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Employee Benefit Card Invitation for Bid

A. Invitation for Bid (IFB)

Section I: Introduction (Amended 11/7/14)
Section II: Procurement Protocol and Process (Amended 11/7/14)
Section III: Administrative Section
Section IV: Technical Section
Section V: Cost Section
Section VI: Evaluation and Selection Criteria
Section VII: Agreement Provisions
Section VIII: Glossary of Terms

B. Appendix

Appendix A Standard Clauses for New York State Contracts
Appendix B Standard Clauses for all DCS Contracts
Appendix C Third Part Connection and Data Exchange Agreement / Word Version
Appendix D Participation by Minority Group Members and Woman With Respect to State Contracts: Requirements and Procedures

Exhibit I

Exhibit I.A Proposal Submission Requirement Checklist / Word version
Exhibit I.B This Exhibit Intentionally Left Blank
Exhibit I.C Freedom of Information Law -Request for Redaction Chart / Word version
Exhibit I.D McBride and Non-Collusive Bidding Certification / Word version
Exhibit I.E ST-220-CA / Word version
Exhibit I.F ST-220-TD
Exhibit I.G EEO Staffing Plan / Word version
Exhibit I.H Debriefing Guidelines / Word version
Exhibit I.I This Exhibit Intentionally Left Blank
Exhibit I.J Notice of Bidding Intention Form / Word version
Exhibit I.K Offeror's Affirmation of Understanding and Agreement / Word version
Exhibit I.L Procurement Lobbying Policy
Exhibit I.M Compliance with Pubic Officers Law Requirements / Word version
Exhibit I.N Compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act / Word version
Exhibit I.O MWBE Utilization Plan (Form MWBE-100) / Word version
Exhibit I.P Offerors Certification of Compliance Pursuant to State Finance Law 139-k / Word version
Exhibit I.Q Certification of Good Faith Efforts (Form MWBE-104) / Word version
Exhibit I.R Questions Template
Exhibit I.S Formal Offer Letter / Word version
Exhibit I.T Offeror Attestations Form / Word version
Exhibit I.U.1 Key Subcontractors or Affiliates / Word version
Exhibit I.U.2 NYS Supplier & Subcontractor / Word version
Exhibit I.V Project References / Word version
Exhibit I.W Compliance with NYS Workers' Compensation Law
Exhibit I.X Extraneous Terms Template / Word version

Exhibit II

Exhibit II.A Sample Card, Card Carrier, and Envelope
Exhibit II.B Sample Card File Layout
Exhibit II.C Sample Detail Report
Exhibit II.D Sample Summary Report
Exhibit II.E Employee Benefit Card Specifications
Exhibit II.F Employee Benefit Card Fee Schedule / Excel version
Exhibit II.G Possible Card Mailing Scenarios

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