Occ. Code 2143100


REGIONAL DIRECTOR TRANSPORTATION 1, M-5                                        2143100

REGIONAL DIRECTOR TRANSPORTATION 2, M-6                                        2143200

REGIONAL DIRECTOR TRANSPORTATION 3, M-7                                        2143300


New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Regional Directors Transportation serve as directors of an assigned geographic region within the Department of Transportation. In this capacity, these positions oversee the regional operations for highway and non-highway modes of transportation; manage resources and operations to achieve Department goals and objectives within budgeted resources; and ensure that all employee safety and health functions are performed in accordance with statewide and Department policy. There is one position established to direct these operations for an assigned geographic region.


These positions are only classified in the Department of Transportation.




Regional Director Transportation 1: directs regions that are predominately rural with smaller urban population centers that primarily utilize highways to meet transportation needs.


Regional Director Transportation 2:  directs regions with significant projects of statewide interest and locations that generally have moderate urban and/or suburban population centers that primarily utilize highways to meet transportation needs with some reliance on public transportation; may advise Regional Directors Transportation 1, and assist with major assignments in those regions.


Regional Director Transportation 3:  directs regions with significant numbers of major or sensitive projects that may involve multiple states or other jurisdictions in locations with high populations and correspondingly large transportation needs and multiple transportation modes; may advise Regional Directors Transportation 1 or 2.




Transportation Managers 1-5 direct and oversee specialized core business functions within the Department of Transportations Main Office.  Program areas include transportation technology; program management; design and implementation of transportation systems analysis and planning; and planning and project development.




Plans, directs, and manages the work of the Department of Transportation in a regional office.



Manages the delivery of the Regions transportation projects to achieve Department goals and objectives within budgeted resources and consistent with the Departments Internal Control System.



Represents the Commissioner and the Department within the region, and on behalf of the Commissioner and the Department by serving as a liaison with State and federal agencies, organizations, municipalities, elected officials and the media for all matters relating to the delivery of the Capital Program.



Participates in developing, managing, and updating the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) Long Range Plans, the Transportation Improvement Program, and the Unified Public Work Program.


As delegated by Official Orders of the Department or otherwise directed, grants  approvals for program approvals that include the authorization to proceed with project scoping, Design Phases I-IV and V-VI and contract letting.



Administers construction, consultant, and other contracts as provided for in the Departments contract documents, standard specifications, Manual for Uniform Recordkeeping, Highway Design Manual, Civil Rights Bureau directives and other sources that includes initiating and removing restrictions on highway use.



Directs inspections, postings of bridge weight limits and bridge closings for State and local bridges and culverts in the Region, as required by Sections 232, 233, and 234 of the Highway Law.


Establishes temporary speed limits in highway work areas, in accordance with Part 164 of Title 17 NY Codes, Rules and Regulations.


With the approval of the Departments General Counsel, enters into and signs, memoranda of understanding and agreements having similar force and effect with federal, State, and local agencies where such memoranda or other agreements relate to a project or function solely within the jurisdiction of the respective Region; and exercises and performs all of the Commissioners powers and duties related to the issuance of Certificates of Necessity, pursuant to Section 171 of the Highway Law, whenever land which is to be dedicated to a town for highway purposes does not meet a minimum width requirement.


In the event of a natural or technological disaster Regional Directors: 



Depending on the regional work location of Regional Directors Transportation, there are additional responsibilities assigned.





Regional Director Transportation 1


Promotion: one year of service in a position at the Department of Transportation allocated to M-3/Grade 29 or higher or two years of service in a position allocated to M‑2/Grade 27.


Regional Director Transportation 2


Promotion: one year of service in a position at the Department of Transportation allocated to M-4 or two years of service in a position allocated to M-3/Grade 29.


Regional Director Transportation 3


Promotion: one year of service in a position at the Department of Transportation allocated to M-4 or higher.


Date:  10/16



NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe. Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class. The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written. Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.