Occ. Code 8771700




assistant director, inmate classification &

movement, m-1



director, Inmate classification & movement, m-4




New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




            Positions in this title series are responsible for directing, controlling, and coordinating the Departments inmate classification activities within the NYS Department of Correctional Services (DOCS).  Incumbents of these positions develop, revise, implement and ensure the continued effectiveness of policies and procedures related to inmate classification, transportation, and movement; direct the intake of all State read inmates from county jails; supervise staff engaged in the processing of inmate transfer requests; oversee inmate placement activities to ensure maximum utilization of all available bed space and useable vacancies Statewide; and represent NYS and DOCS in administering numerous federal and interstate agreements/compacts.   


            Positions in this series are classified in DOCS Main Office only.  Incumbents of these positions assist in the total care and confinement of inmates sentenced to the custody of the Department.  All incumbents perform various duties and functions in conjunction with the overall operation of a facility and/or location to which they are assigned.




            ASSISTANT director, inmate classification & movementtwo position class; assists the Director, Inmate Classification and Movement in the direction, control, and coordination of the Departments inmate classification, transportation, and movement programs; supervises subordinate staff.


            director, inmate classification & movement:  one position class; directs, controls, and coordinates the Departments inmate classification, transportation, and movement programs.




ASSISTANT director, inmate classification & movement


Assist Director in the development and implementation of policies and procedures relating to the classification and movement process.


·          Perform reviews of facility classification programs to determine the effectiveness of existing policies and procedures, and the level of facility adherence.


·          Make recommendations relative to changes and/or improvements to existing policies and procedures.


·          Keep abreast of advances in the field of security classification and suggest policy changes as appropriate.


·          Disseminate approved policy and procedural changes to appropriate staff, and provide technical assistance to facilities in the interpretation and implementation.


·          Inform Director of any major problems, which occurs relative to facility adherence to established policies and procedures.


Supervise Inmate Transportation.


·          Provide overall management for inmate transportation and related resources for all inmates within the Department.


·          Suggest policies, procedures, changes, and equipment for transportation.


·          Maintain an accurate database that encompasses all cost associated with security and support for Central Transportation Services.


Supervise inmate movement.


Supervise the maintenance of movement-related management information systems.


·         Supervise the updating of directives related to inmate movement.


·         Monitor the activities of and provides guidance to all reception centers with regard to inmate movement.


Direct the initial implementation of all approved program functions or modifications.


·         Meet with staff to coordinate the implementation of new or modified programs and to ensure compliance with Department policies.


·         Trains facility and Central Office staff in classification activities, procedures, and policies.


·         Review all stages of implementation to determine if further modifications are needed.


Perform all functions normally performed by the Director during his or her absence or upon assignment by the Director.


director, inmate classification & movement


Develop new or modified policies to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the program.


·         Review ongoing program activity to insure conformance with existing policy and legislation.


·         Determine whether existing mechanisms are appropriate to ensure Department goals are met.


·         Recommend changes and updates to directives involving inmate movement and transportation.


Provide overall management of inmate transportation, movement, and classification.


·         Provide supervision for the Division of Classification and Movement.


·         Supervise the processing of all inmate transfer requests.


·         Supervise the final placement of inmates and personally handle the most sensitive classification and placement cases.


·         Supervise the maintenance of classification-related management information systems.


·         Supervise the preparation of responses to inquiries relating to inmate transfers and placements.


·         Develop Requests for Proposal at the close of each contract established for inmate transportation.


·         Represent office in interoffice classification matters.


·         Ensure Reception Centers remain in compliance with established policies and directives concerning classification.


Direct the intake of all State-ready inmates from county jails.


·         Ensure that intake includes appropriate balance of new commitments, Return Parole Violators (RPVs), parolees sentenced to Willard Drug Treatment Campus (Willard), contracts, and non-contracts throughout all State counties.


·         Supervise the Pre-Screening Unit at Rikers Island.


·         Ensure maximum use of all available bed space and useable vacancies Statewide.


Oversee and coordinate operations of numerous DOCS and State regulations and mandates.


·         Oversee and supervise Inmate Record Coordinators.


·         Coordinate collection of inmate DNA samples.


·         Coordinate and identify necessary changes to ensure that the correct number of inmate beds are in the correct places to accommodate the inmate population.


·         Provide overall supervision for Immigration & Customs Enforcements (ICE), Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), and Court of Claims issues.


·         Overall responsibility to ensure registration of identified inmates for the Sex Offender Registration Act.


Direct the operation of the Warrant and Extradition Unit.


·         Provides direction for the Warrant and Extradition Officer and other employees assigned to the Unit.


·         Serve as a liaison with criminal justice agencies and the Governors Office in New York State, other states, and federal jurisdictions, coordinating all necessary activities to secure the custody of absconders and escapees via extradition or comity.


·         Ensures that all unit activities are performed in accordance with established laws, policies and procedures, and in a timely manner.




            ASSISTANT director, inmate classification & movement


Open Competitive:  a Bachelors Degree and three years of classification and movement experience with inmates classified in the full range of security levels including maximum, medium, and minimum in a State or federal penal system with a population exceeding 30,000 inmates.  Two of the three years experience must have included overall policy design and its implementation.


director, inmate classification & movement


Promotion:   permanent competitive service as an Assistant Director of Inmate Classification and Movement.


Open Competitive:  a Bachelors Degree and five years of classification and movement experience with inmates classified in the full range of security levels, including maximum, medium, and minimum, in a State or federal penal system with a population exceeding 30,000 inmates.  Three years of this experience must have included responsibility for policy design and its implementation.



 Date:  11/09





NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.