Occ. Code 7925200



New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Standard


          Correctional Industries Sales Representatives are the front line sales staff of the Industries operation within the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS), many products and services of which have the Corcraft brand label.




          Correctional Industries Sales Representatives act as the front-line sales staff for the Industries operation.  In the course of that function, they may perform a wide array of duties, ranging from presenting or demonstrating products, to delivering direct sales pitches, to developing and following up on sales leads.




Under the supervision of the Correctional Industries Sales Manager, performs a variety of sales and public relations activities.


·       Meets, maintains, or exceeds sales goals.

·       Goals may be established within a certain territory; to a given customer; by product; by product category; or along other vectors.

·       Goals may be established and measured for on a regular basis or for special projects or both.

·       Develops and follows up on sales leads.

·       Initiates sales contacts (such as telephone calls) to new, current, and former customers.

·       May conduct marketing and sales surveys, using various methods, including analyzing results.

·       Reports product deficiencies that may harm future sales.

·       Monitors deliveries.

·       Follows up on all customer complaints. 

·       Takes all appropriate actions to maintain customer satisfaction.

·       Maintains up-to-date information on or related to products.

·       Reports to the Correctional Industries Sales Manager regarding problems that may impede customer service.

·       Demonstrates and/or instructs customers in the proper use of equipment and products

Provides any necessary assistance that could lead to future sales initiatives, such as demonstrating or instructing the customer in use of the product and assisting in office layout, or the like.


Provides, at a fair market price, products and equipment for sale.  Provides all necessary customer assistance after product delivery and/or installation.


·       Follows up after delivery to assure customer satisfaction of the product.

·       Through customer contacts develops an idea of what the fair market price may be for a particular product and forwards that information to other staff as needed and appropriate.

Travels extensively throughout regular assigned territory and/or any other assigned area for purposes of promoting Industries products or services, effectuating sales, representing Industries, or the like.


·       Develops an itinerary for maximum use of his or her time.

·       Maintains accurate records and logs of trips. 

·       Keeps accurate logs of customer account contacts, including the Representatives own comments and notes.

·       Attends, when necessary, after-hours or weekend consulting sessions with customers or other parties as needed.

·       Is responsible for any assigned equipment (such as but not limited to a vehicle).

Represents Industries at conventions for the sale and/or promotion of products.

·       Obtains product samples and delivers them to the convention site.

·       Is available for customer consultation at Industries convention booth, table, or the like.

·       Contacts appropriate Industries units to ensure delivery of product/equipment and installation to the promotion site.  Maintains a log of the product received and makes arrangements for its return to the central warehouse or the facility after the promotion is terminated.  

Participates in speaking engagements when necessary.

·       Prepares notes for speaking engagements with the primary objective of promoting Industries products.

·       Makes him- or herself available for speaking engagement requests for the benefit of the operation.

·       Reports feedback information that may be of significant value.

Performs minor product repairs when necessary in response to customer complaints.

·       Sometimes repairs may need to be performed on-site.

·       Maintains a tool kit to facilitate making repairs. 

·       Takes all necessary actions to have a replacement product available.

Assists Industries staff and consultants with the development of explanatory materials (such as brochures and catalogues) relative to Industries products.

Performs training and office coverage duties.


Open-Competitive: six years of institutional, industrial, or commercial field sales experience selling a diverse line of products or commercial services to a varied clientele.


An associates degree may substitute for two years of the required experience.  A bachelors degree may be substituted for four years of the required experience.


Experience in retail sales, wholesale route sales, customer service, telemarketing, telephone sales, internet sales, product service or installation is not qualifying experience.


Date:  8/16





NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent, and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.