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          Occ. Code 0304100


FINANCIAL SERVICES EXAMINER 1, GRADE 18                                         0304100

FINANCIAL SERVICES EXAMINER 2, GRADE 23                                         0304200

FINANCIAL SERVICES EXAMINER 3, GRADE 25                                         0304300

FINANCIAL SERVICES EXAMINER 4, GRADE 27                                         0304400


New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




          Financial Services Examiners monitor various types of financial services activities in accordance with the statutory responsibilities of the agency and the applicable statutory provisions of the State. Incumbents conduct field and onsite examinations and audits of financial institutions and other businesses regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) and evaluate their financial conditions and investigate treatment of consumers to determine compliance with the State’s laws, rules, and regulations such as Financial Services, Banking, and Insurance Laws. Incumbents also perform a broad range of duties to evaluate operational and program effectiveness, in which there is a nexus to the applicable State laws and agency operations.


These positions are in the competitive jurisdictional class, and are classified only at DFS.




          FINANCIAL SERVICES EXAMINER 1: full performance level; may supervise lower-level staff and oversee various work products, and train staff in the traineeship program; serves as a commissioned examiner on an assignment of appropriate operational capacity, such as, leading an examination for a small financial institution; and handles routine regulatory activities.


FINANCIAL SERVICES EXAMINER 2: advanced performance level; advanced technical specialist; may supervise Financial Services Examiners 1, and lower-level staff; serves as commissioned examiner on an assignment of increased size and difficulty; and independently handles the more difficult and complex assignments or regulatory matters.


FINANCIAL SERVICES EXAMINER 3: first-supervisory level; team leader; oversees lower-level Financial Services Examiners; serves as the lead examiner on a larger and more difficult assignment; and manages assignments of increasing difficulty, and sensitivity.


FINANCIAL SERVICES EXAMINER 4: second-supervisory level; section head; serves as the lead examiner on the largest assignments; oversees the most difficult, and sensitive assignments and regulatory matters; and conducts special studies.






Reviews and analyzes different types of documents, transactions/operations, and information for compliance, quality, and service; assists parties in resolving problems by interpreting program guidelines and regulations; and provides information and follow-up responses to correspondence and inquiries.


•        Examines documents to ensure that all necessary issues have been addressed and comply with law, rules, and regulations. 


•        Coordinates administrative processes between DFS staff and various entities.


Handles financial services activities.


•        Drafts requests and criteria for applications/proposals for financial services contracts.


•        Coordinates and supports the activities of an examination team as well as office reviews and analyses.


•        Assists in financial analysis, accounting and operational reviews, violation investigations, and the evaluation of applications or proposals for conformance to established criteria.


•        Reviews periodic and final reports of financial services activities for specific services and projects, reviews statistics of activities delivered to ensure necessary levels of service are maintained and that activities are appropriate.


•        Prepares recommendations for continuation of financial services review based on requests, expenditures, statistical and quality review, and consultation with technical staff of the program.


Prepares narrative reports and drafts correspondence concerning financial services regulatory/examination programs and standards for financial entities.


•        Reviews State and federal guidelines, and State and federal laws, rules, and regulations; collects and analyzes program data; describes the progress of programs; drafts and reviews letters, and reports; and discusses and presents report materials, as appropriate. 


May supervise lower-level staff, and train staff in the Financial Services Examiner Traineeship program.


•        Provides guidance and oversight to subordinate staff.


•        Determines staff assignments, approves leave, and tracks time and attendance.


•        Reviews, monitors, and evaluates staff performance, and completes performance evaluations.


•        Identifies training needs and arranges for provision of training.


•        Manages and directs program activities by setting priorities and deadlines.




In addition to performing the duties of Financial Services Examiners 1, positions more independently perform larger, more difficult examinations and lead activities.


More independently conducts research of federal and State laws, rules, regulations, and requirements, and program procedures, and prepares draft changes as needed.


•        Develops procedures resulting from legislative or administrative actions that require new or modified regulations for program implementation and monitoring.


•        Assists in the development of standards.


Develops examination plans and assignments.


•        Participates in the technical review, analysis, and examination of financial entities.


•        Participates in conferences and examination visits to financial entities.


•        Makes recommendations regarding licensure and examination of financial entities, corrective action, and enforcement actions.


•        Manages complaint and reporting processes.


Develops, implements and/or administers the ongoing operation of financial services regulatory programs or other initiatives.


•        Oversees contractual arrangements between the Department and financial services providers and provides technical assistance to and ongoing oversight of such programs or contacts.


•        Assists in the development and implementation of financial services programs.


Oversees administrative aspects of an agency program, Business Unit, Division, or other organizational unit.


•        Participates in the design, management, and administration of agency financial services programmatic activities.


•        Serves as program liaison to a variety of parties including federal, State and local government officials, financial services providers, and consumers.


May supervise Financial Examiners 1, and lower-level staff.




In addition to performing the duties of lower-level Financial Services Examiners, supervises staff engaged in programmatic activities.


Supervises a small unit or team of lower-level Financial Services Examiners; oversees the development of financial services policies and procedures, and implementation of new financial services initiatives; and directs program activities by setting priorities and deadlines.


Independently manages programs, coordination of application review teams, and program management.


•        Collaborates within the Department and with other agencies about policy decisions.


•        Interfaces within and outside of the Department on all aspects of administrative processes.


•        Provides technical assistance to program managers.


•        Oversees the monitoring and evaluation of program staff to ensure program requirements are being met.


Provides policy direction on legislative, regulatory, and monitoring activities affecting Department programs.


•        Directs research regarding federal initiatives and the development of recommendations for Department response.


•        Collaborates with the agency's Office of General Counsel, State and federal control agencies, and financial entities, as appropriate, in development of legislative reforms, new initiatives, and regulations.


Reviews, interprets and clarifies policies, and identifies critical issues for upper management.




In addition to performing the duties of lower-level Financial Services Examiners, directs staff engaged in programmatic activities and unit section activities.


Provides administrative leadership for a unit section by managing various fiscal, personnel, policy/procedure development, information and communication systems and other administrative functions.


•        Oversees the development, change processes, or specific emergent or long-term projects, directs program activities, and develops improvement techniques.


•        Responds to critical and high-profile issues and requests for information; and prepares final documentation.


Represents the agency as a liaison with other governmental entities on a local, State, or federal level; or with field units for program, project, or policy areas as assigned.






Open-Competitive: a bachelor’s degree or higher in accounting, auditing, economics, econometrics, business economics, finance, financial administration, mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical sciences, statistics, actuarial science, or taxation, and two years of professional experience in accounting, auditing, banking, insurance, finance, or government regulation involving financial analysis, valuation, risk underwriting, financial or economic risk management, compliance, or audit;



a bachelor’s degree or higher in accounting, auditing, economics, econometrics, business economics, finance, financial administration, mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical sciences, statistics, actuarial science, or taxation, AND completion of a two-year traineeship.


Substitution: a master’s degree in accounting, auditing, economics, econometrics, business economics, finance, financial administration, mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical sciences, statistics, actuarial science, or taxation may substitute for one year of the required experience.




Promotion: one year of service as a Financial Services Examiner 1.




Promotion: one year of service as a Financial Services Examiner 1 or 2.




Promotion: one year of service as a Financial Services Examiner 2 or 3.

Date:  3/19


NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent, and scope of the duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe. Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class. The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written. Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.