Occ. Code 2551400







New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Office Services Managers oversee centralized office services for an agency and supervise staff performing these functions. Incumbents may oversee space utilization; office equipment selection and maintenance; property management; building health and safety; building security; warehouse and supply room operations; telecommunications; mailroom operations; fleet management; parking; records retention; and printing.


These positions are classified at various State agencies.


The classification level is determined by the scope of units overseen, the level and type of work supervised, and the number of staff assigned to these units.

ASSISTANT OFFICE SERVICES MANAGER: second or third supervisory level; supervises staff and coordinates multiple office services functions.


OFFICE SERVICES MANAGER: manages multiple office services functions; supervises staff assigned to a variety of office services.


Administrative Assistants provide professional administrative and staff support to executives, program managers and staff, boards, or commissions by managing budgeting, personnel, business services, project management for an organization or program, conducting special studies and research projects, and managing office support activities.


Assistant Business Officers provide management direction and control of business administration, fiscal and support service activities at a Psychiatric Center at the Office of Mental Health, or Developmental Centers at the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.


Property Managers perform office and field duties directed at the construction, acquisition, rehabilitation, and maintenance of office space.



Assistant Office Services Managers and Office Services Managers may perform or oversee staff performing the following duties.

Space Planning


·       Meet with agency customers to determine space requirements, ensuring that space designs and furniture modifications reflect customer needs, and conform to Office of General Services (OGS) space allocation guidelines and OSHA standards.


·       Coordinate electrical and data network changes, and staff moves.


·       Plan and coordinate space allocation materials including new construction and renovations.


·       Act as liaison with OGS, landlords, contractors, and vendors for the negotiation and approval of design specifications.


·       Coordinate the delivery, installation and movement of office furniture, files, and other work station equipment.


·       Research and provide recommendations on vendors and cost effective measures for acquiring equipment and services.


·       Oversee the development and review of new and revised maintenance repair contracts; and direct the development of multi-year equipment maintenance and replacement plans.


·       Prepare, submit and manage tenant alteration requests.


Property Management








·       Coordinate telephone and data changes as a result of employee moves or building modifications; maintain and update agency phone records; coordinate the installation, relocation, and troubleshooting of telephone services with ITS and other vendors.


·       Monitor billing and usage costs; and compile telecommunications reports.


·       Act as system administrator for agencys phone service by making modifications to phones, troubleshooting problems, and placing service requests.


Mailroom Operations


·       Supervise the receipt, sorting and distribution of mail and packages.


·       Ensure timely completion of courier services.


·       May maintain an electronic shipping database.


·       Oversee logging of packages with proper codes and audit shipping invoices.


·       Oversee bulk mail insert and sort operations.


·       Ensure compliance with USPS mailing regulations and guidelines.


Warehouse and Inventory Operations


·       Provide overall direction to staff in a non-OGS warehouse.


·       Monitor inventory levels and approve supply requisitions.


·       Research items for purchase; compare options and negotiate pricing; and provide recommendations.


·       Review and approve requests for office supplies.


·       Maintain records of agency fixed assets.


·       Coordinate the transfer and disposal of surplus property with OGS.


·       Oversee the storage of seized assets.


·       Oversee agency records management and retention program.


Fleet Management and Parking


·       Direct the use and maintenance of agency fleet.


·       Perform ongoing analysis of fuel and vehicle usage and other cost-saving analyses.


·       Schedule preventive maintenance and repairs for vehicles.


·       Maintain toll payment accounts; and schedule vehicle assignments and transportation for staff.


·       Monitor and ensure timely inspection and registration of vehicles.


·       Oversee the provision of agency parking services or act as the liaison with OGS.


·       Arrange for replacement of vehicles and disposition of surplus vehicles.


·       Review and audit vehicle use logs, and notify agency managers of areas of concern.


Printing Services


·       Provide direction to staff assigned to centralized print or copy center operations; oversee and coordinate print to mail services including production and distribution of forms, assessments, instructions, regulatory memoranda, publications, brochures, and training manuals.


·       Develop a master schedule of large printing and mailing operations scheduled for overlapping time periods.


·       Monitor trends in forms ordering, production, and use; and adjust work assignments and storage guidelines accordingly.


·       Develop and implement policies and procedures for printing and mailing.


·       Develop requests for proposals for printing, shipping, and mailing in conjunction with agency contract management staff; host pre-bid and pre-production conferences with potential bidders and contractors; provide technical information and approve changes to contracts; and coordinate processing with agency contract management staff.

Health and Safety, and Building Security

·       Ensure that agency facilities meet all federal and State regulations and codes; develop and maintain procedures to maintain fire code compliance, including pre- and post-inspections.


·       Oversee the proper use and disposal of potentially harmful materials; develop and maintain a system of approving, documenting, and tracking all chemical products; and review and update material safety data sheets to reduce the environmental impact of office supplies.


·       Oversee the purchase and implementation of automated external defibrillators; and recruit trained operators and arrange training for new operators.


·       Develop and maintain emergency response plans and escape routes; oversee the health services program.


·       Oversee identification badge system, building access, and visitor information.


·       Conduct training on health and safety, such as Workplace Violence Prevention and Response; implement operational procedures regarding health and safety.


·       Oversee general building maintenance needs; respond to incident calls and complaints and deploy staff to resolve issues.


·       Respond to employee or union concerns regarding health and safety such as assisting with ergonomic assessments; coordinate with appropriate in-house staff or external vendors to satisfactorily resolve building issues.


·       May serve as a coordinator for a tenant safety organization.


·       Ensure that appropriate security measures are included in new and modified facility plans, including reception services, and alarm and camera systems.





Open-Competitive: Six years of experience, including two at a supervisory level, in at least two of the following office services: property or space management, warehouse and inventory operations, purchasing, fleet or parking management, telecommunications, mail room operations, printing, or records management and retention. A bachelors degree may substitute for four years of the experience. An associates degree may substitute for two years of the experience.


Transition: one year of permanent competitive service as an Office Assistant 3, Program Aide, Head Mail & Supply Clerk, Head File Clerk, Stores/Mail Operations Supervisor, Head Stores Clerk, Public Buildings Manager 1, and Head Offset Printing Machine Operator.



Promotion: (A) one year of service as an Assistant Office Services Manager. (B) one year of service as a Chief Clerk, Chief Mail & Supply Clerk, Public Buildings Manager 2, Property Manager 1, Property Manager 2.



Date:  11/17


NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.