Occ. Code 8719830







New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




The one position in this class is responsible for the overall management of the Downstate Correctional Facilitys reception and classification center and recommends, develops, and interprets policies and procedures governing the operation of the unit.  The incumbent is responsible for developing and implementing departmental policy; ensuring the correct security classification of each inmate; directing program activities for the permanent cadre population; assuming management responsibility in the absence of the facilitys Superintendent; and serving as a member of the Executive Committee. 


This position is classified at the Department of Correctional Services (DOCS).  All incumbents at DOCS assist in the total care and confinement of inmates sentenced to the custody of the department, and as such perform various duties and functions in conjunction with the overall operation of the facility to which they are assigned.  




DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT FOR RECEPTION & CLASSIFICATION 3:  management level; responsible for overall management of the inmate reception and classification center located in the Downstate Correctional Facility.  




Incumbents of positions of Deputy Superintendent for Security Services, Deputy Superintendent for Program Services, and Deputy Superintendent of Correctional Health Care Facility, also work under the direction of a Superintendent of Correctional Facility and are responsible for the security, programming, and health care functions at a correctional facility.   






Responsible for the overall administration of the Reception and Classification Program at the Downstate Correctional Facility.


-          Collaborate with the Deputy Commissioner and the Central Office Classification and Movement Unit to recommend, develop, and interpret policies and procedures governing the operation of the Reception Unit.


-          Direct, supervise, and approve the scheduling of the unit. 


-          Ensure that specific diagnostic plans are developed and appropriate programs are established to meet the needs of individual inmates.


-          For complicated cases, ensure that a comprehensive review of the inmates medical, educational, vocational, psychological, and behavior records is conducted and an individual diagnosis and treatment plan is developed. 


-          Continually review the success and failure of procedures with staff, making necessary adjustments.


-          Ensure that inmates are housed according to standards and processed through the program within the 30 day schedule.


-          Ensure that department guidelines and policies are met without deviations unless authorized.


-          Develop, implement, and conduct, as necessary, training for subordinate staff.


-          Determine appropriate staffing assignments within the Reception/Classification Program.


-          Continually evaluate and report findings to Central Office and the Deputy Commissioner.


Develop and implement unit policy.


-          Ensure the unit and facility policies are compatible.


-          Ensure that all policies are carried out by staff.


-          Recommend new policy or changes in facility policy as necessary to meet program goals or to conform to Main Office directives.


Ensure correct security classification of each inmate according to departmental policies and procedures.


-          Orient and train staff on a continual basis, as to the changes of policies, procedures, and other directives from Central Office.


-          During the classification process, ensure that each inmate is correctly classified relative to security level, using departmental guidelines.


-          Responsible for the transfer of each inmate to a facility matching his/her security designation.


-          Ensure that staff establishes records for each incoming inmate, and processes records when the inmate is transferred to a facility.


Direct program activities for the permanent cadre population.


-          Assign inmates to appropriate work in the cadre.


-          Ensure that inmate payrolls are accurately prepared and met.


-          Responsible for education and recreation activities for the cadre inmates.


-          Approve the scheduling and supervises special events.


-          Supervise Ministerial, Volunteer Services, and Inmate Grievance Programs.


-          Develop, initiate, and review proposals for new programs.


-          Confer with inmates as necessary on requests for new programs, or problems with existing programs.


Assume management responsibility when the Superintendent is absent or unavailable.


-          Execute all department policy, rules, and regulations relating to all activities at the facility and provide necessary leadership.


-          Discharge all normal functions of the Superintendent.


-          Serve as Officer-of-the-Day on assigned weekends, holidays or other designated period. 


-          Remain on call to receive all emergency or extraordinary messages at any time of the day or night for the period when acting as designated Officer-of-the-Day.


Supervise subordinate staff.


-          Provide supervision, guidance, and oversight to subordinate staff, and intervene and resolve problems as necessary.


-          Determine and oversee staff assignments. 


-          Approve leave and track time and attendance.


-          Review, monitor, and evaluate staff performance. 


-          Complete performance evaluations.


-          Identify training needs and arrange for provision of training.


-          Manage and direct program activities by setting priorities and deadlines.


Oversee Superintendent procedures for inmate disciplinary cases and delegate responsibility to appropriate subordinate supervisors for less severe cases. 


-          Act in a quasi-judicial capacity in weighing all evidence and statements pertaining to disciplinary charges against an inmate.


-          Evaluate evidence and make decisions sustaining or dismissing charges.


-          Establish penalties within the framework of departmental procedures.


Serve as a member of the Executive Committee at the facility.


-          Attend meetings with other Deputy Superintendents and management staff to discuss overall policies relating to the operation of the facility.


-          Present recommendations to resolve problems in the areas of reception and classification.


-          Evaluate present activities and operations at the institution in collaboration with other members of the Executive Committee.  


-          Implement directives of the Executive Committee concerning the reception and classification.






Non-Competitive:  Three years of experience in a position in the Department of Correctional Services, including one year of experience in a position in a correctional program allocated at or equivalent to Grade 22.




Date:  5/09






NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.