Coast Guard license, or three years of satisfactory marine experience as an officer in the Federal Civilian or Armed Services or as a Marine Consultant.


Promotion: one year of permanent service as a Marine Services Representative.

Date: 6/00