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State Management Personnel Manual

0000 Introduction

0010 General Character of the Manual


The State Personnel Management Manual is the official medium of the State Department of Civil Service for issuing personnel management policy and procedural statements. This Manual will include issuances of material covering only those programs for which the Department of Civil Service is responsible. It will not cover any personnel management program areas which are currently the responsibility of other State agencies.

.110 Components of the State Personnel Management Manual System


.111 In developing this basic Manual, we have also incorporated several existing manuals issued by the Department of Civil Service into a larger State Personnel Management System. The components of this overall system are:

  1. This manual. which is the core manual, written for agency personnel office staff, as a group, emphasizing policy, application of policy, land general procedure.
  2. Supplements to the basic manual, which contain specialized information and detailed procedures for specific functional areas, including the following existing manuals:

  • Decentralized Examination Manual
  • Classification Standards
  • Health Insurance Manual
  • Time and Attendance Manual
  • New York State Title and Salary Plan

.120 Organization of the Basic Manual

.121 The Manual is a systematized compilation of New York State's current personnel policies and major procedures. It has been divided into major chapters to render its contents easily accessible and usable as a guide to the agency personnel administrator

.130 Distribution of the Manual


.131 A copy of the Manual will be provided to each agency personnel office. Additional copies will be provided, on request, for the use of each professional personnel office staff member.

.132 Copies of all new and revised materials will routinely be provided for each Manual issued by the Department of Civil Service.

.140 Priority Over Other Issues


.141 Instructions and policies as issued in this Manual represent the official position of this Department as of the date of issue and should be regarded as superseding any conflicting material previously issued by this or any other agency.

.142 However, anything contained in this Manual which is, for whatever reason, in conflict with any applicable law, rule, regulation, court decision, or labor agreement will be void, with the primary legal source taking precedence. As soon as any such conflict shall become apparent, the affected policy or policies will be revised or modified to eliminate such conflict(s).

.150 Use of the Manual


.151 The Manual is designed to be used as a guide to agency decision making in personnel management related matters, within the context of merit system requirements. Limitation of choices will also be indicated where appropriate.

.152 Once a particular course of action has been decided upon, appropriate procedures have been or will be developed to assist you in implementing the decision(s).

TM-1; 4/26/82

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