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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




            Senior Employment Security Clerks understand and apply complex provisions of State and Federal Unemployment Insurance (UI) laws, regulations, procedures and policies governing entitlement to benefits in order to accept and process  original and continued claims for unemployment insurance benefits.  They work under the pressures of continuous public contact and must complete their tasks swiftly and accurately to assure prompt disposition of benefit claims. 




            SENIOR EMPLOYMENT SECURITY CLERK: entry level; non‑supervisory; provides primary contact with the general public including claimants, employers, employer representatives, and with governmental agencies, in the course of assisting clients in filing claims for UI benefits.      


Senior Employment Security Clerks are classified only in the Department of Labor (DOL).


These positions are also established on an hourly wage basis to address peak program needs.




            Principal Employment Security Clerks supervise lower level staff who provide services related to accepting, processing and certifying claims for Unemployment Insurance benefits, or are responsible for providing customer services/intake related to labor exchange programs and activities, ancillary agencies and other community resources.


Labor Services Representatives provide information and services to UI applicants, process more complex UI claims, analyze and apply pertinent laws, rules, and regulations to make determinations allowing or disapproving UI benefits, provide job placement services, select and refer applicants to job opportunities, provide pertinent job market materials to applicants, and conduct group sessions to instruct applicants in job placement activities.  They also assist the general public, employers and governmental officials in the use of programs of the Department of Labor. 


            Agency Services Representatives have substantial contact with members of the public seeking agency services or information.  They provide service, answer questions about agency services and programs, and retrieve information from State records for any interested party.


Clerks 2 perform more complex clerical transactions concerning agency specific services.  These duties may not require extensive public contact.




            Under the supervision of higher level staff, Senior Employment Security Clerks perform a variety of duties related to accepting and processing both original and continued claims for Unemployment Insurance. They conduct telephone interviews with claimants in order to obtain detailed information quickly and efficiently to identify issues related to entitlement and eligibility for benefits.


Review documentation concerning original and continued claims.


·        Identify and review correspondence, faxes, and priority handling of documents.


·        Identify requests for hearings regarding UI determinations and refer requests for processing.


·        Review Alien certification documents and refer cases of illegal and/or unauthorized employment to an LSR for determination.


Process original claims.


·        Obtain and record factual information and identify inconsistencies in claimant information to determine whether additional investigation is warranted.


·        Identify the type of claim to be filed, i.e., Federal, Interstate, Intrastate, Military or Combined Wage Claim, etc.


·        Identify claimants for possible participation in special programs based on UI rules and regulations and provide appropriate application process.  Senior Employment Security Clerks in the Special Programs Unit provide services as described in this document for those claimants who apply for benefits under a variety of specialized UI benefit programs such as:


Self Employment Assistance Program

Trade Readjustment Act

North American Free Trade Agreement, etc.


·        Review transitional claims for intervening employment to establish entitlement since filing of the previous valid original claim.


·        Identify presence or absence of possible disqualifying conditions using knowledge of UI Law and elicit pertinent information regarding the reasons for separation from employment. 


·        Interpret and explain appropriate UI law regarding entitlement and potential disqualification issues.


·        Determine the need for further fact-finding and place claims on hold  pending further investigation to avoid monetary loss to the Department and UI Trust Fund.


·        Instruct claimants on the requirements and methods of certifying for benefits including the consequences of failure to certify.


If the claimant is determined to be ineligible for UI benefits:


·        Issue a determination of non-entitlement of benefits to claimants based on analyses of wage information referencing the appropriate sections of UI Law with a narrative explanation for the denial of benefits.


·        Ensure that the claimant understands the criteria for alternative methods of becoming entitled to benefits.


If the claimant is determined to be eligible for UI benefits:


·        Explain federal withholding law and percentage of benefit rate of wages to claimants.


As part of the continued claims process, Senior Employment Security Clerks identify potential issues that arise from correspondence, other documents, and telephone inquiries.


·        Make determinations of eligibility using information provided by employers regarding prior disqualifying conditions.


·        Ascertain whether there are sufficient earnings to determine if a prior disqualification has been broken and adjusts employer charges by appropriately flagging wages.


·        Reconcile daily and weekly Case Management Reports.  Examine ledgers, calculate, adjust, and correct claims, as needed.


·        Interact with other DOL offices and governmental agencies in order to obtain information that may affect claimant eligibility.


·        Refer cases requiring investigation to a Labor Services Representative.


·        Respond promptly and thoroughly to inquiries and complaints regarding the UI program and claims process.


-          Respond to claimant telephone and written inquiries regarding changes or discrepancies in amount of benefits received or non-receipt of benefit check.


-          Analyze various computer applications to determine causes for non-issuance of payment or to detect possible fraud by the claimant or other parties.  Explain reason for the delay or error and ensure that customers understand their due process rights.


-          If benefits are payable, obtain information from claimant and update claimant record so payment can be made and if necessary refer claimant to higher level staff for resolution.


-           If claim is not payable: provide information regarding the hearing process so the claimant understands their due-process rights; and explain penalties and forfeitures of benefits.


·        Respond to employer inquiries or complaints regarding UI benefit claims.


-          Gather pertinent information.


-          Determine if the information affects claimant.


-          Refer eligibility issues to a Labor Services Representative or notify the employer in writing of reasons for continued claimant eligibility.




Senior Employment Security Clerks have constant telephone and frequent written communications with the general public, some of whom may be irate or difficult.  They are also responsible for contacting language translation services to facilitate communication for customers who speak a language other than English or Spanish, and for ensuring that all UI claims services are provided for the hearing impaired.  Incumbents instruct the public on the rules and regulations governing the UI program, and have verbal and written communication with other Department staff, particularly Labor Services Representatives to whom they refer claims for further fact-finding.  They are expected to maintain confidentiality and provide high quality customer service.




Open Competitive:  An Associate's Degree or 60 college semester credit hours and one year of work experience in customer service OR a high school diploma and three years of work experience one year of which must be in customer service.


Promotion:  One year of permanent or non-competitive service in a clerical or keyboarding position allocated to Grade 5 or higher.






Reviewed:  11/02









NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.