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Attendance and Leave Manual

Leaves Without Pay (Part 22)

Section 22.2 - Successive Leaves of Absence

R-1 Purpose

The purpose of this Section is to establish requirements relating to the granting of successive leaves of absence without pay.

Successive Leaves of Absence; Limited

Following the termination of a leave of absence without pay which has been granted in accordance with Section 22.1 of the Attendance Rules, and which aggregates two consecutive years (or more if extended by the Civil Service Commission) an employee cannot be granted an additional leave of absence by the appointing authority under Section 22.1 until he/she returns to the payroll and serves continuously for six months.

For purposes of this Section, leaves without pay of less than two years are not consecutive when interrupted by a return to work of even one day or by being placed in full pay or in sick leave at half-pay status. The reference here to leaves which aggregate two years or more refers to a leave of absence without pay and subsequent extensions uninterrupted by return to work or placement on sick leave at half-pay.

See Related Contract Provision 21.3, C-18

Revision History
TM-6 - January 1991
R-1 New or Revised Material