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Attendance (Part 20)

Absence with Pay
(Part 21)

Leaves Without Pay (Part 22)

Drawing of Earned Credits Upon Separation
(Part 23)

Crediting Other Public Service Employment as State Service (Part 24)

Suspension of Rules
(Part 25)

Applicability (Part 26)


A. Civil Service Attendance Rules

B. Calendar of Legal Holidays & Religious Holy Days

C. Alternative Work Schedules

D. Part-Time Employment

E. Seasonal Employment

F. Attendance Rules for Managerial/Confidential Employees

G. Reciprocal Agreements

H. Leave Donation

I. Family & Medical Leave Act



Attendance and Leave Manual


P-1 Purpose

This Manual is designed to assist State departments and agencies in the interpretation and application of the Attendance Rules for Employees in New York State Departments and Institutions and the attendance and leave provisions of the agreements negotiated with State employee organizations.

Part of the State Personnel Management Manual System, the Attendance and Leave Manual is the official source for Department and Commission policy and procedure statements on attendance and leave. Please be advised that changes in law, rule, regulation, labor agreement and court decisions occurring subsequent to issuance of these pages will alter or void sections of this Manual. Pending issuance of revised pages, notice of the changes will be given by Policy Bulletin. (See P-4 of this Introduction below.)


The Manual [and this web site] contains policy, procedures and interpretive material on the Attendance and Leave program for employees of State departments and agencies. It is based on the Attendance Rules for Employees in NYS Departments and Institutions (4 NYCRR Parts 20-33) and the agreements negotiated between the State and the organizations representing employees in positions subject to the Rules.

The sections of the Manual follow the same sequence as the actual Rules; e.g., Section 21.2 of the Rules provides vacation benefits and Section 21.2 of this Manual contains the interpretive material on vacations. Within each section are white [rules] pages which interpret the Civil Service Rules and pink [contract] pages (as needed) which interpret any related provisions of the negotiated agreements.

Following the main body of the Manual are a number of appendices, several of which are aggregates of information on benefits under specific circumstances; e.g., Appendix D discusses attendance and leave benefits for part-time employees.

Rule interpretation sections of the Manual typically begin with a statement of the purpose of the rule, followed by employee eligibility criteria and application of the benefit. If the rule provision is impacted by a related contract provision, there will be a [link] to the page where the discussion of that contract provision appears. Pursuant to Rule Section 26.3, the Rules and contracts must be read together and the contracts take precedence when their provisions are different from the Rules.

Using the Manual [However see Instructions for Using this Web Site.]

Issuance and Distribution of Material

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Inquiries and suggestions regarding this online Manual should be directed to this office at the address below, or call (518) 457-2295.

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