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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard





Positions in this series perform a variety of relatively unskilled and semiskilled tasks related to the operation and maintenance of park facilities, structures, equipment, environs, commuterways, and to the administration and operation of facility programs or services. All positions exist in the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.




A Park Worker 1 performs a variety of routine manual tasks generally under the supervision of a higher-level Park Worker, Supervising Park Worker, or Facility Manager, requiring light, medium, and heavy physical effort in cleaning and caring for an assigned area of a park. Incumbents also perform tasks involving public contact such as selling tickets to park patrons and providing information regarding park facilities and use.  Park Workers 1 may also perform routine security services duties.


Positions of Park Worker 2 assist skilled and semiskilled trades positions by performing a variety of relatively unskilled tasks.  Incumbents may function in a similar capacity to Laborer, Grade 6 positions, who as members of a work crew, perform routine manual tasks on a wide variety of construction and maintenance projects. Park Workers 2 may also perform entry level activities supporting facility operations.


A Park Worker 3 performs semiskilled maintenance and repair activities in one or a combination of trades such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, masonry, and mechanical repair OR performs higher-level activities relating to the delivery of recreational or support services to the public or to the operation of agency facilities. Incumbents may also supervise a small park or seasonally operated facility.


The Park Worker series is a generalist class which performs maintenance tasks usually assigned to Cleaner, Grade 5, Maintenance Helper, Grade 6, Laborer, Grade 6, and Maintenance Assistant with various parenthetics, Grade 9, positions in other agencies.






·      Removes snow, mows lawns, and removes trash and other obstructions from the buildings and surrounding areas.


·      Cleans building facilities and restores and refurbishes fixtures.


·      Inspects, checks and patrols park areas to detect burglaries, vandalism, equipment failure and maintenance problems.


·      Provides patrons with information regarding park facilities and use.


·      Occasionally performs routine and repetitive office tasks such as filing, alphabetizing, copying, etc; using standard office equipment.


·      Runs errands, delivers and sorts mail.


·      Sells tickets to park patrons, makes change, and prepares standard reports of day's receipts by reconciling money received with the value of the tickets issued.


·      Sets up equipment for sporting events, conferences, seminars, and special events.


·      Directs the parking of cars.




Incumbents perform some of the same task as the Park Worker 1, in addition to the following activities:


·      Performs simple maintenance activities such as fixing or replacing shelves, locks, etc., unclogging toilets and sinks; replacing faucets and washers; interior and exterior painting; assisting in the repairing of roads, paths, benches, trails, cabins, picnic shelters, and various equipment.


·      Assists skilled or semiskilled trades positions by performing a variety of relatively unskilled tasks.


·      May perform routine office tasks involving simple arithmetic computations or repetitive activities.


·      Handles complaints or inquiries from park patrons of the simple type.


·      Cleans fish ponds and troughs, tags, clips fins, stocks hatchery, assists in data collection, removes fish for distribution and transfer and assists in fish transfers.


·      May supervise seasonal workers and/or lower level personnel.




Incumbents perform semiskilled maintenance and repair work in one or a combination of trades areas. Incumbents, in learning and perfecting their skills may perform journey level trades activities under supervision or after receiving detailed instructions.


·      Performs and supervises maintenance activities.


·      Repairs doors, window sashes, storm windows, locks and other door hardware, stairs, railings and furniture.


·      Works on erection or renovation of larger buildings and structures.  May repair or rebuild various types of roofs (metal, slate, etc.).


·      Operates shop machinery to make or repair bookcases, shelves, signs, benches, tables, boxes, screens, doors, etc.


·      Performs interior and exterior maintenance including painting, cutting glass and replacing broken panes, finishing furniture, and papering walls.


·      Performs the routine repetitive tasks of the electrical trade such as running wire, laying and repairing electrical cable, installing switches and light fixtures.


·      Performs the less complex plumbing tasks such as replacement and repair or installation work which includes cutting, fitting threading pipes, removing stoppages and repairing leaks in line.


·      Points up brick and stone, patches plaster walls, sets tile, and lays brick or stone.


·      Performs routine maintenance on a variety of power-driven mechanical equipment including trucks, tractors, mowers and power saws.


May supervise the operation of a small park or a recreational facility, such as a bathhouse, beach, sports complex, picnic area or campground, or may be assigned responsibility for specific park or facility programs and activities.


·      Assigns, reviews, trains and evaluates work of lower-level employees.


·      Occasionally prepares seasonal payrolls, timesheets, etc. and/or performs various clerical activities.


·      Monitors and oversees fee collecting and verification activities.


·      Controls access to parking to and from park facilities during peak periods, registers campers and boaters and issues permits.


·      May be assigned responsibility for specific park or facility programs and activities.


·      Keeps inventory of recreational equipment and monitors condition.


·      Schedules and conducts facility activities, programs, etc.


·      Instructs classes related to recreational programming.


·      May also develop audience awareness and participation for special programs or events.


·      Assists in emergency situations by applying emergency procedures and practices, assisting and directing staff and working with patrons to minimize potential problems.


May be assigned on a temporary basis to work in or supervise a large park office during occasions of need.




The activities performed by Park Workers generally restrict relationships to employees working within the same organizational unit.  However, when assigned facility, operational, or support duties, incumbents may be called on to answer routine questions and handle complaints from park patrons, to explain park rules and regulations or to process written information required to meet that patron's needs.  This is especially true for those incumbents working within a facility program scenario.  Incumbents in this environment may be called upon to communicate directly with the public on a routine basis.  In any other capacity, communications with the general public are not typical of these classes.




Positions at the Park Worker 1 level are non-supervisory.  Incumbents may be supervised by positions at the 2 or 3 level and other maintenance personnel who assign tasks and give general instructions.  In the sale of tickets incumbents work under precise guidelines and procedures to insure accountability for cash received and tickets issued.  Incumbents prepare standard written reports for money received and tickets distributed.


Positions at the Park Worker 2 level may supervise Park Worker 1 positions. Supervision includes orally assigning work and providing advice and assistance to aid workers in completing their assignments.


At the Park Worker 3 level, incumbents supervise the work of lower-level Park Workers. Incumbents make assignments, give instructions, provide assistance, observe work in progress and review completed work. Incumbents may train and evaluate the work of lower level employees. Incumbents generally perform semiskilled maintenance and repair work under the supervision of journey level positions. Those incumbents working in a facility programs setting may be supervised by a facility, complex, or park manager.






There are no education or experience requirements. Applicants must be physically able to perform medium to heavy physical labor. When required to operate motor vehicles, candidates must possess a valid New York State driver's license appropriate for the type of vehicle to be operated. Applicants must also be able to communicate orally with other staff and with park patrons.




Two years' experience in the operation and/or maintenance of a park, historic site, or recreational facility; OR two years' experience as a trades assistant under the supervision of a skilled trades­person, or completion of an appropriate two-year technical/trades school course.



Revised:  12/04


NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.