Occ. Code 8312100





New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Business Services Specialists 1 locate and develop small business enterprises for legally blind individuals.  They supervise these individuals as managers ensuring that their businesses are run in accordance with accepted practices, State and Federal guidelines and the policies of the Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped.


Positions in this class exist only in the Office of Children and Family Services.




This is a full performance level position in that the incumbents under the supervision of a Business Services Specialist 2 are expected to independently perform the full range of duties associated with ensuring the effective and profitable operation of a group of Commission-owned small business enterprises by legally blind managers.  The activities of the class are characterized by field inspections and supervisory visits to the small business managers;  resolving management and personnel problems resulting from the small business operation;  arranging for the set-up and refurbishment of facilities and the selection and training of small business operators.


Business Services Specialist 2 positions are distinguished from the Business Services Specialist 1 positions by their responsibility for providing direct supervision to Business Services Specialists 1 in a given area regarding work assignment, work locations, fieldwork and work performance.  They also assist the Business Services Specialist 3 in the formulation of policies and procedures and in the daily supervision of the Business Services Section.








Supervises the activities of legally blind small business managers in the operation of their small businesses.


·        Meets with Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors regarding blind persons with the goal of managing a vending facility.  Interacts with Counselor during managers' initial training period, providing orientation information and technical assessment.


·        Conducts regular on-site visits to these businesses to inspect various phases of operations and to identify problems and advise of possible solutions.


·        Reviews managers' decisions to hire or terminate vending site employees;  consults with Business Services Specialist 2 concerning possible intervention in managers' decision, where appropriate.


·        Reviews delivery and disposition of supplies and inventory maintenance procedures to ensure adherence to State and Federal procedure.


·        Reviews and evaluates the business practices of the manager to determine areas of inadequacies and works with the manager to develop and implement improvements.


·        Analyzes financial reports to identify potential problems;  monitors fiscal stability of each business and employs corrective action where problems are identified.


·        Meets with building managers to discuss and resolve problems to ensure the continuation of the business's  operation and mediates differences between managers and business clientele.


·        Evaluates equipment needs, procures equipment and monitors its maintenance to ensure that the managers' needs are met.


·        Prepares annual written evaluations of managers' performance.


·        Places managers on probationary status when performance is deficient and improvement is not demonstrated.  Recommends revocation of license to operate vending facility, when appropriate, resulting in termination of the managers' employment.


Proposes the establishment of new locations for small business enterprises for the blind.


·        Surveys assigned geographic territory to determine the potential for new small businesses.


·        Conducts negotiations for new locations with Federal, State, County and Municipal officials and private company executives to obtain approval for establishment of small businesses.


·        Meets with building management to discuss technical needs of the location and clientele so appropriate business can be selected.


·        Monitors on-site construction and works with builders and other State agency staff to resolve construction problems during the development of a new business.




The work of the Business Services Specialist 1 is subject to the supervision and review of Business Services Specialists 2 with technical expertise in the interpretation and clarification of State and Federal regulations and guidelines.  Incumbents submit written reports of current small business operations and plans for refurbishing existing business and developing new small businesses for the blind.  They exercise independent judgment in supervising small business vendors, utilizing knowledge of small business management practices and of appropriate policies and procedures in the carrying out of basic duties.




Business Services Specialists 1 duties range in difficulty from conducting routine site visits to vendor locations across the State, to dealing with serious issues which may or may not arise as a result of these visits.  For instance, a routine visit will cover common small business practices but the Business Services Specialist I may discover a serious problem exists at a particular location.  At that time, a more in-depth  analysis will be required, including defining the problem, determining possible causes, coming up with feasible solutions and projecting potential repercussions of any recommended solution (all or some of this process being accomplished in conjunction with the vendor).  Moderate to difficult duties include establishment of new vendors' sites, with the degree of difficulty depending upon the complexity of negotiations with appropriate authorities and the type of on-site construction problems which arise during new-site building.  A routine duty is the preparation of various reports based upon the Business Services Specialist 1's review and analysis of vendor sites.




The nature of the duties of positions in this class requires frequent written and oral communications with legally blind small business managers, staff, supervisors and the general public to receive, evaluate and disseminate information obtained in reports, policies, procedures and contracts.  Incumbents also negotiate with building owners/managers and must make clear, organized and logical oral and written presentations to ensure continued support for the business.


In addition, incumbents communicate both orally and in writing with other State, Federal, County and Municipal officials and private company executives to coordinate and develop new and ongoing businesses.  Failure to provide accurate information and advice may result in loss of funds, legal action against the State and loss of potential jobs for blind individuals.




The Business Services Specialist 1 provides supervision to small business managers.  The incumbent observes and evaluates their operation, prepares performance evaluations of managers, reviews financial reports and guides and directs the improvement of the business.




·        Working knowledge of supervisory principles and evaluation techniques.


·        Working knowledge of State and Federal rules, regulations and policy related to the operation of a small business.


·        Working knowledge of small business operations, management, marketing and interviewing techniques.


·        Working knowledge of small business accounting procedures and inventory control.


·        Knowledge of Randolph Sheppard Act.


·        Knowledge of State regulations governing purchasing and maintenance of equipment.


·        Knowledge of Department procedures on purchasing and payment.


·        Working knowledge of layout, design and equipment of a small business.


·        Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.


·        Ability to arbitrate in business management situations.


·        Ability to analyze financial reports.


·        Ability to evaluate the capabilities of an individual to conduct specific businesses.


·        Ability to survey and evaluate locations for potential new businesses.


·        Ability to plan, design and contract for the establishment of a business.


·        Ability to transmit information to small business managers.





Five years of sales experience;  one of these years must have been in a management capacity in a retail establishment.




A Bachelor's degree in business administration or related field can be substituted for four years of sales experience.


An Associate's degree in business administration or a related field may be substituted for two years of sales experience.








Reviewed:  11/02







NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.