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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Employment Services Managers administer and oversee operations of One-Stop Career Centers (centers), which serve individuals and employers seeking employment services such as career counseling, job search, recruitment, training, and other supportive services. Incumbents work collaboratively with other State agencies, local governments, community-based and non-profit entities stationed at the centers in providing integrated employment and related services.


Employment Services Managers are classified only in the Department of Labor (DOL).



Employment Services Managers at various levels perform similar duties and responsibilities. The breadth and depth of the services provided at a center dictate the highest level classified at a site or for a group of sites. Factors that determine the allocation include the number of on- and off-site State employees supervised, number of centers overseen, whether DOL or another entity operates the center, number of service providers at the center, range and mix of services provided, the number and diversity of clients (e.g., disabled, dislocated workers, youth, veterans, migrants), size of geographic area overseen, and membership on Local Workforce Investment Boards and related committees. The classification level of these positions is derived from the combination and degree of significance of the above factors. 

Employment Services Managers may be classified in the main office to help manage the operations of One-Stop Centers throughout the State.


EMPLOYMENT SERVICES MANAGER 1:  oversees the operation and provision of all services at one or more small centers, or coordinates DOL specific services for such centers; supervises up to 50 State employees, including multiple second level supervisors of professional, and administrative support positions.


EMPLOYMENT SERVICES MANAGER 2: oversees the operation and provision of all services in one or more medium or large centers, or coordinates DOL specific services for such sites; supervises up to 75 State employees, including multiple second level supervisors of professional, and administrative support positions. 


EMPLOYMENT SERVICES MANAGER 3: oversees the operation and provision of all services at one or more of the largest centers or coordinates DOL specific services at such sites in the New York City metropolitan area; or directs a large regional network of such centers; supervises up to 125 State employees, including multiple second level supervisors of professional, and administrative support positions.




            Unemployment Insurance Program Managers oversee the operations of Telephone Claims Centers (TCCs) across the State and direct the staff in providing unemployment insurance benefits determinations and adjudication services to individuals and employers.   


            Workforce Programs Managers administer State and federal funded workforce development and training, employment tax credit and occupational safety and health training and related programs; and provide technical direction to Local Workforce Investment Boards, local service agencies, employers and employee groups to ensure contracts, policies and procedures are consistent with laws and regulations.




·         Plans, organizes, coordinates and evaluates center operations and services to the public.


·         Establishes center goals, policies and procedures based on Department objectives, rules, regulations and policies. Sets up lines of authority and oversees control systems to ensure adequacy of service delivery.


·         Collaborates with State, municipal government, community and non-profit partners to ensure that programs are delivered in a coordinated manner.


·         Maintains cordial relationship with staff of center partners to ensure the effective operation of the site.


·         Represents the Department on Local Workforce Investment Boards and at various community events.


·         Provides information to employers, customers, community groups, labor and employer organizations on new and existing programs and policies.


·         Ensures provision of current labor market information to employers on the condition of present and future workforce needs.


·         Working with employer relations staff, develops and implements intensive employer outreach programs to promote the use of DOL programs and services.


·         Oversees the provision of staff and technical assistance to program operators such as local social services districts, community-based agencies, Workforce Development Boards and others.


·         Assists employers with mass recruitments, applicant screenings, Economic Development Zone certifications, incentives, etc.


·         Arranges technical assistance to employers from the regional Occupational Analyst and other DOL offices on various human resources issues such as selection and retention of workers, personnel procedures, affirmative action, and employee safety & health.


·         Applies and interprets agency policies, procedures, guidelines and performance standards, in conformance with federal and State laws, rules and regulations to ensure consistency in operations and optimal service to customers, employers and the community.


·         Periodically audits center operations to ensure that performance benchmarks are achieved; identifies deficiencies and implements corrective action.


·         Collaborates with TCCs management to coordinate local response to emergencies such as mass lay-offs, strikes, natural disasters, etc. Ensures that access is provided to Workforce Development System service providers and that job training and work search activities are commenced.


·         Meets periodically with program director to discuss operations, existing or new programs and procedures, and employee performance and productivity.


·         Prepares reports and makes recommendations on center operations.


·         Oversees the investigation and resolution of complaints from customers, employers, unions and others. Directly handles the disposition of the more difficult and sensitive complaints.

·         Carries out personnel policies and procedures mandated by Civil Service Law and Rules, DOL policies and negotiated labor agreements relating to hiring, promotion, evaluation, grievance, discipline and labor-management relations, with assistance from the Personnel Bureau and the Employee Relations Office.


·         Keep staff informed of new or revised laws, programs, policies, procedures, rules, regulations and precedent-setting decisions.


·         Works with supervisors to identify areas in which staff lacks requisite skills and knowledge and determines the type and extent of training required.


·         Directs the maintenance of center and equipment; and, as necessary, consults with main office staff to resolve problems.


·         Investigates and remedies complaints regarding lighting, plumbing, equipment, telephones, and cleaning services.


·         Meets with landlord to negotiate remedy of conditions that violate building lease, or maintenance of premises. Monitors office security and safety.


·         Directs staff in maintenance of inventories, supplies, files, furniture, equipment, shipments to archives and destruction of records.


·         Develops and administers budgets for the assigned center(s).


·         Works closely with information technology staff to acquire updated information systems to address needs in the assigned center(s).


·         Reviews legislation to determine impact on center operations. Recommends changes in laws, policies and procedures to management to improve center operation and delivery of services to clients.





            Employment Services Managers communicate orally and in writing with various individuals including management, employers, community leaders, and customers. The ultimate goal of such communication is to produce effective and efficient services that meet customer needs. Toward that end, managers must be knowledgeable about DOL services and how they can be brought to bear to meet center objectives. They must also establish rapport and productive relationships with center partners to ensure that services are delivered effectively.





            Employment Services Managers perform the full range of supervisory activities for DOL staff at a center. In that capacity, they assign work; guide and train staff; and evaluate work in progress and on completion for conformance to guidelines and established standards. Although the manager may coordinate the work activities of partner staff to obviate redundancy, ensure efficiency, and make services to customers seamless, he or she has no administrative supervisory responsibility for such staff.






Promotion: one year of service at Grade 20 or higher in an agency program performing employment, unemployment insurance, labor services, employment counseling or workforce development and training services.




Promotion:  one year of service as an Employment Services Manager 1. 




Promotion:  one year of service as an Employment Services Manager 1 or 2.



Date:  12/12



NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe. Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class. The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written. Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualifications for appointment or examination.