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Attendance and Leave Manual

Absence With Pay (Part 21)

Section 21.13 - Leave for Civil Defense Duties

R-1 Purpose

The purpose of this Section is to facilitate the recruitment and training of civil defense volunteers by allowing appointing authorities to grant leave with pay without charge to leave credits to eligible employees to participate in State or local civil defense drills.


Any employee subject to the Attendance Rules is eligible for leave under this Section provided he/she is enrolled as a civil defense volunteer and is required to perform civil defense duties pursuant to the State Defense Emergency Act. Verification of an employee's status as a civil defense volunteer can be obtained from the Civil Defense Commission. It is recommended that the status of an employee be determined as soon as possible after he/she becomes a volunteer and prior to the actual submission of leave request forms. State and local offices of civil defense will verify, upon request, an employee's participation in civil defense drills also. It is recommended that such verification be received prior to the approval of civil defense leave with pay.

Procedures for verifying an employee's status as a civil defense volunteer and participation in civil defense drills are described in the letter of August 29, 1963 to all State departments and agencies from Mr. Raymond J. Barbuti, then Acting Director, New York State Civil Defense Commission. The Director of the State Emergency Management Office is the designated head of the NYS Civil Defense Commission. The address is State Emergency Management Office, Public Security Building, W. Averell Harriman State Office Campus, Albany, NY 12226.

Leave under this Section is not mandatory. The appointing authority may withhold civil defense leave when in his/her judgment the employee requesting such leave cannot be excused from his/her regular work assignment or his/her absence would otherwise not be in the best interest of the State.

Amount of Leave

An eligible employee may be granted up to five days of civil defense leave with pay, without charge to leave credits, in a calendar year. (Such leave, when granted, should include necessary travel time.)

R-2 Applicability for Volunteer Fire Fighters

Civil defense leave with pay may not be granted to an employee who participates as a volunteer fire fighter in a civil defense drill. However, the tardiness of a volunteer fire fighter who participates as such in a civil defense drill may be excused without charge to leave credits in accordance with Section 20.3, "Tardiness," of the Attendance Rules.

See related contract provision 20.3, C-1

Related Legal Provisions

Executive Law Article 2-B, State and Local Natural and Man-made Disaster Preparedness.

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