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ITS Overview

Short Overview of the Information Technology Specialist Examination Process

Note that this entire process must be completed on-line.

Throughout the on-line examination process, this "progress bar" will appear at the top of the screen to help you identify your current location in the process. Clicking on the progress bar will open a new window that displays the Full Overview of the Information Technology Specialist examination process. Sample Progress Bar

The Process

The Application

Enter some basic information, including your name, address, and phone number, and your education, work experience, and certifications.

The Minimum Qualifications Questionnaire

Answer some questions regarding your qualifications for the examination(s) you wish to take. We will review your answers and tell you immediately if you meet our qualifications. Be careful because you will have to wait 30 days to reapply, and you will not have access to the rest of the process, if your application is disapproved.

If you receive a confirmation notice that your application has been approved, you MUST complete the Job Preferences and Training and Experience Questionnaire to receive scores in the examinations.

Job Preferences

Identify where in New York State you would accept employment, as well as preferences regarding shifts, part-time and full-time employment, and temporary and permanent appointments. You may change your Job Preference responses at any time by logging in at

The Training and Experience Questionnaire

Tell us about your information technology background. You will be asked questions in 5 main topics (Degrees, College Coursework, Certifications, Work Experience, and Competencies), including 74 subtopics and 500+ separate questions. If you cannot complete the questionnaire in one sitting, you can save your responses and return to the questionnaire at a later time. No one is expected to have expertise in all of the subtopics; many qualified candidates will have expertise in only two or three subtopics.

Once you submit your Training and Experience Questionnaire, you are not allowed to change your responses to the Training and Experience Questionnaire for 90 days.

Scoring and List Information:

Things to remember:

If you have questions or problems:

Please be as specific as possible when describing any problems you are having. Be sure to include what you were doing, or attempting to do, at the time you encountered the problem.

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