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Occ. Code 8174550






New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Standard



          Positions in this class coordinate and implement a Senior Companion Program for the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). Incumbents plan, advertise, and conduct recruitment campaigns; assign senior citizen volunteers, promote community awareness, and integrate Senior Companion services into programs for individuals with developmental disabilities; gain community support for program fundraising and recognition; screen potential applicants, provide for orientation and training sessions; and ensure program compliance with OPWDD, State, and federal regulations and policies.


          These positions are classified in the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities.



SENIOR COMPANION PROGRAM COORDINATORS: full performance level; coordinates and implements Senior Companion programs at an assigned Developmental Disabilities Service Office (DDSO); works with DDSOs and community partners to identify senior companion sites and to recruit senior companions.


SENIOR COMPANION PROGRAM MANAGER: one position class; collaborates with executive management to establish and implement statewide policies for Senior Companion Programs; provides program oversight; and ensures compliance with federal, State, and OPWDD regulations.




Plans and conducts recruitment efforts in communities to attract qualified senior citizens to the program.

·       Develops and distributes program advertising materials.

·       Interacts with local service providers to identify prospective volunteers.

·       Assists senior citizens to complete application forms.

·       Coordinates and conducts the interview process and determines eligibility according to federal guidelines, and whether the interests, needs, and abilities of prospective Senior Companions coincide with the goals of the Senior Companion Program.

·       Schedules fingerprinting and screenings and arranges for physicals with a DDSO or private physician for qualified candidates.


Implements a Senior Companion Program at an assigned DDSO:

·       Establishes a site liaison within each provider agency to provide on-site supervision of Senior Companions and to serve as a point of contact.

·       Provides program training and maintains on-going support and communication to site liaisons regarding companion assignments, in-service training, data tracking, and Senior Companion issues.

·       Researches and reports on new community based sites for placement of Senior Companions.

·       Provides orientation and training to staff at new community-based sites; visits sites to monitor program performance.

·       Provides counseling and guidance to Senior Companions for on-the-job issues.

·       Develops, arranges, and implements a comprehensive in-service orientation and training program for Senior Companions, in accordance with OPWDD, State, and federal rules and regulations; and explains Senior Companion policy and procedures, benefits, personnel practices, safety, and responsibilities.

·       Schedules and assigns/reassigns Senior Companions.


Conducts required annual reviews, updates, and program evaluations:

·       Maintains records related to the Senior Companion Program, including but not limited to: personnel files, time and attendance records, applications, performance evaluations, accident reports, and notices of disciplinary action.

·       Conducts performance evaluations of Senior Companions in accordance with federal guidelines.

·       Drafts reports for Senior Companion Program Manager.

·       Reviews, executes, and updates Memorandums of Understanding/ Agreement with community sites.

·       Investigates complaints related to Senior Companions from staff.


Develops an advisory committee or task force to assist with fundraising, and at appropriate intervals, plan and hold events to recognize the services Senior Companions provide to the community:

·       Identifies and recruits community members to serve on local advisory committees as required.

·       Assists the advisory committee by making arrangements for meetings; providing staff support; and coordinating details of fund-raising activities.



Provides statewide oversight, development, and evaluation for Senior Companion Programs and Senior Companion Program Coordinators.

·       Collaborates with Associate Commissioners for Regional Operations, DDSO Directors, and program staff to establish, implement, and review policies and procedures for the program.

·       Monitors training needs and resources and ensures that training resources are used efficiently.

·       Ensures that training requirements are met in accordance with OPWDD, State, and federal guidelines and policies.

·       Monitors Senior Companion Programs by performing site visits and completing follow up reports.

·       Provides technical assistance and/or develops plans of corrective action, as needed, to local senior companion programs.

·       Collaborates with program staff to plan Senior Companion activities. 

·       Develops and maintains financial, personnel, and program records.

Oversees the State and federal funding allocated to the Senior Companion Program and develops and monitors spending plans to ensure efficient and effective use of funds; develops and submits budgets in a timely manner.

·       Provides required reports to department, State, regional, and federal agencies as required.




Open Competitive:  a bachelors degree and one year of administrative experience coordinating a volunteer program providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities and which included primary responsibility for recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers.



Promotion:  one year of service as a Senior Companion Program Coordinator. 


Date:  8/16


NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.