Occ. Code 8431500






New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




            Principal Employment Security Clerks supervise clerical staff engaged in providing support services in the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Divisions Telephone Claims Centers and Benefits Section or the Division of Employment Services, larger Employment Services offices or One-Stop Career Centers and various other units, such as the Alien Employment Certification Office. This title is classified only in the Department of Labor.




            PRINCIPAL EMPLOYMENT SECURITY CLERK: first level supervisory; supervises clerical staff engaged in the processing of UI claims or in the provision of job placement and employer services; highest level clerical position in UI Telephone Claims Centers or larger Employment Services Offices or One-Stop Career Centers, or the Alien Employment Certification Office.


            Principal Employment Security Clerk positions typically supervise six to ten subordinate clerks, Senior Employment Security Clerks or Agency Services Representatives.




            Agency Services Representatives have substantial contact with members of the public seeking agency services or information.  They provide service, answer questions about agency services and programs, and retrieve information from State records for any authorized party.


            Senior Employment Security Clerks perform a variety of functions related to accepting and processing claims for unemployment insurance benefits in a Telephone Claims Center.  Incumbents work under the pressure of continuous public contact as they communicate via telephone with claimants or employers to assure prompt payment of benefits.

            Labor Services Representatives provide information and services to UI applicants; process the more complex UI claims; analyze and apply pertinent laws, rules, and regulations to make determinations allowing or disapproving UI benefits; provide job placement services; select and refer applicants to job opportunities; provide pertinent job market materials to applicants; and conduct group sessions to instruct applicants in job placement activities.


            Unemployment Insurance Accounts Examiners apply accounting principles and knowledge of UI laws to perform or manage the calculation of employer UI tax rates and the adjustments of employer accounts.




            PRINCIPAL EMPLOYMENT SECURITY CLERK: under the supervision of higher level staff, supervises clerical staff in the processing of UI claims or in the facilitation of labor exchange activities.


            When assigned to UI Telephone Claims Center and the UI Benefits Section, Division of Employment Services Central Office units, or a large regional operation, such as Alien Employment Certification Office, supervises clerical staff engaged in processing UI claims via the Internet, telephone, mail, or correspondence; schedules work assignments and ensures work flows smoothly to meet mandated timeliness requirements; establishes work performance standards; reviews work for compliance with procedures, accuracy, and completeness; prepares periodic and special activity reports and case material for management and the United States Department of Labor; conducts on‑the-job training; evaluates training by observing staff performance; answers questions and assists staff in solving problems associated with transactions not covered by instructions or written procedures; identifies and resolves problems arising in the processing of transactions; searches files, prior transactions, or any other material to identify the underlying cause of the problem; discusses the transaction and/or problem with staff or other processing groups to resolve the issue and, as necessary, assists with and/or establishes procedures to prevent recurrences; and may explain the problem situation to a customer, job applicant, or employer to resolve any concerns.


            When assigned to a Division of Employment Services office or One-Stop Career Center engaged in job placement and employer services, may administer various standard aptitude, achievement, and proficiency tests to job applicants; schedules applicants for testing; arranges facilities in proper order; provides applicants with testing materials; follows written instructions to inform those to be tested of the procedures to be followed; monitors tests to ensure that conditions remain conducive to the testing situation; scores answer sheets using appropriate answer key and then gives material to interviewing or counseling staff.


            In either assignment, supervises staff in providing administrative services to higher level managers in a large organizational unit; may supervise the ordering of office supplies and the maintenance of inventories of supplies; communicate(s) either orally or in writing with various providers of service such as building landlords, elevator repair companies, personnel, payroll, and data processing to arrange for services required by the office staff; resolves problems with providers of service in the areas of billing, installation of equipment, repairs, relocation of partitions, telephones, or computers; gathers work and organizes activity data for analysis or problem resolution; may arrange, process forms, and keep records of various programs, such as annual service rating programs or blood donor programs; prepares periodic written activity reports; and may supervise in the absence of higher level staff; conducts performance reviews, prepares written evaluations, time and attendance monitoring; counseling sessions; and written memos to address unsatisfactory staff behavior/performance.




Promotion:  one year of permanent competitive service as either a Senior Employment Security Clerk, an Agency Services Representative, or in a secretarial or clerical position allocated at or above Grade 9.



Revised:  10/04



NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.