Occ. Code 8757500


assistant deputy superintendent, m-1



New York State Department of Civil Service



Classification Standard




Positions in this title directly support facility Superintendents or Deputy Superintendents in the management of day-to-day activities of a program or programs; the development of policy, programs, and procedures for those areas; and functioning as a member of a correctional facilitys executive team.


These positions are classified in the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS).  Incumbents at DOCCS assist in the total care and confinement of inmates sentenced to the custody of the Department.  All incumbents perform various duties and functions in conjunction with the overall operation of a facility and/or location to which they are assigned.  




Assistant Deputy Superintendent: management level; oversee a unit or program; function as overall second-in-command to a Superintendent at small facilities (less than 400 inmates) that do not have Deputy Superintendent positions; or function as overall second-in-command to a Deputy Superintendent at facilities with an actual inmate count of over 2,000, with total program responsibility for one or more discrete programs.




Oversee the operations of various programs and units, including the supervision of program and security staff.


·       Determine staff work assignments and priorities; review, monitor, and evaluate staff and work; approve leave, track time and attendance, and participate in performance evaluations; and train staff.


·       Review the quality and quantity of techniques and methods.


·       Instruct staff on procedures and policies, while identifying potential programs.


·       Furnish additional information or guidance to subordinates.


·       Work directly with a facilitys human resources office to ensure that staffing patterns are appropriate for the level of care provided.


·       Obtain necessary space, equipment, and supplies.


·       Evaluate the effectiveness of program and unit operations, and recommend modifications or innovations when appropriate.


·       Coordinate activities with a facility and between various personnel.


Serve as a member of a facilitys executive team.


·       Discuss overall facility policy and procedures, report any problems observed, and make recommendations for improvement.


·       Meet with the executive team and participate in discussions and make recommendations on facility-wide policies and procedures, including safety and security matters.


·       Determine budgetary and programmatic needs, respond to correspondence, and prepare reports on activities for the Superintendent.


·       Deal with complaints and inquiries from inmates, inmate families and relatives, and lawyers representing inmates.


·       Function as Acting Superintendent and/or Officer of the Day, with full responsibility for an entire correctional facility, on an occasional basis.


Serve as disciplinary hearing officer for all Tier III disciplinary procedures and provide tier assistance, as the need arises.


·       Review charges brought against inmates.


·       Conduct interviews of inmates and any witnesses, and see that interviews are properly recorded.


·       Determine guilt or innocence of individuals and impose sentences.


Serve on various inter and intra-facility committees, and coordinate efforts to provide services to inmates.


·       Meet with various State and non-State employees on a wide range of correctional issues.


·       Work with representatives of all bargaining units to set basic labor policy.


·       Counsel employees with problems, and make proper referrals, when necessary.


·       Deal with employee discipline problems.


·       Settle disagreements between employees.




Promotion:  one year of service in a position allocated to Grade 22 or higher, or three years of service in a position allocated to Grade 19 or higher, in the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.


Rev: 5/17


NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.