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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard


            Medical Social Workers perform and supervise the social work services involved in the care, treatment and rehabilitation of the physically ill, disabled, and aged receiving care and treatment under the supervision of the Department of Health.  Through a wide range of medical social case work services, they adjust the problems of individuals receiving care and assist them in adjusting to institutional living and with their post-hospital plans.  They may continue to assist people after their discharge from the hospital by helping them obtain employment, medical, welfare, training or other assistance in their home communities.


            MEDICAL SOCIAL WORKER A AND B provides social case work services to individuals to assist them with their social, emotional and environmental difficulties which interfere with the acceptance of their medical condition or with obtaining maximum benefits from medical care:  participates as a member of the health team in carrying out the social aspects of the individual’s rehabilitation plan and in helping the individual and their families with their feelings and attitudes towards medical care; establishes a case work relationship with the individual for the purpose of helping to achieve a better adjustment between self, environment, illness, medical treatment and the ultimate rehabilitation; provides social case work treatment to help people increase their own capacity and confidence in their ability to handle problems and the right to determine solutions to problems; plans with the health team and with community agencies, to relate the individual’s medical care and rehabilitation program to their social situation prior to hospital discharge; assists in the education, research and student training programs at the hospital; records social information and keeps statistical data.  At the New York State Veterans’ Home plans and carries out, under general direction a social case work program designed to assist residents and their families in meeting the social problems occasioned by residence in the Home:  makes investigations of the social needs, physical condition, and economic status of applicants for admission to the Home; plans social, cultural, and recreational programs under guidance from a physician, arranges for medical services for residents at outside hospitals or clinics; communicates with relatives and tries to smooth out difficulties which arise between relatives and residents; assigns residents to roommates; counsels residents on their individual personal and health problems; prepares reports and maintains case records.  QUALIFICATIONS:  Medical Social Worker A – College graduation and either completion of one year of graduate study in a recognized school of social work or one year of experience in medical social case work.  Medical Social Worker B – Promotion: Two years of permanent service as Medical Social Worker A.  Open Competitive:  Possession of a Master’s Degree from an approved school of social work.


SENIOR MEDICAL SOCIAL WORKER assists in planning and organizing the medical social service department in a hospital operated by the Department of Health and does social case work with hospitalized individuals and their families in more complex situations, characterized by factors such as long duration or severity of physical disability, special personality or family relationship difficulties, or deficiencies in community resources; participates in teaching of allied disciplines; participates in social studies and community planning; participates in research projects; assists the Supervising Medical Social Worker in planning or carrying out a special phase of the social work program such as supervision of medical social workers or volunteers, or the development of improved coordination with other disciplines or other agencies.  QUALIFICATIONS:  Completion of two full years of graduate study in a recognized school of social work and either two years of satisfactory medical or psychiatric social work experience in a hospital or clinic setting, in a recognized institution or agency offering case work services under the direct full-time supervision of Medical or Psychiatric Social Worker, or one year of this experience and graduate specialization in medical or psychiatric social work.  Case work experience in family service or child placement in a recognized institution or agency may be substituted for medical or psychiatric social work experience if this experience were obtained after completion of two full years of graduate study.


            SUPERVISING MEDICAL SOCIAL WORKER, under general direction is responsible for the development and administration of a medical-social work program:  directs the work of the medical-social work staff; supervises student social workers in field work assignments; participates in the training of medical students, student nurses and other professional personnel; integrates the case work services with other professional services; develops or participates in social work research projects; participates in program planning in the hospital and in the community to improve services to individuals.  QUALIFICATIONS:  Promotion:  One year of permanent service as Senior Medical Social Worker.  Open Competitive:  Completion of two full years of graduate study in a recognized school of social work, one year of satisfactory full time paid medical-social work experience in a recognized institution or agency offering case work services under the direct full time supervision of a medical social work supervisor, two years of satisfactory full time paid social work experience in an administrative, supervisory, consultative or teaching capacity in a recognized hospital, clinic, health agency, or other agency with a medical program; and either one additional year of satisfactory full time paid social case work experience and specialization in medical or psychiatric social work in the graduate study.



Reviewed:  5/04


NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.