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Attendance and Leave Manual

Absence With Pay (Part 21)

Section 21.11 - Leave for Quarantine

R-1 Purpose

The purpose of this Section is to provide eligible employees with time off with pay without charge to credits when absences are required by a quarantine.


An employee subject to the Attendance Rules is entitled to leave with full pay without charge to credits under this Section provided

  1. he/she is required to remain absent because of a quarantine declared by a Public Health Officer (for example, a County or City Health Officer),
  2. he/she presents to the appointing authority a written statement from the attending physician or local health officer attesting to the quarantine and the necessity of the absence, and
  3. he/she is not personally ill.

An employee may not receive leave under this Section if he/she is absent from work to care for another person who has been quarantined.

Termination of Leave

Leave with full pay, without charge to credits, terminates when the quarantine is lifted, the employee's absence is no longer necessary or the employee becomes personally ill. Such leave may be extended to an employee who is not ill to enable the employee to obtain medical certification required by the appointing authority.

Earning Leave Credits

An employee on leave with full pay earns vacation and sick leave credits and is credited with personal leave in accordance with the Attendance Rules.

Medical Certification

Prior to, and as a condition of, his/her return to work, the affected employee may be required to submit a written statement from the local health officer having jurisdiction stating that his/her return to work will not jeopardize the health of other employees.

Revision History
TM-9 - July 1992
R-1 No Substantive Changes