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0000 Introduction

0200 Roles & Responsibilities

0400 Affirmative Action

0600 Jurisdictional Classification

0800 Classification & Compensation

1000 Recruitment

1200 Examinations

1400 Eligible Lists

1600 Interviewing & Hiring

1800 Appointments

2000 Probation

2200 Separations & Leaves

2300 Reductions
in Force

2400 Training & Development

2600 Employee Services

2800 Automated Position and Personnel System

3000 Appendix


State Management Personnel Manual

Disclaimer and Caveats...

Some of this material has been scanned in, which introduces errors. Please feel free to let us know about typos you find that need correcting.

Differences between the on-line and paper versions:

In a very few cases obsolete materials may not be included, and/or a note has been made on a particular paragraph that the information is no longer applicable, or that newer information appears elsewhere. Further, this on-line version may include additional material. For example, a relevant General Information Bulletin (GIB) not originally intended for inclusion in the published paper version.

In addition there will be additional information where clarifications or notes have been added since the original paper version was issued. These will be indicated by [Note: clarifying information]. When the section is re-issued or replaced these notes will be incorporated.

Lastly, there may be hyperlinks to allow users to go immediately to cross referenced sections. Since this site was originally internal, there may be some links to other manuals or documents which may not work here at this time, but may work in the future if these become available..

Organization of this material: A web site is not a book. You can't just leaf through it, or make notes in the margins. And while it may be quicker to click on a link or an icon on your desktop, (unless the network is down) you lose certain information using only this method of presentation. For example, the volume of material about a particular topic is not readily apparent. Further, there may be Policy Bulletins or Advisory Memoranda which modify or elaborate upon the information contained in the 'white pages' for a topic. Since they are no longer interfiled as they were in the paper version you should check the TOC's to see the complete range of information which might be available and relevant to the topic in which you are interested.

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