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Attendance and Leave Manual

General Information Bulletin No. 1992-02

Section 21.8 - Workers' Compensation Leave - December 14, 1992

TO: State Departments and Agencies
FROM: Peter Elmendorf, Director; Division of Work Force Planning Services
SUBJECT: New State Insurance Fund Report based on Form C-8, "Notice That Payment of Compensation for Disability has been Stopped or Modified"

The State Insurance Fund has advised us that as part of the development of their information management system, they are revising the format and the frequency in which wage replacement payment information will be provided to State agencies.

A new State Insurance Fund report based on the information contained on Form C-8 will be issued to State agencies for employees receiving wage replacement awards from the Fund. This report, which will replace the employer's copy of the C-8, will be mailed on a monthly basis directly to the employee's agency, facility, campus or personnel office at the address indicated on the C-2, "Employer's Report of Injury/Illness." The employee will continue to receive the current Form C-8, which will be mailed to the employee's residence.

The new report, "State Insurance Fund - Compensation Payment System, Information From C-8 with Details Of Employer Reimbursement" (see sample copy attached), will include the information that was contained on the C-8 and the following new information that formerly was not provided to agencies:

  1. the payroll code of the employing agency.
  2. the employee's pass days (fixed at the time of the accident for employees with rotating pass days) as reported by the employer.
  3. the employee's negotiating unit at the time of the accident.
  4. the letter "N" following the "End-Date" of compensability indicating that the employee was paid under the Supplemental Pay Program.

  5. P-2

  6. the "Detail of New York State Credit" section identifying the period(s) of compensability in which New York State will receive credit for wages paid by the employer. (Please disregard the "A" following "End-Date" of compensability in the State Credit Section; it is for State Insurance Fund purposes only.)

The "Detail of New York State Credit" section is needed for agencies to restore leave accruals following a Workers' Compensation Board hearing and Notice of Decision (C-23 or C-18) or Motion Calendar Notice of Decision (EC-200X). Leave accruals may be restored only for periods of compensability in which a NYS credit was issued by the State Insurance Fund in accordance with the Workers' Compensation Board's decision. For employees covered by the Statutory Benefit Program (i.e., CSEA and DC 37 represented employees with workers' compensation incidents on or after July 1, 1992) leave accruals should be restored on a prorated basis as detailed in Department of Civil Service Policy Bulletin 92-01. In all other situations where employees are eligible to have credits restored, they are restored in full.

Questions regarding this report should be directed to your usual State Insurance Fund district office contact.