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  Occ. Code 4417200









New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Sanitary Construction Inspectors perform on-site inspections of hazardous waste remediation projects, voluntary clean up agreements, brownfield projects, manufactured gas plant site remedial projects, and address issues such as groundwater contamination, mobile non-aqueous phase liquids, off-site contamination, and litigation between property owners and utility owners and operators. Positions are classified only at the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).



          SANITARY CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR 1:  full performance level; classified in DECs regions to inspect remediation projects.


          SANITARY CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR 2: one position class in DECs Main Office; reporting to a licensed professional engineer (PE), coordinates the agencys statewide inspection activities.      




Assistant Engineers (Environmental)  perform engineering duties related to environmental quality programs such as public drinking water protection; wastewater management, radiological health, indoor air pollution, solid waste management, water or air pollution control, hazardous waste management spill prevention, response and remediation; evaluate hazardous waste sites and locations affected by pollution control initiatives for compliance; analyze site physical data and design systems that ensure appropriate hydraulic loading; recommend systems for pressure conduits, storm water, ground and well water or waste water collection or treatment; and develop environmental pollution prevention and abatement programs.




SANITARY CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR 1: inspects and reports on general job site conditions; posts requirements on environmental protections, such as noise, dust, stream and tree protection; inspects and reports on construction activities, installation of process equipment, and on-site storage of equipment and materials; reviews engineers records related to concrete strength, slump test reports, air entrainment, and leakage and pressure tests; reviews adequacy of project contractors and workforce; reviews material delivery slips; ensures that materials and equipment meet codes and standards; reviews construction contract modifications; advises the agencys project manager of required changes in response to deficiencies observed during inspection; verifies that all work is completed to specifications for payment purposes; provides support during site investigations, including collection of media samples, site mapping, and property owner interviews; reports to project manager on the quality, administration, problems, and progress of projects; prepares written reports of project inspections, including relevant correspondence; schedules on-site inspections and meetings to resolve problems; attends meetings and conferences as the agencys field representative; attends pre-construction meetings to clarify contract expectations, and to explain special requirements, permits, restrictions, and other matters related to the specific project; coordinates communication between all involved parties; reports on health and safety conditions encountered at the project site; oversees and inspects sampling of hazardous waste, and its transportation, storage and disposal; and answers questions from the public and media, as directed by the project manager.

SANITARY CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR 2: ensures uniformity of inspection procedures and reporting; coordinates statewide inspections to ensure that their frequency is consistent with the States and the Environmental Protection Agencys Delegation Agreements; coordinates the training for inspectors; coordinates follow-up activities on deficiencies noted in inspection reports; updates professional engineers in charge of projects on work progress, site conditions, and other aspects of the project; and may visit worksites, as needed, to ensure that the agencys inspection activities are held to agencys standards.





Competitive: seven years of construction inspection experience related to pipelines, substantial structures, dams, breakwaters, bridges, environmental treatment plants, highways, landfills, or hazardous waste and/or petroleum site remediation; OR, an associates degree in engineering science, civil engineering or civil engineering technology, chemical technology, construction technology, electrical or electrical engineering technology, instrument technology, mechanical or mechanical engineering technology, architectural or architectural engineering technology, and five years of the experience noted above.



Promotion: one year of service as Sanitary Construction Inspector 1.

Date:  6/17



NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe. Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class. The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written. For current information on minimum qualifications please contact the Division of Staffing Services.