Occ. Code 8720600



FACILITY, M-5                                 








New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




First Deputy Superintendents act as the second in overall command in maximum security correctional facilities, or in correctional facilities with inmate populations of 1,000 inmates or more.    Incumbents of these positions ensure coordination between the Administration, Security, and Program Services areas that are overseen by Deputy Superintendents by assisting individual Deputy Superintendents in resolving problems specific to their program area of responsibility. 


      Superintendents of Correctional Facility are classified in all correctional facilities and serve as the chief administrative officer for the correctional facility to which they are appointed.  Incumbents of these positions are subject to the rules and statutory powers of the Commissioner of Correctional Services, or rules approved by the Commissioner.  The Superintendent of a correctional facility is responsible for the supervision and management of the facility to which he or she is appointed.  These positions are statutory and appointments are made by the Commissioner of Correctional Services, and nothing in this standard shall conflict with the Statutory Authority afforded to the Commissioner of Correctional Services.




            FIRST DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT CORRECTIONAL FACILITY:  management level; incumbents provide executive direction to the facility in the absence of the Superintendent and attend facility executive board meetings aimed at identifying major problem areas within the facility and developing resolutions. 


SUPERINTENDENT OF CORRECTIONAL FACILITY: management level; incumbents direct the work and define the duties of all officers and subordinates of the facility.  






Assist and represent the Superintendent, and act on his or her behalf and under his or her direction when performing the following duties.


Identify those areas of activities requiring coordinated effort between the three Deputy Superintendents (Security, Administration, and Program Services) to ensure efficiency of operation. 


-        Conduct meetings to discuss problem areas, resolve conflict, and ensure effective communication between each group represented by a Deputy Superintendent.


-        Identify problem areas and provide direction towards resolution as necessary.


-        Conduct weekly meetings with each individual Deputy Superintendent to determine the operational status and discuss specific problems which cannot be resolved at the Deputy Superintendent level.


-        Take corrective action to resolve problems.


Direct the facility efforts to meet and maintain the standards of the American Correctional Association of Accreditation for Adult Correctional Facilities. 


-        Act as Chief Certification Officer of the facility.  Determine those modifications in facility operation, programs, etc., that must be made to meet such standards for the approval of the Superintendent.


-        Direct subordinate Deputy Superintendents to implement such policy, procedures, and standards of operation.


-        Meet with staff and representatives of the Commission of Correction to ensure conformance to the standards set forth by the Commission. 


-        Develop and make modifications in facility operation, programs, and policies necessary to ensure conformance with such standards.


Oversee facility disciplinary programs for inmates.


-        As necessary, acts as a Tier 3 hearing officer for this process. 


-        Assign this function to appropriate staff, reviewing their performance and compliance with rules and regulations.


-        Review appeals of Tier 3 hearing determinations.


-        Meet with representatives of Prisoner Legal Services, the Attorney Generals Office, Counsels Office, Courts, and other representatives as needed on specific legal matters.


-        Provide the facilitys point of view concerning the actions in question and may appear as a witness at court proceedings. 


Work with the staff of the Departments Internal Investigations and Audit Unit in a wide variety of cases involving both employee and inmate misconduct.


-        May participate in dealings with facility labor organizations which require participation by a representative of the facility above the level of Deputy Superintendent for Administrative Services. 


-        Conduct confidential investigations and inquiries concerning the operations of the facility, and specifically the actions of facility staff and inmates. 


-        Responsible for ensuring resolution of any discrepancies cited in audits.


Interact with facility staff and inmates in an effort to foster an atmosphere of respect, discipline, and cooperation throughout the facility. 


-        May act as Public Relations Representative of the facility in concert with the Departments Main Office Division of Public Affairs.


-        May supervise and oversee Health Services and Mental Health Services within assigned facility and may chair the JCMC.


-        May provide oversight over the facilitys Inmate Records Coordinators Office.


-        May coordinate, monitor, and direct the activities of the facility Day Reporting Program and Work Release Program.


-        May provide oversight of the facilitys Inmate Grievance Program.


-        Research and develop specialized reports on matters affecting facility operations for use in the overall management process and in the development of facility related policy.


-        Chair meetings of facility supervisors, employee groups, and inmates.


-        Continually review all facility rules and regulations for both inmates and employees and recommend changes or amendments that will increase the productivity of the facility and result in improved operations.


-        Compile quarterly and annual reports for areas of responsibility.




May perform all of the duties and functions of a First Deputy Superintendent of Correctional Facility.


Responsible for all administrative, fiscal, and security matters within the assigned facility.






            Three years of service in a position in Department of Correctional Services, one year of which must have been either in a position allocated to M-2, or higher, or as an Education Director 2, or as an Assistant Deputy Superintendent. 




            Must be a qualified employee of the New York State Department of Correctional Services and have three years of experience in correctional work in the Department and: 
(i)             Appointed to a permanent competitive position of Grade 27 or higher, or who have a salary equivalent to Grade 27, or higher for correctional facilities with an inmate population capacity of 400 or more inmates; 
(ii)           Appointed to a permanent competitive position of Grade 23 or higher, or who have a salary equivalent to Grade 23, or higher for correctional facilities with an inmate population capacity of fewer than 400 inmates.  
            Such Superintendents serve at the pleasure of the Commissioner and shall have such other qualifications as  may  be prescribed  by  the  Commissioner  of  Correctional  Services,  based on differences in duties, levels of responsibility, size and  character  of the correctional facility, knowledge, skills and abilities required, and other factors affecting the position.



Date:  5/09


NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of the duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.