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Multimedia Production Program Specialist 1,










New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




          Positions in this series design and produce educational, informational and promotional materials including publications, multimedia and video products to support the agencys mission.  Multimedia Production Program Specialists are responsible for a variety of projects depending upon the focus of the agencys program such as web design, multimedia, graphics, audio, digital media, and print production. These positions are classified in only a few State agencies.




          Multimedia Production Program Specialist 1: full performance level; creates interactive and dynamic multimedia, web, and digital layouts, and produces audio/video and print projects; and, may supervise public information and graphic design staff.


          Multimedia Production Program Specialist 2: supervisory level; performs the duties of a Multimedia Production Program Specialist 1, and assigns, plans, creates and distributes schedules, monitors and reports on the status of multimedia projects to agency management; reviews and edits project content for accuracy and relevance to customer and agency management needs.


Multimedia Production Program MANAGER: managerial level; under the general direction of higher level staff, administratively supervises multimedia and graphic design staff, and oversees all multimedia functions for an agency. 




          Audiovisual Production Specialists produce professional quality video presentations in studios and in the field, including preparing scripts and story lines, operating video cameras and related equipment, such as lighting, sound, and editing equipment, and maintaining and controlling the use of such equipment and facilities.


          Graphic Designers conceptualize, design and create graphics to communicate messages for educational, commercial or promotional purposes in print and electronic media. They consult with and advise clients, and develop design and layout, using various tools, to produce communications products that are effective and aesthetically pleasing.


          Multimedia Production Technicians develop and capture multimedia content for numerous distribution channels such as radio, television, internet and discs. They record multimedia content using video and still cameras in both studio and field environments; coordinate and set up production lighting and audio; and execute post-production projects including editing videos, outputting compositions to the web and physical media.


          Multimedia Production Representatives are responsible for the multimedia production, operations, engineering support, and technical consulting for the Executive Chamber and all Executive Branch agencies. Incumbents are expected to contribute to the development of multimedia productions that include but are not limited to video, radio, and web-based material for all customers.




          Multimedia Production Program Specialist 1

Confer with editors, writers, and subject matter managers to discuss project objectives, design features, format and target audience; develop design concept options for the overall layout of the project and integrate graphic elements as necessary, using various software packages for digital and print media, and follow best practices of information organization, navigation and overall design structure; research hardware and software solutions to achieve desired results; conduct testing of web-based applications or online program changes to improve usability of multimedia or web sites; identify, analyze and propose resolutions to issues on existing multimedia or web sites; ensure the production of projects, organization and implementation of changes, preparation for production or printing by outside vendors, and digital distribution; serve as a resource for other staff by communicating concepts and providing technical information on the status of each project; write training and procedure manuals for multimedia products; maintain electronic filing system for all completed projects; and, may create draft quote requests and invitation for bids to obtain quotes from outside multimedia vendors.


          Multimedia Production Program Specialist 2

Provide technical supervision to lower level audio, visual, technical, graphics arts and administrative staff; determine and assign work assignments and priorities, and review, develop production schedules, monitor, and evaluate work products; write or review quote requests and invitation for bids for print, web site, or multimedia service contracts and purchases; answer vendor questions regarding contract specifications; confer with printing or multimedia service providers to ensure projects meet desired specifications and deadlines; review and approve hardware and software solutions proposed by staff, or suggest alternatives as necessary; examine outside vendor proofs for accuracy and completeness; develop test scenarios and data, and review test results to assess web site or multimedia functionality; review or supervise the scheduling of web site or multimedia design solutions or corrections; develop and train staff in graphic design techniques and theory, web site or multimedia design and administration, and hardware and software applications; oversee project concept development, timelines, and strategy; create and review preliminary scripts for multimedia productions; schedule and coordinate dates with staff and talent; direct, schedule and supervise the editing of projects; and oversee marketing strategies for all assigned multimedia discipline areas.


Multimedia Production Program MANAGER 

Supervise the web site and multimedia project administration, including interface design, usability, and adherence to established policies and standards; meet with program directors and executive staff to develop a broad range of multimedia print and digital media services intended to communicate and support the agencys programs and initiatives, and coordinate and oversee development of various multimedia assignments; manage the development and implementation of media and print projects for the agency and related contracts with vendors, and report to agency executives; review and approve print or multimedia contracts, and approve or recommend vendors in accordance with agency and State policy; direct the development of innovative ideas to visually and graphically engage audiences on upcoming agency initiatives and events; monitor system testing and assess the impact of errors on systems functioning during and after implementation; review and approve print and media production material for agency articles and reports; perform the full range of supervisory responsibilities including staff development, training on all web site and multimedia administration, graphic techniques and design, and employee performance reviews.


Minimum Qualifications


          Multimedia Production PROGRAM Specialist 1


Promotion:  one year of competitive or non-competitive service as an Audiovisual Production Specialist, Graphic Designer 1, Photographer 3, or Audiovisual Training and Production Specialist.


Open Competitive: six years of experience in producing multimedia communication projects using elements of audiovisual production, or graphic design for web, or graphic design for print; OR, bachelor's degree in video and/or TV and/or film production, web interface design, graphic design, communications design, or a closely related field and two years of experience as listed above.


          Multimedia Production PROGRAM Specialist 2


Promotion:  one year of competitive or non-competitive service as a Multimedia Production Program Specialist 1, Video Production Specialist, Photographer 4, Graphic Designer 2, or Assistant Supervisor Audiovisual Training and Production


Open Competitive:  seven years of experience in producing multimedia communication projects using elements of audiovisual production, or graphic design for web, or graphic design for print; OR, bachelor's degree in video and/or TV and/or film production, web interface design, graphic design, communications design, or a closely related field and three years of experience as listed above.


Multimedia Production Program MANAGER


Promotion:  one year of competitive service as a Multimedia Production Program Specialist 2.



Date:  4/16


NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe. Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class. The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written. Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.