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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Safety & Security Officers patrol, inspect, and monitor agency buildings, grounds, and equipment to identify and resolve safety and security hazards and risks, deter criminal activity, and ensure compliance with local, State, and federal laws, rules, and regulations.  Incumbents provide a range of environmental safety, security, fire protection, and emergency services to ensure the overall health and safety of individuals, * employees, visitors, and property. 

These positions are classified in the Office of Mental Health, the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities, and the Helen Hayes Hospital and Veterans’ Homes of the Department of Health.  

*Individual refers to the person who is being treated or cared for, and is used in place of patient, client, or other nomenclature specific to an agency.


SAFETY & SECURITY OFFICER 1:  full performance level; under the supervision of a Safety & Security Officer 2, performs the full range of environmental health and safety, security, and fire protection duties associated with the class.

SAFETY & SECURITY OFFICER 2:  first supervisory level; under the direction of a Chief Safety & Security Officer, functions as a working supervisor, and supervises Safety & Security Officers 1 on an assigned shift.

CHIEF SAFETY & SECURITY OFFICER: second supervisory level; directly supervises all Safety & Security Officers 2; and manages the overall operations of a safety and security department. 




Under the supervision of a Safety & Security Officer 2, patrols and inspects assigned areas, including agency buildings, residences, homes, and other program facilities in the community; entrance gates, parking lots, grounds, and other properties.

·       Observes and detects irregularities, evidence of criminal activity, hazardous conditions, and environmental safety and security issues; reports to supervisor to ensure appropriate corrective actions are taken.

·       Ensures that assigned areas are appropriately locked and secured by inspecting doors and other pathways to physical access. 

·       Conducts safety inspections of assigned areas and equipment, such as fire escapes, handrails, fire hydrants, and alarm and sprinkler systems to ensure efficient operations and compliance with applicable environmental health and fire safety codes, requirements, and regulations. 

·       Interviews individuals, victims, suspects, witnesses, and/or complainants and collects information to recover stolen property and/or dangerous instruments.

·       Assists in investigating allegations of abuse or neglect; investigates employee accidents or injuries; completes reports as part of the occupational injury process; identifies safety issues; and recommends corrective actions to supervisor. 

·       Enforces State, local, and facility traffic and parking laws and regulations by issuing tickets and verbal warnings to expedite traffic flow, limit reserved parking to authorized personnel, maintain open fire lanes, and deter dangerous driving.

·       Screens visitors and vehicles; assists visitors by answering questions and providing directions; issues temporary parking permits and/or badges to authorized visitors; and instructs unauthorized visitors to leave premises. 

·       Transports or provides escort services to individuals, visitors, and employees on and off the premises.

·       Conducts fire drills and evacuates buildings in response to fires and other threats to prevent death or injury. 

·       Stops and questions suspicious or disoriented individuals to ensure the health and safety of individuals, visitors, and employees. 

·       Responds to incidents and emergencies; may provide emergency care such as first aid and cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to ill or injured individuals; requests medical assistance and interfaces with local emergency services as necessary; and may participate in debriefings.

·       Advises and assists other employees in calming and containing agitated individuals to prevent damage to property or injury to themselves or others; and may physically intervene in fights.

·       Documents and maintains daily logs, forms, and reports as required for safety and security activities.    

·       Provides basic fire and safety training and/or instruction on the operation and use of fire safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, standpipe hoses, and fire alarm system components.   

·       May appear and/or testify in court and other hearings; fingerprint prospective agency employees per criminal justice service standards; and arrest or detain suspects and violators per Criminal Proceedings Law to protect individuals and property.


Under the direction of a Chief Safety & Security Officer, performs the same duties and activities as a Safety & Security Officer 1, and supervises Safety & Security Officers 1 on an assigned shift.  

·       Determines schedules and assignments; approves leaves; monitors time and attendance; completes performance evaluations; and provides training and instruction on security techniques and requirements, first aid, and fire prevention, including the operations of related equipment. 

·       Assists the Chief Safety & Security Officer in recruiting and hiring Safety & Security Officers; and in developing, implementing, and monitoring safety and security policies, rules, regulations, and corrective action plans.   

·       Schedules and observes fire drills and safety inspections for assigned locations, and makes recommendations for improvement. 

·       Assists Safety & Security Officers 1 in investigating difficult safety and security issues; and investigates lost, missing, and/or stolen items on and off site. 

·       Reviews safety and security plans for compliance with applicable environment of care policies and procedures.

·       Reviews daily incident, accident, and other safety and security reports and records prepared by Safety & Security Officers 1 for completeness, accuracy, and adherence to applicable guidelines; and reports any issues to the Chief Safety & Security Officer.

·       May direct the safety and security department in the absence of the Chief Safety & Security Officer; and attend safety and security committee meetings as needed.


Performs the same duties and activities of a Safety & Security Officer 2, and manages the overall operations of a safety and security department.  

·       Directly supervises all Safety & Security Officers 2, and indirectly supervises all Safety & Security Officers 1.

·       Determines schedules and assignments and completes performance evaluations, and reviews and approves those completed by Safety & Security Officers 2. 

·       Coordinates various safety and security trainings for department and community personnel.

·       Develops, implements, evaluates, and updates safety and security policies and procedures; and issues safety and security regulations, memos, and bulletins. 

·       Develops and monitors the safety and security department’s budget and purchasing expenditures. 

·       Documents and analyzes events and incidents to identify common causes and prevent future injury and other incidents.

·       Oversees, conducts, and manages various site inspections and drills to ensure compliance with applicable codes, rules, and regulations; and directs the enforcement of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building code at all buildings and premises. 

·       Represents the safety and security department on various health and safety and disaster planning committees.

·       Oversees and maintains safety equipment and records, including the submission of reports and citations to outside agencies as appropriate. 

·       Oversees the reporting and investigation of lost, missing, and/or stolen items; recommends remedial actions to agency management; and meets with local and State police regarding investigations and other matters.

·       Coordinates quarterly inspections, testing, and repair of alarm, suppression, and sprinkler systems on agency grounds and in the community, which may include overseeing and coordinating services provided by outside contractors. 

·       Provides guidance in disaster mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery; works closely with State and local emergency managers; conducts disaster drills, and recommends improvements to agency management. 



Safety & Security Officers have peace officer status as authorized under Criminal Procedure Law Section 2.10 and Sections 7.25 and 13.25 of` Mental Hygiene Law or Section 455 of Public Health Law. As such, they must meet the requirements for appointment to public office defined in Public Officers Law Section 3 (1) and for continued employment as required in Section 30.


Open-Competitive: a high school or equivalent diploma, eligibility for appointment as a Peace Officer in New York State, and completion of a one year traineeship. 


Promotion: one year of service as a Safety & Security Officer 1.


Promotion: one year of service as a Safety & Security Officer 2.


Revised:  8/18


NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent, and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.