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A. Civil Service Attendance Rules

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Attendance and Leave Manual

Absence With Pay (Part 21)

Section 21.7 - Leave for Extraordinary Weather Conditions

R-1 Purpose

The purpose of this Section is to permit appointing authorities to allow employees time off with pay on account of extraordinary weather conditions provided such time is charged to appropriate leave credits.

See related contract provision C-1


All employees subject to the Attendance Rules are covered by the provisions of this Section.

Absences and Early Departures - Charge to Credits

When weather conditions (heat, snow, storm, etc.) are severe enough to disrupt transportation or endanger the health of employees, the appointing authority way authorize the early departure of employees affected by such conditions.

See related contract provision C-1

While early departures for emergencies other than weather may be excused without charge to leave credits (See Section 25.1 for details), early departures due to weather cannot be excused without charge to leave credits and individual appointing authorities are not authorized to close State offices under such conditions. Such departures should be staggered in such a way as to avoid overburdening public transportation facilities and conflicting with school bus schedules.

Early departures requested and approved because of excessive heat caused by failure in air conditioning facilities must be charged to leave credits and should otherwise be treated as any other early departures necessitated by excessive heat.

See related contract provision 25.1, C-2

All time off is to be charged to appropriate leave credits. Sick leave may be used only if the employee is ill or in danger of becoming ill.

Employees who are absent for a full day because of storms, floods or any other severe condition caused by extraordinary weather are to charge their absences to appropriate leave credits (including personal leave) in accordance with other provisions of the Attendance Rules.

Late Arrivals - May Be Excused

See "Excused Tardiness" in Section 20.3 of this Manual.

R-2 Suspension of Attendance Rules

The appointing authority may request that the Civil Service Commission suspend the Attendance Rules in emergency situations. (See Section 25.1 of this manual for the State policy on extraordinary circumstances.)

Announcements of Closing of State offices Due to Weather Conditions

State offices may be closed due to weather conditions only by order of the Governor. Verification of radio and television announcements concerning the closing of State offices may be obtained from the Employee Relations Section of the Department of Civil Service, Albany, telephone (518) 457-2295.

See related contract provision 25.1, C-1, C-2

See also State Policy - Closing of State Offices/Directed Early Departures

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