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Occ. Code 6640300







New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Standard



            Consumer Frauds Representatives mediate consumer complaints of fraud, perform field investigations and activities related thereto, and conduct consumer education and outreach programs to provide individuals with information regarding their rights under Consumer Protection Laws.  Consumer Frauds Representatives exist in the Department of Law (Office of Attorney General) in the Consumer Frauds Bureau.




SENIOR CONSUMER FRAUDS REPRESENTATIVE:  journey level; incumbents investigate complaints of consumer fraud, assist litigating attorneys with hearings, conduct educational outreach programs for various stakeholders (schools, organizations, and other groups); and may supervise student interns.


ASSOCIATE CONSUMER FRAUDS REPRESENTATIVE:  one-position class; first supervisory level; supports Assistant Attorney General-in-Charge in supervising staff and managing the Statewide Consumer Assistance Program; and assists in developing relevant policies, procedures, and agendas for the Bureau.




            Workers Compensation Fraud Investigators investigate violations of the laws and regulations pertaining to the Workers Compensation system.   These positions are classified only in the Workers Compensation Board and are in the non-competitive jurisdictional class.


            Insurance Fraud Investigators investigate and provide technical assistance to law enforcement agencies regarding violations of the laws and regulations pertaining to insurance fraud and related crimes.  These positions are classified only in the Insurance Department and are in the non-competitive jurisdictional class.






Processes consumer inquiries and formal complaints.


·        Assigns clerical and student support staff to receive and answer initial walk-in and telephone customer intake questions.


·        Compiles informational material for use by staff and for distribution to callers and visitors.


·        Evaluates all incoming correspondence directed to the Consumer Assistance Section, identifies proper jurisdiction, and assigns routine correspondence to support staff.


·        Responds to inquiries, informs consumers of their legal rights, advises them of complaint filing procedures, or refers them to other government or private agencies.


·        Appraises formal written consumer complaints and distributes routine cases to student intern mediators.


·        Responds to requests filed under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).


·        Interviews complainants and third parties to obtain any necessary additional information.


·        Interviews respondents for their versions of events under dispute.


·        Completes independent determinations on disposition of complaint.


·        Coordinates mutually satisfactory resolutions for complainants and respondents.


·        Recommends litigation when a violation exists and mediation has been unsuccessful.


Assist attorneys with prosecution of consumer fraud cases:


·        Assembles, labels, catalogs, and arranges evidence for trial.


·        Interviews witnesses and prepares trial memoranda.


·        Coordinates prosecution with law enforcement agencies.


·        Answers inquiries from defendants, third parties, and their authorized representatives.


·        Arranges, files, and tracks associated court documents.


·        Attends hearings, drafts questions for attorney, presents testimony, and evaluates transcript of proceedings.


·        Monitors judgments, disburses restitution monies, and closes case files.


·        Supervises student intern mediators.


·        Participates in the recruitment and selection of student intern candidates.


·        Trains student intern mediators in managing walk-in and telephone customer intake, and how to counsel callers on appropriate responses to their concerns and the complaint cases.


·        Delegates routine consumer complaints to student intern mediators.


·        Monitors workflow and reviews case recommendations.


·        Evaluates intern work performance, identifies areas in need of improvement, disseminates results with employees, and recommends retention or discharge to Assistant Attorney General-in-Charge.


Administers field investigation and consumer outreach program.


·        Posing as a customer, conducts undercover visits to businesses that have been generating complaints and prepares reports on findings.


·        Monitors business advertisements for fraud and refers questionable representations to attorney for review.


·        Advises businesses wishing to comply with consumer protection laws.


·        Compiles educational pamphlets for dissemination to libraries, civic groups, and individuals.


·        Administers consumer surveys.


·        Lectures on consumer issues and joins in community forums, trade shows, exhibitions, and radio interviews.


·        Answers media inquiries referred by the Public Relations Office.


·        Compiles reports for publication describing noteworthy case decisions.




Oversees the Statewide Consumer Assistance Program.


·        Acts as the assistant section head, responsible for the day-to-day supervision and coordination of the sections activities.


·        Devises and implements the section-wide training and performance management program.


·        Monitors the division of duties and assignments among staff levels to determine the optimal use of staff resources.


·        Analyzes workload and case completion data for each sectional office, and adjusts staffing levels to equalize outputs.


·        Analyzes complaint resolutions to verify that staff determinations are appropriate and comply with applicable law and procedure. 


Assists the Assistant Attorney General-in-Charge of the Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau in constructing and refining operating practices and procedures.


·        Advises Bureau chief of needs and problems experienced by consumer assistance staff.


·        Obtains Bureau Chief approval for changes in complaint and response documents and form-letter determinations to reflect new laws, statutory changes, and procedural revisions.


·        Supplies advice in the development of automated response management programs designed to generate timely and pertinent replies to consumer inquiries.


Advocates for the consistent Statewide implementation of the programs complaint procedures and reporting systems.


·        Identifies systemic problems in handling of consumer complaints, consults with staff and regional office heads, and recommends solutions.


·        Develops and updates material for the Consumer Assistance Procedures Manual and instructs staff concerning additions and changes.


·        Identifies staff consistency in the execution of new directives and procedural changes.


·        Verifies the accuracy of data being reported by individual sectional offices.


Develops and oversees the preparation of reports and data analysis. 


·        Analyzes staff reports for completeness and accuracy.


·        Drafts regular reports for the Assistant Attorney General-in-Charge, noting any unusual activity or trends, analyzing issues, and recommends program changes to address situations and problems.


·        Drafts special reports and analyses in response to management inquiries.


Collaborates in the selection and evaluation of program staff.


·        Develops procedures and criteria for recruiting and evaluating applicants for student mediator intern and legal aide positions.


·        Interviews candidates for Senior Consumer Frauds Representative and intern vacancies, and makes selection recommendations.


Counsels lower-level staff in cases involving complex legal or factual issues.


·        Disseminates information and analysis on new legislation, emerging issues, and trends in consumer fraud and resolution of non-routine cases.


·        Advises lower-level staff on especially complex or sensitive cases; may accompany staff on field visits or court appearances.


·        Personally handles especially difficult, sensitive, high-profile, or precedent-setting consumer complaints.






Open Competitive:  completion of two-year Consumer Frauds Representative traineeship. Qualifications for the traineeship: completion of 60 college credit hours at a regionally accredited college or university, OR at an institute recognized by the American Bar Association; AND one year of experience where more than half of the duties performed pertain to dealing with the general public in a sales, consumer/customer service, or problem resolution capacity.




Promotion:  one year of permanent competitive service as a Senior Consumer Frauds Representative or Senior Consumer Frauds Representative (Spanish Language).


Revised:  11/08

NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.