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Attendance (Part 20)

Absence with Pay
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Drawing of Earned Credits Upon Separation
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A. Civil Service Attendance Rules

B. Calendar of Legal Holidays & Religious Holy Days

C. Alternative Work Schedules

D. Part-Time Employment

E. Seasonal Employment

F. Attendance Rules for Managerial/Confidential Employees

G. Reciprocal Agreements

H. Leave Donation

I. Family & Medical Leave Act



Absence With Pay (Part 21)

Section 21.10 - Leave for Civil Service Examinations

C-1 Work Shifts Immediately Prior To Examinations

Negotiating Units:

  • Administrative Services Unit Article 28.2
  • Institutional Services Unit Article 28.2
  • Operational Services Unit Article 28.2
  • Security Services Unit Article 15.3 (d)
  • Security Supervisors Unit Article 15.3 (d)
  • (Seasonal employees in the Institutional Services Unit)
  • (Seasonal employees in Security Services and Security Supervisors Unit)


Employees in the Administrative, Institutional and Operational Services Units, who are scheduled to work during the eight-hour period immediately preceding the time they are to report for a New York State written Civil Service examination, should be granted time off without charge to leave credits during such period. However, if it is impossible to grant the time off because of the need to maintain essential services, the employees may not be allowed any form of compensatory time off or granted any special relief or consideration with respect to the examination itself. The need to schedule overtime may not be used as a reason for denying the time off that is contemplated by this item.

Employees in the Security Services and Security Supervisors Units may not be required to work any work shift which ends less than eight hours before they are scheduled to compete in a New York State Civil Service examination, and may not be required to charge leave credits for any absences from work during such work shift which are approved for purposes of taking such examination.

To be eligible for time off pursuant to all of these contract items, employees must give due notice of their intention to compete in a Civil Service examination and they must actually compete in such examination. The examination must be for positions in State service, and the work shift for which time off is requested must be one which the employees would regularly and normally be scheduled to work and would have worked except for the examination.

The starting time of an examination or the time at which employees are scheduled to report for an examination is the time indicated on the notice to appear for the examination and not the time employees must leave work or their residences to travel to the examination site.

These items shall not be construed to require time off in connection with job interviews or preemployment physical examinations.

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