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Attendance and Leave Manual

General Information Bulletin No. 1993-04

Section 21.8 Workers' Compensation Leave - September 10, 1993

TO: Personnel Officers
FROM: Peter Elmendorf, Director; Personnel Services Division
SUBJECT: Reporting Workers' Compensation Incidents to the State Insurance Fund for Individuals Participating in the Working Toward Independence Program

Individuals participating in the Working Toward Independence (WTI) program, coordinated by the Department of Social Services, are eligible for coverage under the New York State workers' compensation policy with the State Insurance Fund for accidents sustained during their WTI work at State agencies. The WTI Agreement With Worksite Sponsor Agency, specifies that the sponsoring state agency shall provide workers' compensation coverage for WTI participants.

When a WTI participant sustains a reportable work-related injury, the accident report to the State Insurance Fund must clearly identify the individual as being a WTI participant. The same reporting criteria that are used with agency employees apply to WTI participants:

  • the individual lost time beyond the shift that the incident occurred; or
  • the individual received medical treatment beyond first aid; or
  • the individual received two or more first aid treatments.

The agency must identify the individual as being a WTI participant so that the appropriate benefit entitlement can be determined by the State Insurance Fund. (WTI participants are only entitled to benefits under the Workers' Compensation Law and are not entitled to any enhancements provided to employees covered by the Attendance Rules and through negotiated agreements.) The agency should identify a WTI participant with the code WI for the negotiating unit for either a telephone report or when using the Claims Medical Department Initial Telephone Inquiry form with the State Insurance Fund.


WTI participants who seek medical attention as a result of a work-related injury, should advise the medical provider that the medical bill should be forwarded to the State Insurance Fund for consideration under the New York State workers' compensation policy.

For questions regarding the Working Toward Independence program, please call the New York State Department of Social Services contact person listed in the WTI Application Package for State Agencies. For a WTI application packet, please contact Jim Cook at the Department of Social Services (518) 474-9320. Questions regarding specific workers' compensation claims should be directed to your regional State Insurance Fund office. For assistance in administering workers' compensation benefits with state employees, please contact the Employee Relations Section at the Department of Civil Service, (518) 457-5167.