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Attendance (Part 20)

Absence with Pay
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Leaves Without Pay (Part 22)

Drawing of Earned Credits Upon Separation
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Crediting Other Public Service Employment as State Service (Part 24)

Suspension of Rules
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Applicability (Part 26)


A. Civil Service Attendance Rules

B. Calendar of Legal Holidays & Religious Holy Days

C. Alternative Work Schedules

D. Part-Time Employment

E. Seasonal Employment

F. Attendance Rules for Managerial/Confidential Employees

G. Reciprocal Agreements

H. Leave Donation

I. Family & Medical Leave Act



Attendance and Leave Manual

General Information Bulletin No. 2003-01

Introduction - July 2003

TO: Manual Holders
FROM: William E. Doyle, Director Staffing Services Division
SUBJECT: Attendance and Leave Unit Program Page available on the Department of Civil Service Web Site

This General Information Bulletin supercedes Advisory Memorandum 2001-03, dated June 8, 2001.

The Attendance and Leave Unit now has its own program page on the Department of Civil Service web site. To view the Attendance and Leave web page:

  1. Open your browser and connect to: http://www.cs.state.ny.us to access the Civil Service public web site.
  2. Click on the button [link] for “Programs and Services” ["HR Professionals"]
  3. [Click on "New York State Human Resource Professionals"]
  4. Under the “Programs and Services” heading scroll down to and click on the link “Attendance and Leave Benefits” [Click on "Attendance & Leave"]

Current Features Available On Our Page
Besides the general description of our unit’s responsibilities, our web page has links to:

  • Policy Bulletins, General Information Bulletins, and Advisory Memoranda regarding Military Leave as it relates to the events of September 11, 2001
  • Memoranda issued about Attendance and Leave benefits for 2002 and 2003
  • The 2003 and 2004 Calendar of Legal Holidays

The telephone number for the Attendance and Leave Unit remains the same (518) 457-2295. There is a new fax number (518) 457-6957 [473-6369]. The mailing address remains the same:

Attendance and Leave Unit
Staffing Services Division, Room 370 [312]
NYS Department of Civil Service
Building 1, State Campus [Alfred E. Smith State Office Building]
Albany, NY 12239