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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard               





Business Services Specialists 2 are responsible for directing and coordinating the activities of Business Services Specialists 1 in the identification and development of new sites for small business enterprises and the supervision of the legally blind managers of the business.  Incumbents of these positions provide staff with program and technical advice, and interpretations of regulations, programs and policies to ensure adherence to State and Federal guidelines.


Positions in this class are found only in the Office of Children and Family Services.




Positions in this class use technical skills in either a supervisory capacity, in the development of policy and procedures, or in managing a variety of contractual issues to ensure effective program operation.


In the Regional Offices, Business Services Specialist 2 positions are characterized by supervisory responsibility for several Business Services Specialists 1.  They manage the Regional Office and oversee the development and coordination of the program with other agencies in the State.


Central Office staff do not typically supervise.  They assist in legislative review, policy and programmatic development and contract management.


The Business Service Specialist 2 position is distinguished from the Business Services Specialist 3 position in that the latter has statewide responsibility for the administration of the Randolph Sheppard Vending Facility Program in New York State.  Business Services Specialists 2 supervise staff in Regional Offices or assist in the administration of the program.  In Regional Offices the Business Services Specialist 2 position is distinguished from Business Services Specialist 1 in that the latter are supervised by the 2 level.








In a Regional Office setting:


Supervises Business Services Specialists 1 overseeing the operation and establishment of a number of small business enterprises for the blind.


·        Assigns work and develops performance criteria for subordinate staff to carry out their duties.


·        Provides staff with interpretation of rules and regulations, policies and procedures.


·        Provides staff with ongoing training to enable them to meet the established performance criteria.


·        Meets with staff to identify and resolve problems to improve the operations and profit of small businesses.


·        Monitors performance of staff through periodic reviews, weekly itineraries, daily logs, case notes and supervisory visit reports to ensure duties are carried out effectively.


·        Reviews all purchase order requests for new equipment, replacement equipment and equipment repair;  approves requests, if appropriate.


·        Reviews designs and plans for new facilities and refurbishment of existing facilities, for approval.


·        Acts as office manager of a Regional Office and is responsible for all factors pertaining to the smooth administration of the office including monitoring staff coverage, interviewing and hiring staff, liaison with Central Office, and the procurement of office equipment and supplies.


Interviews and acts to resolve conflicts on unusually complex or sensitive issues.


·        Proposes compromise solutions to solve disputes between the Business Services Specialist I, the manager and the host agency.


·        Meets with host agencies, if a conflict exists, to mitigate concerns.


Promotes the services provided by the Business Enterprise Program to the private sector and other governmental agencies.


·        Meets with elected and appointed officials of Federal, State, County and City governments and with executives of large business firms to explain the Business Enterprise Program and to seek new facility opportunities.


·        Appears before various community-based organizations to promote the program.


·        Plans and directs negotiations for new facility sites.


In a Central Office setting:


Assists in the formulation and implementation of policies and procedures.


·        Reviews, analyzes and interprets legislation, rules and regulations relating to the Business Enterprise Program for the Blind.


·        Drafts policies and develops operational manual for use by the Regional Office staff.


·        Conducts feasibility studies and prepares concept papers.


·        Updates and revises the State Plan for program operations.


·        Redesigns and revises the Business Enterprise Program Policy Handbook for legally blind small business managers.


Oversees, manages and administers contracts to ensure effective and timely delivery of services and continued revenue for small business managers.


·        Negotiates facility design and construction contracts with non-state host agencies.


·        Coordinates contract matters concerning the Office of General Services and the Facilities Development Corporation.


·        Develops specifications and arranges for competitive bids for revenue contracts.


·        Prepares and distributes bid solicitations and conducts pre-bid conferences.


·        Evaluates bids and prepares recommendations for contract awards.


·        Implements and monitors contracts and contractor compliance.


·        Authorizes contract payments.


Oversees and administers activities of the Regional Offices relating to the Retirement Plan and to insurance carriers.


·        Initiates annual payments to the Retirement Plan and insurance carriers for the legally blind small business managers, utilizing vendor monies collected and placed in the benefit fund; processes any claims.


·        Computes, prepares and transmits mangers' retirement applications and authorizes payments.


Assists in the preparation of annual budget and monitors expenditures.




Positions in this class are supervised by a Business Services Specialist 3.  They exercise discretion and judgment in both supervisory tasks and in interpretation of rules and regulations, policies and procedures, as well as in other more complex assignments.




Business Services Specialists 2 operate at managerial/supervisory level, performing more complex tasks and assuming more responsibility than the Business Services  Specialists 1.  In Regional Offices, complex duties include negotiating and settling conflicts concerning unusually sensitive or complicated issues, and supervisory responsibilities such as interpretation of rules and regulations, meeting with staff members to identify and resolve problems, and monitoring staff performance.  Examples of routine tasks are meeting with various officials to explain the program and seek new facility opportunities or appearing before community-based organizations to promote the program.  Central Office responsibilities range in difficulty from more complicated contract-related tasks (contract negotiations, specifications development, competitive bid arrangements and evaluation, etc.) and policy analysis and development, to more routine updating and revision of the Business Enterprise Program Policy Handbook for legally blind small business managers.




The nature of the tasks performed by Business Services Specialists 2 requires frequent oral and written communications with the supervisor, staff, State administrators and others to receive, evaluate and disseminate information obtained in reports, policies, plans, contracts and procedures.  Incumbents meet with Federal, State and local officials to explain and expand the Business Enterprise Program and must make organized, clear, logical and convincing oral and written presentations.  Incumbents may negotiate or supervise the negotiations of Business Services Specialists 1 with building owners/managers, contractors, and other State and Federal agencies in order to promote the establishment of small business enterprises and to ensure continuity of the program.


As a supervisor, the incumbent gives instructions to subordinates, communicates assignments to be performed, reviews completed work and provides assistance to staff in resolving problems.




In a Regional Office setting:


The Business Services Specialist 2 typically functions as supervisor of a staff of three or more Business Services Specialist 1 positions.  The incumbents provide technical assistance for the resolution of issues, assign work, provide instructions and assistance to subordinate staff, observe and evaluate fieldwork and review and evaluate written staff reports.




Knowledge, skills and abilities gained in the areas of :


·        Randolph Sheppard Act.


·        Program objectives, policies and procedures of the Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped.


·        Agency policies and state and federal statutes relating to blind employment programs and activities.


·        Principles of financial analysis.


·        Marketing techniques and sales management.


·        Small business operations and contract management.


·        Blueprint and design and construction contract specifications.



Reviewed:  11/02



NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.