Occ. Code 7225200




New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Canal Maintenance Supervisors 2 direct the maintenance of canals and canal structures in an assigned section, including supervising work crews.


These positions are found only in the New York State Canal Corporation.




Canal Maintenance Supervisors 2 are characterized by serving as the maintenance supervisor in a canal section, responsible for planning and scheduling repair and construction projects; directing the work of crews engaged in the repair and maintenance of channels, canals, bridges, reservoirs, gates, valves, locks, and feeder lines; preparing estimates of labor and materials needed and records of amounts used; and serving as an assistant to a Canal Section Superintendent. Generally, only one position is assigned to a canal section.


These positions are distinguished from Canal Maintenance Supervisors 1 by the latter class's serving as a crew supervisor for canal repair, maintenance and construction projects.

Canal Section Superintendents are the highest level non-engineering supervisors in a canal section, responsible for the canal repair shop, fleet, maintenance crew, and operating crew.



Plans and schedules repair, construction, and maintenance work.

·      Determines maintenance, construction, and repair needs, project costs, and feasibility of projects.


·      Assists in establishing annual and seasonal project priorities.

·      Schedules projects based on workload considerations, season, availability of resources, and canal usage.


·      Determines equipment, supplies, and staff needed to accomplish work and orders supplies and materials.


·      Establishes work schedules and assigns crews and individuals to projects.


·      Readjusts schedules in response to changed priorities, complaints, emergencies, and lack of resources.


·      Reviews reports of subordinate supervisors to determine compliance with schedules, notes problems, and determines cause of time overruns.


Supervises subordinate staff.


·      Reviews individual and work crew performance, counseling staff as necessary.


·      Assures staff is appropriately trained.


·      Assigns staff to work crews and projects.


·      Reviews work in progress and upon completion for adherence to instructions and standard work procedures.


·      Assures that staff comply with safety policies and procedures.


·       Resolves work problems.


·      Investigates and, if possible, resolves employee complaints and informal grievances.


Investigates accidents, determines causes, and estimates repair costs.


Supervises the storage, inventory, and use of tools, supplies and equipment.


Prepares reports, budgets, and other paperwork related to management of the maintenance and repair operations.


May perform the duties of Canal Maintenance Supervisor 1.




Canal Maintenance Supervisors 2 have frequent face-to-face communications with subordinate staff and other staff assigned to the waterways section to plan work, resolve problems, and issue and interpret instructions.  They provide oral and written reports to supervisors to apprise them of the status of section work, individual projects, and problems encountered.




Canal Maintenance Supervisors 2 supervise Canal Maintenance Supervisors 1, skilled crafts workers, laborers, canal helpers, and other blue‑collar staff by planning, assigning, and scheduling work, providing technical and administrative direction to staff, reviewing individual and work crew performance, and reviewing work in progress and on completion.


These positions are supervised by Canal Section Superintendents who review work schedules, review project priorities, provide administrative direction, and resolve conflicts in work planning and scheduling.




·      Good knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.


·      Good knowledge of work planning and scheduling.


·      Good knowledge of the principles, practices, and procedures for maintenance and repair of canals and related structures and equipment.


·      Working knowledge of the materials and equipment used in the construction, repair, and maintenance of canals and waterways.


·      Working knowledge of the policies, procedures, and practices of the Canal Corporations Maintenance Program.


·      Ability to plan and schedule work, including staff, equipment, and resources.


·      Ability to train and supervise others.


·      Ability to evaluate the condition of canals and related structures and equipment and determine repair and maintenance needs.


·      Ability to read, interpret, and explain plans, drawings, and specifications.


·      Ability to communicate orally and in writing with others.




Promotion: one year of permanent service as a Canal Maintenance Supervisor 1 or Supervising Carpenter.


Open-Competitive: five years experience in engineering, constructing or maintaining canal structures such as dams, bridges, canal locks and canal walls.


Candidates must possess a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in New York State at the time of appointment and continuously thereafter.


Reviewed:  4/05












NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.