Occ. Code 2538100







New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




          Identification Examiners are responsible for a variety of technical and clerical tasks associated with fingerprints, palm prints and other biometric modalities, primarily in the service of performing criminal history background checks for various purposes.  Positions in this class are classified at the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), Office of Criminal Justice Operations (Justice Operations).




          IDENTIFICATION EXAMINERS 1:  perform clerical and technical tasks using the Statewide Automated Biometric Identification System (SABIS) and/or other systems.  Incumbents perform post identification work after the comparison, verification, and validation phases of the biometric identification process performed by the Identification Examiner 2.  Incumbents may provide guidance to lower-level clerical staff in a variety of tasks regarding specific procedures in the processing of fingerprint, other biometric, and related types of images for identification purposes.


          IDENTIFICATION EXAMINERS 2:  perform technical tasks associated with the identification of individuals through fingerprint or other biometric information, analysis, comparison, evaluation, and verification.  Positions in this class are classified based on the performance of specialized technical activities.  Incumbents may supervise staff.  When supervising, incumbents may direct the activities of Identification Examiners 1 and lower-level clerical staff in a variety of tasks regarding specific identification procedures and related activities.




          Latent Print Examiners 1 use latent automated fingerprint identification systems and fingerprint cards to identify latent fingerprints retrieved from crime scenes and from unidentified corpses.  They use digital imaging equipment to capture, enhance, and manage active latent fingerprint cases.  Latent Print Examiners 2 supervise Latent Print Examiners 1.



          Identification Specialists 1 supervise a staff consisting of Identification Examiners and clerical support positions engaged in the process of identifying individuals, using fingerprints and/or other biometric data points, for the purpose of determining criminal history. 






Performs first level image quality assurance using SABIS and/or other systems to ensure the integrity of the data used in the fingerprint and other biometric identification search routines as well as the records that will be updated as a result of these processes.


·       Initiates contact with various law enforcement and criminal justice agencies to request arrest fingerprint cards or other identification records.

·       Corrects data on criminal, civil, and disposition information of the criminal history, obtaining clarification as needed.

·       Checks on the accuracy of sex, terror, hate crimes, and arrest charges.

·       Contacts law enforcement, criminal justice, and related agencies regarding arrest notifications.

·       Processes incarceration exceptions and law enforcement and criminal justice agencies exceptions.

·       Handles diagnostic errors.

·       Updates records for hit notices and validation notices.

·       Communicates with contributor agencies to request information or follow up action in relation to fingerprint submissions and other data that is updated into the DCJS criminal history and fingerprint files.

·       Reviews fingerprint images, other biometric images, criminal histories, and other data within DCJS and federal law enforcement files to ensure data held at the state and federal levels are aligned.

·       Reviews fingerprint images, other biometric images, criminal histories, and other data within DCJS files to ensure accuracy, modifying such data when necessary.

·       Updates and modifies DCJS file information to ensure that data is accurate and is being maintained consistent with agency policies, procedures, and standards.

·       Aids in special projects as requested by supervisors.

·       Serves as a resource to lower-level staff performing clerical functions associated with the biometric identification process and maintenance of DCJS criminal history files.




Identification Examiners 2 are distinguished by the performance of more specialized technical activities and/or by activities that lead to the identification of specific individuals.  They also may perform the full range of duties associated with Identification Examiners 1, or provide oversight or supervision of those activities being performed by Identification Examiners 1.


·       Performs image quality assignment and assurance checks on both paper and digital fingerprint and other biometric images that are submitted for criminal history background checks performed for various purposes.

·       Analyzes, compares, verifies, and validates paper and digital biometric images.

·       Provides training and acts as mentor to newly appointed Identification Examiners 1, by working one-on-one with them after formal training has been completed.

·       Resolves transactions requiring special processing.

·       Reviews and accurately interprets criminal history information and makes informed decisions relating to the identification and release of criminal history information.

·       Modifies a criminal history record as required.

·       Performs complex special projects as assigned and directed by agency management.

·       Performs identification searches utilizing biometric identification search systems and technology installed at DCJS.

·       Monitors biometric input and ensures that service levels to contributor agencies are maintained.

·       Reviews and interprets biometric and criminal history related data on the DCJS files and answers questions posed by internal and contributor agency staff regarding such data.

·       Ensures that the processing and handling of biometric and criminal history information is consistent with existing policies, procedure, regulations, and statutes to provide for the proper release of such data to authorized entities.

·       Performs quality review of biometric information maintained in DCJS files and takes corrective action when needed with internal staff and external contributor agencies.

·       Documents and reports daily to supervisors regarding any operational and statistical issues of significance.

·       Performs testing and aids in the deployment of new or revised systems related to biometric identification searches and/or criminal history file data.

·       Must meet an established standard of training, experience and proficiency.






Promotion:  must have one year of permanent competitive service as a Grade 6 or higher.





Promotion:  must be an employee of the Division of Criminal Justice Services and have one year of permanent competitive service as A. an Identification Examiner 1; or B. in a Grade 6 or higher position.



Date:  10/15



NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.