Employee Health Service

Job Title

Physical and Medical Requirements

Physical Agility Requirements

Assistant Traffic Signal Mechanic | Traffic Systems Technician 1 and 2
EHS PM 26(pdf28KB)  
Beverage Control Investigator | Beverage Control Investigator Trainee
EHS PM 2(pdf21KB)  
Boiler Inspector
EHS PM 19(pdf21KB)  
Bridge Repair Assistant
EHS PM 20(pdf19KB)  
Cadet Leader 1 & 2| Cadet Counselor|
Wilderness Challenge Positions| Youth Division Aide IV
EHS PM 13(pdf21KB) EHS AG 6(pdf20KB)
Campus Public Safety Officer I
EHS PM 12(pdf21KB) EHS AG 7(pdf18KB)
Communications Technician
EHS PM 46(pdf25KB)  
Correction Officer Trainee
EHS PM 11(pdf28KB) EHS AG 1(pdf21KB)
Developmental Disabilities Secure Care Treatment Aide I
EHS PM 22(pdf27KB) EHS AG 2(pdf27KB)
Direct Support Assistant Trainee
EHS PM 22(pdf27KB) EHS AG 2A(pdf26KB)
Drill Rig Operator Trainee, Assistant
EHS PM 17(pdf19KB) EHS AG 10(pdf19KB)
Environmental Conservation Officer Trainee I
EHS PM 6(pdf28KB)  
Facility Parole Officer | Facility Parole Officer Trainee
EHS PM 11(pdf28KB) EHS AG 3(pdf28KB)
Farm Products Grading Inspector I
EHS PM 10(pdf21KB) EHS AG 18(pdf16KB)
Fire Protection Specialist Trainee 1 & 2 and Fire Protection Specialist 1
EHS PM 38(pdf61KB)  
Forest Ranger I (EnCon)
EHS PM 23(pdf27KB)  
Forest Ranger (Parks & Recreation)
EHS PM 27(pdf26KB) EHS AG 19(pdf18KB)
Highway Maintenance Worker I
EHS PM 24(pdf19KB)  
Institution Safety Officer
EHS PM 11(pdf28KB) EHS AG 3(pdf28KB)
Intermodal Transportation Specialist 1 and 2 (Motor Carrier Safety) | Intermodal Transportation Specialist 1 and 2 (Rail Safety)
EHS PM 29(pdf18KB)  
Industrial Hygienist Trainee I & III | Senior Industrial Hygienist | Associate Industrial Hygienist
EHS PM 4(pdf27KB) EHS AG 14(pdf17KB)
Investigator (Tax)
EHS PM 5(pdf13KB)  
Law Department Investigator I Law Department Investigator Trainee
EHS PM 28(pdf24KB)  
Mapping Technician II and III
EHS PM 25(pdf32KB)  
Motor Equipment Mechanic
EHS PM 36(pdf19KB)  
Motor Vehicle Inspector | Motor Carrier Investigator
EHS PM 37(pdf25KB)

(pdf18KB)EHS AG 4(pdf19KB)

Motor Vehicle Investigator | Motor Vehicle Investigator Trainee
EHS PM 8(pdf22KB) EHS AG 5(pdf19KB)
Narcotic Investigator Trainee | Narcotic Investigator I, II
EHS PM 7(pdf30KB) EHS AG 20(pdf18KB)
Park Police Officer
EHS PM 39(pdf30KB)
Parole Officer | Parole Officer Trainee I
EHS PM 11(pdf28KB) EHS AG 3(pdf28KB)
Police Investigator Academy Cadet
EHS PM 14(pdf21KB)  
Park Ranger (Public Safety)
EHS PM 51(pdf23KB)  
Public Health Specialist 1, 2, 3, 4 (Environment)
EHS PM 50(pdf21KB)  
Radiophysicist, Associate
EHS PM 35(pdf18KB)  
Railroad Track and Structures Inspector
EHS PM 34(pdf18KB) EHS AG 8(pdf16KB)
Railroad Equipment Inspector
EHS PM 34(pdf18KB) EHS AG 9(pdf18KB)
Revenue Crime Specialist 1,2
EHS PM 1(pdf30KB) EHS AG 17(pdf17KB)
Safety and Health Engineer, Associate | Senior Safety and Health Engineer
EHS PM 18(pdf18KB)  
Safety and Security Officer Trainee
EHS PM 21(pdf24KB) EHS AG 12(pdf19KB)
Secure Hospital Treatment Assistant
EHS PM 32(pdf22KB) EHS AG 2(pdf27KB)
Secure Care Treatment Aide
EHS PM 40(pdf22KB) EHS AG 2(pdf27KB)
Security Officer | Security Officer (Spanish Speaking)
EHS PM 31(pdf19KB) EHS AG 13(pdf18KB)
Security Services Assistant I
EHS PM 30(pdf25KB) EHS AG 7(pdf18KB)
Senior Safety & Health Inspector | Safety & Health Inspector Trainee | Safety & Health Inspector
EHS PM 3(pdf32KB) EHS AG 14(pdf17KB)
Tree Pruner | Tree Pruner Supervisor
EHS PM 43(pdf19KB) EHS AG 16(pdf19KB)
University Police Officer
EHS PM 44(pdf33KB)  
Warrant and Transfer Officer
EHS PM 11(pdf28KB) EHS AG 3(pdf28KB)
Weights And Measures Specialist I, II, and III
EHS PM 9(pdf18KB) EHS AG 15(pdf18KB)