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Attendance & Leave



Attendance (Part 20)

Absence with Pay
(Part 21)

Leaves Without Pay (Part 22)

Drawing of Earned Credits Upon Separation
(Part 23)

Crediting Other Public Service Employment as State Service (Part 24)

Suspension of Rules
(Part 25)

Applicability (Part 26)


A. Civil Service Attendance Rules

B. Calendar of Legal Holidays & Religious Holy Days

C. Alternative Work Schedules

D. Part-Time Employment

E. Seasonal Employment

F. Attendance Rules for Managerial/Confidential Employees

G. Reciprocal Agreements

H. Leave Donation

I. Family & Medical Leave Act



Drawing of Earned Credits Upon Separation
(Part 23)

Section 23.1 - Payment For Accruals Upon Separation

C-1 Job Abandonment - Unauthorized Absence

Negotiating Units:

  • Administrative Services Unit Article 36
  • Institutional Services Unit Article 36
  • Operational Services Unit Article 36
  • Professional, Scientific & Technical Services Unit Article 35
  • Rent Regulation Services Unit Article 32.3
  • Security Services Unit Article 14.10
  • Security Supervisors Unit Article 14.10
  • (Seasonal employees in the three CSEA units)
  • (Seasonal employees in the PS&T unit)


Employees in the negotiating units listed above who are deemed by the employer to have resigned, in accordance with a job abandonment or unauthorized absence contract article, forfeit all rights to:

  1. a lump sum payment for unused vacation.
  2. requested use of holiday leave prior to separation when holiday compensatory time is recorded in a separate leave category. (There is no provision for cash compensation for holiday leave.)

Such employees are entitled to be paid for overtime compensatory time. Eligibility for such payment is described on page 1 of the Rule interpretation pages of this Section.

Employees, separated from State service under the provisions of one of these articles, who are reemployed in State service within one year or who are reinstated by the Civil Service Commission are eligible to have leave credits unused at the time of "resignation" recredited subject to the regulations that apply in separation and reemployment situations. (See the Manual sections on each specific leave for the details on restoring leave credits.)

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