Dependent Eligibility Audit Services

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Section I: Introduction
Section II: Procurement Protocol and Process Section (Amended 5/29/15)
Section III: Administrative Section (Amended 5/29/15)
Section IV: Technical Section 
Section V: Cost Section
Section VI: Evaluation and Selection Criteria 
Section VII: Agreement Provisions 
Section VIII: Glossary of Terms
Appendix A: Standard Clauses for New York State Contracts
Appendix B: Standard Clauses for All DCS Contracts
Appendix C: Third Party Connection and Data Exchange Agreement / Word Version 
Appendix D: Participation by Minority Group Members and Woman With Respect to State Contracts: Requirements and Procedures
Appendix D-1: MWBE Policy Statement
Appendix D-2: MWBE Article 15-A


Exhibit I.A: Proposal Submission Requirement Checklist (Amended 5/29/15)
Exhibit I.T: Offeror Attestations Form / Word Version (Amended 5/29/15)
Exhibit I.T.1: Project Services Attestation Form / Word Version (Added 5/29/15)
Exhibit I.T.2: Performance Guarantees Attestation Form / Word Version (Added 5/29/15)
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