Occ. Code 7947300


supervisor installation and repair, GRADE 18




New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard





The one position in this title is responsible for the management, coordination, and supervision of all installation and repair activities of Corcraft products.  The incumbent oversees Correctional Industries Installation and Repair Technicians and work release inmate laborers.


This position is only classified in the Department of Correctional Services (DOCS).  Incumbents at DOCS assist in the total care and confinement of inmates sentenced to the custody of the Department.  All incumbents perform various duties and functions in conjunction with the overall operation of a facility and/or location to which they are assigned.  




SUPERVISOR INSTALLATION AND REPAIR:  one position class; manages State workers and inmates at Corcraft providing oversight to various installation and repair activities.




Correctional Industries Installation and Repair Technicians are responsible for installing and repairing Corcraft products throughout the State.  Repair work is similar to that performed by other semiskilled maintenance positions.




Manage all installation and repair activities for Correctional Industries.


-·        Receive all installation and repair requirements.


-·        Assign installation and repair work to installation staff.


-·        Receive and review completed work orders from installation and repair staff.


-·        Communicate routinely with staff, fielding problems related to installation and repair and provide direction on problem resolution.


-·        Evaluate proper installation and repair work and provide direction to staff on materials and methods for completion of the work.


-·        Monitor ongoing work to determine quality and efficiency and take corrective action where necessary. Visit work sites to inspect ongoing work.


-·        Deal directly with customers on matters that the installation and repair staff cannot resolve, taking appropriate steps to communicate with other Corcraft staff to resolve problems.


-·        Communicate with manufacturing, production, distribution, sales and customer service staff to coordinate activities with these units including deliveries, special fabrication orders, and other related matters.


·        Visit work sites to prepare estimates on potential work. 


-·        Evaluate work performed by installation and repair staff.


-·        Coordinate work release inmate assignments.


Prepare and submit reports on installation and repair activities.


-·        With the assistance of clerical staff, prepare weekly activity reports on all installation and repair activities.


-·        Develop, as necessary, reports relating to common problems with products and recommend design changes.  Work with operations to develop these.


-·        Report packaging and handling problems to manufacturing and distribution staff, recommending changes.


Develop and submit recommendations on staffing, materials, and related costs.


·        Produce costing estimates on staff materials, vehicles, etc. and recommend changes in rates charged for installation and repair work accordingly.


·        Monitor installation and repair expenditures, make appropriate adjustments, and maintain budget targets.


Coordinate related installation and repair activities.


·        Arrange through various facility Industrial Superintendents for facility staff and/or inmates for installation and repair work done by them and follow up to see that work is completed and documented.


·        Manage installation activities with private contractor and follow up to monitor work and see that it is completed and documented.


Maintain equipment and vehicles.


·        Develop and supervise implementation of Preventive Maintenance Program on all equipment and vehicles operated by installation and repair staff.


·        Instruct staff and inmates in proper use of equipment including use of related safety equipment (i.e. goggles, etc.) and follow up to see that these are being done.


Supervise the Repair Unit in Central Office and all relevant staff.


·        Determine staff work assignments and priorities; review, monitor, and evaluate staff and work products; approve leave, track time and attendance, and participate in performance evaluations; and train staff.


·        Establish the activities of work release inmates in Central Office, repair orders, logging work, monitoring its completion and documenting it.


·        Review repair work on items returned from field and/or from inventory and determine feasibility of repair.


·        Identify parts, components, hardware, and equipment required for stock in repair area and installation and repair vehicles and prepare justification, upon approval, order same.


·        Maintain inventories of all of the above per Department procedures and policies.





Non-Competitive:  five years of experience in a planning, costing, assigning, and completion of work related to construction and/or installation of furnishings, which must include one or more of the following: 1) inventory management of parts/components including ordering and receiving; 2) supervision of three or more staff in the completion of installation and/or construction projects; or 3) direct contact with customers or clients with responsibility for completion of complex projects.






Date:  8/09







NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.