Occ. Code 8775100



correction sentencing review specialist, GRADE 22        


correction sentencing review coordinator, m-1




New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard





            Positions in this title series administer the Sentencing Review Unit.  Incumbents of these positions work with correctional facility staff to ensure that all inmates in the custody of the Department of Correctional Services (DOCS) have been provided with accurate release dates.  Incumbents of these positions are responsible for conducting regional training seminars for correctional facility staff regarding sentencing laws and assist in the preparation of computer programs which calculate inmates release dates.


            These positions are classified at DOCS.  Incumbents at DOCS assist in the total care and confinement of inmates sentenced to the custody of the Department.   All incumbents perform various duties and functions in conjunction with the overall operation of a facility and/or location to which they are assigned.




correction sentencing review specialistfull performance level; work with correctional facility staff to ensure that all inmates in this Departments custody have been provided with accurate release dates.


correction sentencing review coordinatormanager, one position class; provide primary assistance to the Associate Counsel and the administration of the Sentencing Review Unit.




            Extradition Specialists recommend and implement changes and/or enhancements to current policies and procedures; and work closely with staff from Security Services, Research, and Classification and Movement, as well as other State agencies such as the Division for Youth and the Division of Parole, to ensure implementation of these changes.


            Correction Classification Analysts analyze inmate placement policies and procedures at assigned facilities.  Incumbents of these positions develop and maintain inmate programming procedures, and develop policies in reclassification, transfer, and planning systems. 


            Assistant Directors and Directors of Inmate Classification and Movement direct, control, and coordinate the Departments inmate classification activities, and have overall responsibility for placement of inmates.  Incumbents of these positions develop program policy and implement and monitor approved policies. 




Correction sentencing review specialist


Respond to voluminous inquires regarding sentencing laws and release date calculations as governed by the Penal Law, the Correction Law, the Sentencing Reform Act of 1995, Jennas Law, the Drug Law Reform Act of 2004 and the Sex Offender Management and Treatment Act of 2007.


-          Review Central Office records and prepare a complete chronology of the inmates criminal history, listing all crimes of conviction, lengths of sentences, jail time credits, dates of admittance and release, as well as any court orders which modify the sentences of imprisonment.


-          Determine the sentencing statutes and judicial rulings which apply to the facts of the inmates case in question.



-          Verify and/or correct the inmates release dates.


-          Review existing or proposed legislation in order to identify problems that have been or may be created by such proposals as they relate to sentencing and time calculations.


Review current rap sheets to assess eligibility for presumptive release pursuant to Correction Law 806.


-          Review New York State criminal history summaries for convictions that would render inmates ineligible for presumptive release.


-          Review other jurisdictions criminal history summaries for convictions that would render inmates ineligible for presumptive release.



-          Request the DOCS Office of Guidance to provide additional information for criminal history summaries requiring clarification.


-          Advise the DOCS Office of Guidance whether inmates criminal histories render them ineligible for presumptive release.


Develop training materials to use in the calculation of release dates and provide training to staff on proper release date calculations as affected by recent sentencing legislation.


-        Develop, update, and distribute revised training materials regarding existing and newly enacted sentencing laws for use as a resource in time computation.


-        Provide training seminars on a regional basis throughout the State.



-        Schedule and present emergency training courses where legislation or court precedent has impacted dramatically on the time computation process.


-        Instruct facility Inmate Records Coordinator Office staff in the implementation of new computer time computation programs.


Advise Inmate Record Coordinators in the correct calculation of inmates release dates.


-        Determine the most complex sentencing computations and enter the release dates into the computer.


-      Respond to inquiries from facility staff regarding time computations.


-        Manually program those inmates release dates that cannot be entered by facility staff, using existing computer programs.


Review all nunc pro tunc sentences, which are terms of incarceration commenced by the court before the inmate is received by DOCS.


-        Research and process nunc pro tunc sentences as they are received by DOCS. 


-        Verify that the court has not reduced the inmates sentence by time spent at liberty.


-        Calculate release dates, enter dates on computer, and advise correctional facility staff on their entry.


Review Maximum Expiration for Parole Supervision (MEPS) cases, and calculate MEPS release dates pursuant to the Court of Appeals decision in Matter of Sparago v. NYS Parole Board.


-        Receive notification from the Division of Parole of the occurrence of a MEPS case.


-        Calculate release dates, enter information into the computer mainframe, and forward sentence computation to facility for filing.


Act as back-up for the Associate Counsel and/or the Sentencing Review Coordinator during his or her absence.


Correction sentencing review COORDINATOR


May perform all of the same duties and functions as a Correction Sentencing Review Specialist.


Ensure DOCS prompt compliance with vacaturs and other court orders which affect inmates terms of incarceration, or require their immediate discharge from DOCS.


-        Receive the certified vacatur or court order issued by the trial court, Appellate Division, Court of Appeals, or Federal District Court, and determine the appropriate action necessary to satisfy the courts direction.


-        Notify the inmates facility of the action required, which may be a change in the inmates release dates, immediate release from custody, or discharge to the custody of the county sheriff pending retrial.


Assist the Associate Counsel in defending legal proceedings brought against DOCS by inmates challenging the calculation of their release dates.


-        Conduct a thorough review of the inmates records and prepares a detailed chronological outline of the facts relevant to the inmates history of incarceration.


-        Testify in court on behalf of DOCS regarding the procedures involved in determining accurate release dates.


Respond to related inquiries regarding inmates incarceration by DOCS.


-        Review correspondence drafted by the Sentencing Review Specialists for the signature of the Deputy Commissioner and Counsel or the Associate Counsel.


-        Based upon a complete review of the inmates record of incarceration prior to vacatur and determine eligibility for immediate release pursuant to Criminal Procedure Law Section 430.20(4).


-        Assist the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Division of Parole, defense counsel, and inmates in determining eligibility for early release and deportation in accordance with the Sentencing Reform Act of 1995.


-        Advise the New York City Department of Correction and county correctional facilities regarding possible jail time discrepancies, as defined by Penal Law Section 70.30(3).


Work with DOCS MIS Unit in the capacity of a subject matter expert to improve existing computer programs which calculate release dates, and to develop new programs as sentencing laws are changed by the Legislature.


-        Identify problems with existing programs, make recommendations for possible changes and solutions, and work with the MIS representative to resolve the problem.


-        Review the changes with the MIS liaison in order to identify problems created by the legislation, and to assist in the development of appropriate new mainframe programs.


-        Test new programs prior to their release to the facilities.


-        Train all facility Inmate Records Coordinator Office staff Statewide in the implementation of new program.


Working with the Associate Counsel and the Office of Classification and Movement, develop and update a comprehensive guide which assists facility IRCs in the proper calculation of release dates.


-        Coordinate the development of a resource manual for facility use that incorporates both time computation methodology and the appropriate legal references.


-        Coordinate manual updates which reflect the impact of new or modified legislation and case law.


Direct the development of material to be used on a Statewide basis for the training of facility IRC Office staff, Guidance Office staff, Division of Parole staff, and local jurisdictions, regarding proper time computations.


-        Supervise the Sentencing Review Specialists in the updating of existing material and develop new training material relating to recent legislation affecting sentencing and time computations.


-        Supervise the scheduling of training seminars for each facility.


-        Evaluate the effectiveness of the training programs.


Oversee the Sentencing Review Specialists in working with DOCSs MIS Unit in the continuing development and update of release date computer programs as sentencing laws are revised.


-        Review problems identified by the Sentencing Review Specialists and the MIS liaison and suggest possible changes and solutions.


-        Review and submit to the Associate Counsel for approval all new programs prior to implementation at the facility level.


-        Review possibly improper sentences of imprisonment and/or release.


-        Review data and research all questionable sentences of imprisonment.


-        Advise the appropriate sentencing courts of any illegalities discovered as a result of the review.


-        Respond to inquiries from facilities and local jurisdictions regarding erroneous release of inmates.


Supervise subordinate staff.


-        Provide supervision, guidance, and oversight to subordinate staff, and intervene and resolve problems as necessary.


-        Determine and oversee staff assignments. 


-        Approve leave and track time and attendance.


-        Review, monitor, and evaluate staff performance. 


-        Complete performance evaluations.


-        Identify training needs and arrange for provision of training.


-        Manage and direct program activities by setting priorities and deadlines.





Correction sentencing review SPECIALIST


Promotion:  one year of permanent service as an Inmate Records Coordinator 2; or two years of permanent service as an Inmate Records Coordinator 1.


Correction sentencing review COORDINATOR


Promotion:  one year of permanent service as a Sentencing Review Specialist; or two years of permanent service as an Inmate Records Coordinator 2; or four years of permanent service as an Inmate Records Coordinator 1.




Date:  6/09




NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.