Occ. Code 8402200


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Specification


Occupational Analysts function as technical consultants to both private and public sector employers to resolve human resources problems in the employing organization. They assess an organization's personnel functions as requested by the employer, provide training to employers in all areas of personnel management, and prepare a variety of occupational resources for use by employers. These positions are classified only in the Department of Labor.


OCCUPATIONAL ANALYST: journey level; provides human resources consulting services to public and private employers; assigned to regional offices or may be assigned specialized duties within main office.

PRINCIPAL OCCUPATIONAL ANALYST: one position class; functions as a Statewide technical specialist; supervises Occupational Analysts.


Personnel Administrators perform a broad range of personnel functions for State agencies, including position classification, recruitment, placement, and employee services to staff, develop and retain a competent workforce.

Employment Counselors provide employment counseling service to applicants in need of special assistance to direct them to the most appropriate occupation or training opportunity.

Employment Consultants apply specialized knowledge to test, select, and refer people to employment opportunities.


OCCUPATIONAL ANALYST: conducts surveys and job analyses to determine workforce utilization needs or problems; provides solutions for problems identified; suggests policy directions to employers; provides industrial consulting services by giving technical assistance in resolving workforce utilization problems to private and public sector employers; assists in resolving personnel problems related to recruitment, selection, training, utilization, stabilization, and development of their workforce; prepares job descriptions for use in personnel administration; studies and proposes job restructuring solutions to resolve hiring and retention problems; assists firms seeking to begin job evaluation programs; assists in preparing and maintaining personnel records and handbooks; promotes the use of the Department of Labor with employers; conducts workshops and seminars; provides technical assistance to regional and local offices; and may complete special occupational studies.

When assigned to the Metropolitan Area, reviews occupational data on Alien Employment Certification Applications to determine the appropriate Occupational Titles title and code; answers questions from local offices and keeps them informed of information regarding immigration and occupations; matches resumes of aliens against the specifications on the Alien Certification Form; and advises staff of the person's qualifications.

When assigned to the Apprenticeship Training Program, promotes the use of apprenticeships and related training programs; conducts job studies at industry job sites; develops new trade proposals based upon job studies and industry need; conducts focus group meetings; makes presentations of new trades to the NYS Apprenticeship Council; updates training outlines for current occupations to meet industry standards; researches and recommends related educational instruction for approval by the NYS Education Department; works with USDOL and other states to assure consistency of standards; and speaks at conferences and events to promote apprenticeship training programs.

When assigned to the Research and Statistics Division, plans and develops career and occupational publications; replies to requests for labor market and earnings information; develops task bank and job restructuring proposals for New York State occupations; and assists in the review of employer surveys requesting occupational information.

PRINCIPAL OCCUPATIONAL ANALYST: under the supervision of the Director, Office of Employer Services, provides overall direction to Occupational Analysts; assists in the development, coordination, and implementation of employer technical services programs by formulating programs to expand the scope of occupational analysis and establishing procedures for obtaining and utilizing data; determines and responds to technical service needs by working with employers or employer groups, including evaluating field reports and Labor Market information to identify Statewide trends and Labor Market changes; and assists in the preparation and development of occupational and career information publications.


OCCUPATIONAL ANALYST: one year of permanent service as a Senior Employment Services Representative, Supervising Labor Services Representative, or Supervising Rural Labor Services Representative.

PRINCIPAL OCCUPATIONAL ANALYST: one year of permanent service as an Occupational Analyst.

Date: 3/98